Spa Babies: A relaxing experience to encourage parent-baby bonding

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Spa Babies is the UK's first ever dedicated spa experience. It is designed for babies from birth to ten months and during the 75-minute session babies enjoy a full sensory experience including hydro-spa baths, positive touch guidance and baby facials, along with relaxing scents and calming music. The experience is finished with a unique Spa Babies’ photo in a mini Spa Babies’ photoshoot.

Rebecca Cope, mum to fifteen month old Luna, attended Spa Babies and below she tells us about her experience.

What were your expectations of Spa Babies?

I had high hopes as I’d been given lots of recommendations for Spa Babies. I knew that it would be a calming space and that we’d be in safe hands. I knew that there would be no judgement if Luna cried or made a scene. I was expecting a very generic baby bath set up but it was so much more than that! I loved the towels and robes too, a really nice extra touch and so much better than just bringing your own.

When did you go?

I went in March 2023 as a ‘Mother's Day’ treat for my daughter, Luna, who was six months old at the time.

Why did you go?

I wanted her to experience the baby spa as I’d seen it advertised around my area and thought it looked like a lovely activity that was a bit different to the norm.

Have you ever visited anywhere similar?

Never! This is a really one of a kind experience and I’ve not seen anything else like it.

Who is it suitable for?

It’s best suited for 3 months to 9 months – ideally when they can hold their heads up, but aren’t crawling or walking yet – and therefore trying to escape!

What was included?

The session began with a splash in the bath, which featured a little rain shower and jets, plus disco lights, which Luna absolutely loved. It was hilarious seeing her face when I turned the shower on her. Afterwards, the babies were wrapped in the beautiful towelling robes provided (including turbans!) and given a mindful baby massage with a special aromatherapy oil safe for babies skin. Then there was the photoshoot! The photographer was so patient and clever at getting Luna to pose and smile, with different toys waved around to get her attention.

What were your favourite things?

The photo shoot! This was absolutely the highlight for me and so unique and fun. I loved that they also offered free photoshopping afterwards to touch up the pictures to make them look professional. What a lovely souvenir!

What were the best bits?

• Safe, inclusive environment that makes you feel welcome

• Great for nervous mums and babies who don’t like to be overstimulated

• Precious bonding time

• Lovely memories and souvenirs

• Small group size

Any suggestions for improvements?

It would be great to offer an experience where mum can get involved in the action too

Would you recommend it?

Definitely. I give it five stars!

About the reviewer

Rebecca Copeis a 36-year-old single mother and journalist from Birmingham. She was most recently the Digital Director at Tatler and she is now freelance, writing for Vogue, The Telegraph and the Sunday Times Style. Her daughter, Luna, is 15-months-old and is her first child.

Laura Healy is a Commercial Content Writer for Mother&Baby. She is a mum-of-two girls and loves writing about all things parenting, she is particularly interested in the toddler years and eco-friendly baby products, as well as children’s literature. She has a PhD in Creative Writing and has published short stories in the UK and Ireland, as well as previously writing freelance for her local paper.

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