Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller review

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Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller

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The Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller is one of the best pushchairs that's compact, manoverable and perfect for those days you're on the go. Suitable from six months up to the age of four, this stroller folds into a compact size, making it perfect for popping in the car boot or carrying up a flight of stairs, a reclining seat perfect for nap times, a hood for rain and shine and shock absorb tyres to handle bumpier rides. It's been awarded Silver in our 2023 Mother&Baby Awards for Best Lightweight Buggy/Stroller. Find out what our parent testers thought when they tried it out.

siesta umbrella stroller by kinderkraft
Price: £89 (was 119)

Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller overview


• Lightweight (8kg)

• Adjustable backrest

• Compact size


• Basket underneath is pretty small

Testing the Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller

Our parent testers were thrilled with how light this Kinderkraft SIESTA Umbrella Stroller was and how easy it was to set up. "This product is lighter than my previous pushchairs, which is better for me to get up and down the stairs where I live," said mum Zoe. "It's an easy fold pushchair so I can get in and out of the car a lot quicker than my previous pushchair." Mum tester Amanda was also in agreement. "The Siesta gives you everything you need and more," she said. "I love it because it's lightweight, simple and quick to open and close, plus it's sturdy. My two year old sits very comfortably in it and has plenty of room for him to lie down."

The reclining back rest was a feature that was a hit with a lot of our mum testers. "I really liked the feature that you can put the seat back, plus having space underneath is always a winner, which you don't often get with smaller buggies," said Laura. "Penny seemed comfortable and I liked the safety bar as well as the straps." Mum tester Dominika also thought it was great for nap times: "The size of the the seat is great and the flat position is just great when the child need a nap. Little one is very comfortable in the pushchair, she's happy while we using it."

kinderkraft siesta stroller

Other things our parent testers were really happy with was the price point of the stroller, how little room it took up when fully collapsed and that it could hold children up to 22kg.

Final thoughts

A couple of things did come up in conversation with our parent testers that they would like to see improved on this product. One was size of the basket underneath the stroller seat being quite small and that they would've preferred for this to be a little bigger, while another was that they would like the stroller to come in more colours. Other than this, the general consensus was that this stroller is easy to use and move around, a good price and comes with some great features, such as the hood and reclining seat.

Full specification

Height: 107.5cm

Width: 48cm

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