Bebe Style Classic 2 in 1 highchair review

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Bebe Style Classic 2 in 1 highchair

by Ellie Kirwin-Jones |
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At a glance:

Bebe Style's Classic 2 in 1 Highchair features an all-around plastic seat and five-point harness ensuring the highest safety. Bottom legs click off and remove the tray to make a junior chair. Simply wipe clean white plastic tray and seat. It is easily assembled and disassembled for transport.

How did this product make your life easier?

Alice: This highchair has made cleaning the after-dinner mess so much easier. There’s no hidden folds or crevices for bits of food to get stuck in and linger for weeks. The sleek design of the surfaces mean that it’s so easy to give them a quick wipe after dinner, and the dinner tray is detachable and small. It's very easy to take off after every mealtime and give it a quick wash in the sink - there are no cumbersome clips, it just pops off the top of the highchair. The footrest is also very straightforward to quickly detach, so easy to also quickly wah in the sink.

Alexandra: This product is very simple to use and practical. It is a good height and size for the average baby, the buckle is easy to do up and very straightforward to clean. I like the insert into the tray, it's very simple to remove and therefore easier to clean. Construction is practical and takes just a few minutes; therefore it is also very simple to deconstruct for travelling purposes or when its desired to use the chair as a seat rather than a full-size high chair. It is lightweight and is compact upon delivery which adds to its practicality.

Catherine: This is an excellent design, easy to assemble and very neat. It's lightweight too, so it's easy to transport. It has a brilliant tray cover which is easy to wash separately and the rest is quite easy to wipe down. It's easy to transport into the garden for al fresco dinner and comfortable for your baby but also space to grow. Also, great value for money too!

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Jaspreet: This is a fantastic high chair. It has 2 levels for height, which is fantastic. The legs are removable and it is easy to transport. It is excellent value for money. It is has a 5 point harness which includes shoulder straps. It is easy to clean. I think that this is the best high chair on the market.

Helen: It’s best feature is that it is very good value for money. Highchairs can be very expensive and all you really need is one that does the basic job and baby is happy and comfy in. Highchairs get so dirty you also just need something that is easy to clean and where food and dirt don’t get stuck in all the little gaps. I also love how it converts into a little chair for toddlers- mine loves it! The baby also loves the footrest!

Gillian: I would recommend this, the tray is easy to remove with a handy insert and the legs are easy to pop on and off if we need to transport it. Compared to other similar high chairs it has a slightly smaller footprint as the legs don't stick out so much. Being entirely plastic it's also easy to wipe down and we have used it in the garden as well. The straps are easy to adjust and the baby seems comfortable in the chair. We have a similarly priced chair and a significantly more expensive wooden one, and this is the chair that we always end up using.

Would you choose this product to win?

Nicola: I think that this high chair is a great option to choose not just due to its affordability but also due to its compact sleek design and 5 point harness that keeps baby safe and secure. I liked the fact that the chair was so easy to clean (except the straps) with no nooks and crannies for story good to collect in!

Alice: I mainly like this product as it’s so easy for me to clean and ultimately keep hygienic before my little one sits down to eat, it’s also excellent value for money. However, I don’t think it should win the best highchair as it’s not the most comfortable for my baby. Although the lack of padding is good for cleaning, it means my baby is less comfortable when sitting down to eat, so fusses around and doesn’t like to sit in there for too long. Also, the dinner tray could do with being a little bit bigger.

Janine: This high chair is really great value, much better than highchairs double or triple the price. I think it should win as its better than the chairs I have owned, or used in cafes/friends' houses, etc. I think the quality for the price is what really makes this chair stand out. I also think the ease of cleaning is one thing that this chair is great for that other chairs often overlook, which seems mad for a highchair which is going to be caked in food.

What changes would you make to this product?

Alexandra: It's not beautiful. It's made of white plastic, and whilst it should fit in just fine in most rooms it isn't going to get many admirers. This will matter to some more than others as, let's face it, it is only a highchair and is perfectly functional. It's certainly a practical item and you couldn't ask for much more for this price, but it doesn't have a wow factor.

Catherine: I would make the indent for the cup or beaker in both the tray and cover much bigger. The indent is much smaller than any child’s cup or beaker I’ve seen, making it useless. It is only a small complaint, but I believe a slight tweak in design would make this product much better. Another small detail is the white straps which are very tricky to clean after tomato sauce or raspberries!

Helen: I would make the tray easier to put on and off. I would also ensure that there is a cushion available with it for very little babies when they start weaning before they are sitting up confidently. It takes up quite a lot of space in the kitchen as the legs have quite a broad base. I am not sure it will last a larger baby/toddler very long.

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