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A vacuum cleaner is an essential for any household, and with a young family, it's probably in constant use. Unfortunately, they don't last forever, and if you think you might need a new vacuum cleaner soon, then Shark cordless vacuum cleaners are a great choice. They offer a great range of options from upright cordless to pet vacuums and anti hair-wrap technology.

With so many different types of vacuum cleaners on the market, it can be hard to choose the best vacuum cleaner for you. Things to consider are how much you use it, how heavy it is, and if cordless is preferred for your home. Perhaps pet hair drives you crazy and you want a vacuum cleaner that really tackles it. And, of course, if you have little ones then they will spread crumbs, mud, and much more all over the place, so you'll want a vacuum cleaner that can really keep on top of it.

Whichever vacuum cleaner is best for you, Shark has so many great options, and they really rival other top brands, so there's bound to be a Shark cordless vacuum to suit your household. Keeping your house clean isn't easy, but with a reliable and efficient vacuum cleaner, hopefully it will be a little bit less stressful - plus it might inspire your family to help you when you introduce your little one to household chores.

Best Shark vacuum cleaners at a glance:

Best versatile Shark vacuum cleaner: Shark Stratos Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, £381.93 from Amazon

Best handheld Shark vacuum cleaner: Shark Pet Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner, £130 from Argos

Best pet upright Shark vacuum cleaner: Shark Anti Hair Wrap Cordless Upright Pet Vacuum, £429.99 from Shark

Buying a vacuum cleaner is a personal choice and also a costly purchase, so you want to make sure you are choosing the right one for your family. Cordless vacuums are great, but can be frustrating if they're not fully charged; whereas a traditional corded vacuum won't let you down in terms of charge, but they're more awkward to manoeuvre.

If you are unsure where to start, but are keen to buy a Shark cordless vacuum cleaner, then take a look at our pick of some the best Shark vacuum cleaners on the market.

Best Shark cordless vacuum cleaners 2024

Best pet upright Shark vacuum

With an impressive 60-minute running time, you don't have to worry about your vacuum running out mid-clean. The removable battery can be charged anywhere and it's easy to see how much battery life is left on the LED Smart Display, which also easily lets you switch between three suction and two floor-type settings. Some reviewers have said that the battery doesn't last a whole hour, with one reviewer specifying that the battery won't last 60 minutes if continuously using the highest setting; they said: "Only use the booster settings if and when needed, and for as little time as possible rather than every time you use the vacuum. It seems that this function may be draining the battery faster."

The best thing about this vacuum though, is the innovative design that digs deep into your carpet to pick up stubborn pet hair, agitating dirt in general for a deeper clean; one reviewer said: "Love the variety of ways it can be used and the upholstery tool works wonders on cat hair on the sofa!" It's also great on hard floors with a soft from brush-roll that draws in debris and lifts stuck-on dust. Customers describe it as light and easily manoeuvrable. It can also transform into a lightweight handheld vacuum and has an LED touchscreen. It's easy to go portable too with the Powered Lift-Away feature that makes it a doddle to clean hard-to-reach places, and with four attachments you can clean your whole home like a pro.


  • Run-time of up to 60 minutes per charge
  • The removable battery can be charged anywhere
  • Check how much battery life you have left with the LED Smart Display
  • Features three suction levels and two floor type settings
  • Anti Hair Wrap Technology actively separates and removes hair as you clean
  • Includes four attachments


  • Some say the battery doesn't last an hour
Dimensions:H:108 x W:26 x D:25cm
Weight:5.7kg (full size), 3.6kg (handheld)
  • 60-minute run-time
  • 1 removable and rechargeable battery
  • Powered Lift-away technology
  • Duo Clean and Power Fins
  • Anti hair-wrap technology
  • Transforms into a lightweight handheld vacuum
  • Includes: LED touch screen, 1 battery, a charger and 3 tools

Best Shark vacuum for switching between floor and handheld modes

This slimline and ultra-lightweight 2-in-1 cordless cleaning system is super versatile and can transform from floor mode to handheld mode, to quickly and easily clean worktops, soft furnishings, up high, and of course, the floor. One reviewer said they loved the way the attachments snap on and release with the slide of a switch, and the way the vacuum reaches into corners none of the others would.

The floorhead attachment has Shark's exclusive Anti Hair-Wrap Technology which works to remove hair from the brush-roll as automatically as you clean so that you don't have to spend time pulling tangled hair out afterwards. This is great if you have pets; one reviewer said: "I looked after my daughter's cats for a year, about six years ago, thought I'd got rid of all the cat hair but the first few times I used my Shark, the container was full of cat hair!"

In handheld mode the vacuum boasts more suction power than any other handheld under 1kg, making it easy to effectively perform quick clean-ups with hardly any effort at all. The included Crevice Tool and Multi-Surface Tool make it ideal for cleaning worktops, soft furnishings, and car interiors. With the 'Grab and Go' function you can also enjoy up to 16 minutes' run-time (when it's in ION power mode, with the non-motorised tool).

Some reviewers have complained about the battery life; one customer review said: "It has around 12 minutes, which is enough to do a couple of rooms fairly thoroughly; in my three-bedroom house this equates to about one floor per charge." Another reviewer loved how lightweight and easy to carry around it is; they said: "I have two flights of stairs and find that I can finish one floor, put it back on to charge while I finish and it's ready to carry on to the next floor, cleaning the stairs as I go. After lugging around a Henry for 20 years, this is a dream."


  • The vacuum is lightweight and slimline for easy handling
  • It easily goes from Floor Mode to Handheld Mode
  • In Floor Mode the Anti Hair Wrap floorhead attachment is great for dust and pet hair
  • The Handheld Mode offers more suction power than any other handheld under 1kg
  • Extras include the Crevice Tool and Multi-Surface Tool
  • The dust cup is easy to empty


  • Some reviewers complain about the battery life
Dimensions:11.02 x 10.24 x 27.17cm
Weight:Weight: 2.58kg, Handheld weight: 920g
  • Slimline 2-in-1 cordless cleaning system: Floor Mode and Handheld Mode
  • Floor Mode: Anti Hair Wrap floorhead
  • Handheld Mode: Powerful suction
  • Charges while stored on the base
  • Up to 16 minutes run-time (In ION power mode, with non-motorised tool)
  • Charging Dock (UK Plug)
  • Battery
  • Crevice Tool
  • Multi-Surface Tool
  • Easy empty dust cup: 0.13L

Best Shark vacuum for being able to bend under furniture

This vacuum cleaner can do it all and will make household chores a breeze. It has Anti Hair-Wrap Plus Technology, Clean Sense IQ, Anti-Odour Technology, and can run for 60 minutes. If that's not enough it also comes with a car kit, as well as pet, crevice, and multi-service tools. One reviewer who has always been impressed with Shark vacuums bought his one as their house has three floors, and they found it was easy to use on stairs and lighter to move around the house with; they said: "The batteries last well, are easy to clean, lightweight and very effective." We love that the slim stick vacuum cleaner bends so you don't have to, making it really easy to clean underneath furniture. Plus, it's handy for being able to fold it down compactly for storing.

The Anti Hair-Wrap removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean so that you don't have to do it afterwards, and the newly enhanced brush-roll design is even better at picking up those pesky long and short pet hairs; one reviewer said: "The anti hair-wrap function actually works which is revolutionary in our house (filled with long-haired individuals)." A unique cartridge system also guards against dust cup odours that are commonly caused by pet hair, dust, and dander. With 'Clean Sense IQ Technology', up to five per cent more dirt is removed from your floors, with it detecting dirt you can't see and automatically boosting the cleaning power. There's a handy indicator in the floorhead that illuminates as the suction level changes.

The 'Duo-Clean' function allows the vacuum to go from carpets to hard floors, with two motorised brush-rolls working together in the one floorhead, saving you time and effort because you don't have to alter any settings or change accessories. With up to 60 minutes run-time you shouldn't have to take unnecessary breaks waiting for it to recharge either. This work when in eco power mode and when using the non-motorised tool.

With the removable battery pack you can choose whether to charge on or off the vacuum too, so there's no interrupting to your cleaning when you're in the flow. However opinions are mixed when it comes to the battery life; one reviewer pointed out that it won't charge until the battery is at 0 per cent, meaning they couldn't have a break while it recharges and then start again when it's at 10 per cent charge. They found this made timing things "a bit of a pain".


  • This vacuum removes hair from the brush-roll as you clean, so you don't have to
  • It senses dirt you can’t see and automatically adjusts the cleaning power
  • The floorhead has two motorised brush-rolls in one floorhead, allowing it to glide from carpets to hard floors
  • Up to 60 minutes run-time
  • Charge the removable battery on or off the vacuum when in ECO power mode and using the non-motorised tool
  • The cartridge system guards against bad odours inside the vacuum cleaner
  • You also get a car detail kit included, as well as crevice & multi-surface tools and a handy accessory bag


  • Some people say the battery life isn't as good as advertised
  • One reviewer points out that it won't charge until the battery is at 0 per cent
Dimensions:17 x 27 x 114cm
  • Anti Hair Wrap Plus
  • Clean Sense IQ
  • DuoClean floorhead
  • Removable battery
  • Up to 60 minutes run-time
  • Charge the removable battery on or off the vacuum (*In ECO power mode, with non-motorised tool).
  • Anti-odour technology
  • 1 Battery & Charger
  • Car Detail Kit
  • 8" Crevice & Multi-Surface Tools
  • Accessory Bag

Best Shark Vacuum for quick and easy spot cleaning

This is a really handy vacuum for quick clean-ups that will look good sitting on your countertop without taking up too much space with its small footprint. It is lightweight, compact, and powerful, and can instantly remove crumbs, dust, and pet hair from kitchen worktops, sofas, or car seats. It has a quick-charge base, plus the dust cup opens with one touch. One reviewer warns that it's easy to press the 'bin release' button instead of the 'on' button though, due to the positioning of the buttons; they said: "I've done that a few times and emptied the contents back all over the floor," so this is something to watch out for. But overall they thought it was a great item and have already recommended it to their mum.

You can get up to eight minutes of run-time when fully charged, which doesn't sound like a lot. However, one customer describes it as a very handy piece of kit, saying: "I was worried about the battery life initially but it's plenty long enough to whip around the car or house getting those lumps of pet hair or crumbs." A few customers have also said that the suction wasn't as strong as expected, but that it works well as intended for quick spot cleans. One customer said: "Gets cat hair off my sofa in seconds! Best handheld I’ve owned and I’ve owned a few."


  • The quick-charge base means it's always ready to go
  • The high-efficiency motor provides impressive suction
  • The crevice and pet tools make it easy to clean anywhere, including your car
  • One-touch easy empty that quickly opens the dust cup


  • Some reviewers say the bin release button is too close to the on button
  • Suction not as strong as some expected
  • Shorter run time than many we've tested
Dimensions:H38.5, W9.5, D22cm
  • Dustbin full indicator
  • Dust cup opens with one touch
  • Duster/Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi Tool 
  • Charging time is 150 minutes
  • Offers up to 8 Minutes Run-Time on full Lithium Ion battery
  • Quick-charge base
  • Total capacity 0.25 litre
  • HEPA filter

Best Shark vacuum for being lightweight and manoeuvrable

This is a clever vacuum with four deep-cleaning technologies: it can sense hidden dirt that you can't see, identify edges, adjust automatically to your floor type, and even light up darker areas so you don't miss anything. With the QuadClean multi-surface-brush roll it won't miss a crumb - perfect when there are kids in the house. Plus, Shark states that the Anti-Allergen Complete seal traps 99.9 per cent of dust and allergens. Just watch out for the dust box as one customer reports that it has a small tendency to open when in use.

It has anti hair-wrap technology so you don't have to faff about afterwards removing tangled hair from the brush-roll. The machine is powerful but lightweight meaning it's easy on your wrists, and it quickly transforms into a handheld vacuum for convenience when switching to do stairs, furniture, and awkward spots. Do your whole house or car in one clean sweep with up to 60 minutes of run-time on a full charge, although one reviewer points out that the battery doesn't last long if you have it on full power all of the time.

Overall people like this vacuum for being lightweight and highly portable; one customer said: "it's lighter than a Dyson, and easier to empty." In terms of performance, one reviewer describes the suction as amazing, saying it brings up the pile of a 25-year-old carpet; they also said: "I have a three-bedroomed house and have had no problem vacuuming the whole house on the same charge."


  • This vacuum senses hidden dirt and identifies edges
  • It adjusts to different floor types and lights up dark spots so you don't miss anything
  • The anti hair-wrap tech deals with tangled hair in the brush-roll
  • It quickly transforms into a handheld vac
  • Do the whole house in one go with up to 60 minutes of run time
  • Lightweight and easy on the wrists
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal claims to trap 99.9 per cent of dust and allergens


  • Small tendency for the dust box to open in use
  • The battery doesn't last long if you have it on full power all the time
  • No attachable tools
Dimensions:H1092 x W264 x D353mm
Weight:2.76 kg
  • Senses hidden dirt
  • Identifies edges
  • Adjusts to your floor type
  • Lights up dark areas
  • QuadClean multi surface-brush roll
  • Anti Hair-Wrap Technology
  • Quickly transforms into a handheld vac
  • Up to 60 minutes of run time
  • Compact turbo-drive motor: lightweight and powerful
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal

Best Sharp vacuum for self-charging and self-emptying

This vacuum really does make housework easier. It automatically empties and charges after every use; you simply dock it in the base, into which the dirt is emptied. It'll hold on to dirt and debris for up to 30 days without any nasty pongs. One reviewer thought the auto empty was a bit of a gimmick, but says it works very well and admitted it encourages more frequent usage for smaller areas. Do note that you do still have to empty the base yourself - this isn't a robot that takes the dirt out to the bin for you.

You can check the LED display to make sure you have enough battery to finish your job and check what cleaning mode you're on, and it'll alert you to dirt detection. It is suitable for all floor types and boasts four deep-cleaning technologies, as well as anti hair-wrap. This means your vacuum will sense hidden dirt, identify room edges, adjust to different surfaces by itself, and remove hair from the brush-roll so you don't have to.

With around 60 minutes of run time you'll be able to whip around the whole house in one go, and because it has a powerful motor but is lightweight, it'll be easier on your wrists than some heavier vacuums. Swap quickly over to handheld mode for stairs and furniture for a seamless cleaning experience, and use the duster crevice tool in your car for a deep clean. One reviewer found it extremely lightweight in all functions and said that it converts easily from upright to handheld; they said: "I like that it doesn't have to be fixed to a wall to charge, so I can easily move it to suit my circumstances or home changes." They pointed out that it was easy to empty and take apart to clean, but they wished the battery life was longer, despite the fact that it did do their whole flat on a full charge when they whipped around quickly. They said it doesn't come with the upholstery tool though, this has to be purchased separately. However they said it's worth it as it isn't expensive. You do get the crevice tool included with the vacuum.


  • This vacuum can sense hidden dirt and identify room edges
  • It adjusts automatically to your floor type
  • The Anti Hair-Wrap Tech removes hair as you clean so you don't have to untangle the brush-roll yourself
  • The vacuum automatically empties into the base and charges itself every time you use it
  • Up to 60 minutes of run time
  • With a powerful motor but lightweight body it's comfortable to use and easy on wrists
  • Easily swaps to handheld mode for stairs and furniture
  • It has an Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to trap dust and allergens
  • The LED Display is useful for checking battery, cleaning mode, and dirt detection


  • Upholstery tool must be purchased separately
  • Some reviewers wish the battery life lasted longer
Dimensions:H1092 x W264 x D353mm
  • Senses hidden dirt
  • Identifies room edges
  • Adjusts to your floor type
  • Lights up dark areas
  • Multi surface-brush roll 
  • Anti Hair-Wrap Technology
  • Automatically empties into the base and charges
  • Up to 60 minutes of run time
  • Compact turbo-drive motor: lightweight and powerful
  • Quickly transforms into a handheld vac 
  • Duster-Crevice tool
  • Anti-Allergen Complete Seal  
  • LED display screen: See battery status, dirt detection and cleaning mode

Best Shark vacuum for cleaning car interiors

This handheld vacuum is fast, easy, and cordless. It quickly removes dust, debris, and pet hair from all surfaces. It includes three attachments: a motorised pet tool, dusting brush, and crevice tool. It has a 10-minute running time so perfect for quick jobs; one customer said: "The carpet function is so powerful that I have to use on minimum setting otherwise it doesn’t glide across the carpets."

We love it for hard-to-reach places like curtains and quick spot-cleaning for spilt crumbs or removing visible pet hair from the sofa before guests arrive. With up to 10 minutes of run time you can easy get quick jobs done, the quick-release button allows you to empty the dust cup easily ready for the next use, and it has a washable filter to ensure easy cleaning and suction that lasts.

The selection of tools makes this handheld versatile, and customers love it for cleaning car interiors. The motorised pet tool is great from removing any embedded pet hair too; one reviewer describes it as "a brilliant vacuum with great suction, and I like the lights which really help to highlight areas." They did point out that: "one downside is that hair and cotton get stuck in the brush very easily. But over all it is a fantastic hoover I would definitely recommend it."


  • Up to 10 minutes of run-time per charge which is ample time for spot cleaning
  • Includes a dusting brush, crevice tool and motorised pet tool
  • It has a washable filter that's easy to clean
  • Release the dust cup with one touch of a button for easy emptying


  • Hair and cotton get stuck in the brush easily
  • Struggles with deep pile carpet
Dimensions:H497 x W160 x D150mm
  • High-efficiency motor
  • Up to 10 minutes of run-time per charge
  • No-fade Lithium-ion technology
  • One-touch easy empty
  • Washable filter 
  • Crevice tool
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Motorised pet tool
  • Charging plug

This cordless vacuum boasts powerful suction on both carpet and hard floors as well as anti hair-wrap technology. One customer notes that this Shark was a little noisier than the equivalent it replaces, but that it is more powerful and works really well. The vacuum can also turn into a lightweight handheld vacuum making it easier to clean hard to reach places. "The Shark is just so easy to use," says one reviewer; "the fact you can take the handle or the longer down pipe off the main unit and use it as a spot cleaner is just so easy. Our old Shark didn't have the anti hair-wrap so this is a great improvement."

However, another customer felt the vacuum wasn't very good for long-haired pets; they said the Anti Hair-Wrap didn't work for them and they found the suction wasn't great. They also found that the machine often overheated and cut out when in lift mode for the stairs.

The vacuum has an LED touch screen and includes one battery, a charger and three tools, as well as a five-year warranty. You can get a good hour of run time to clean your whole house in one go, and customers have said that the battery life is "exceptional". However, this is only true when you use the recommended settings. One customer pointed out that in their experience it went from full charge down to 70 per cent in just five minutes when vacuuming one room; they said: "by the time I had done the hall stairs and landing it was down to five per cent." So it's important to consider that the battery run-time will be compromised if using the high power settings. Another thing one customer said was that they expected to be able to use their spare batteries from their old Shark, but the battery cases have been changed which means you can't. This may be something to keep in mind if you are upgrading.


  • You get a good hour of run time to clean the whole house in one go
  • You can recharge the removable battery anywhere
  • It has two motorised brush-rolls that work together with no need to change floorhead
  • Thanks to Anti Hair-Wrap Tech you won't have to untangle your brush-rolls


  • A little noisier than previous model
  • Battery doesn't last long on higher power settings
  • You can't use spare batteries from the older model
Dimensions:H108 x W26 x D25cm
  • 60-minute run-time 
  • Removable rechargeable battery
  • Powerful suction on both carpet and hard floors
  • Transform into a lightweight handheld
  • LED touch screen
  • Three tools included

Are Shark vacuum cleaners worth it?

Yes, we think they are. Shark is a great brand of vacuum cleaner with some impressive technology such as anti hair-wrap, clean sense IQ, and anti-odour technology, as well as great tools for tackling pet hair, or getting into awkward spaces. With various options including corded or cordless, or handheld, Shark vacuum cleaners have something that will suit everyone. They are just as sturdy and well built as rival brands, as well as having a stylish design.

How long will a Shark vacuum cleaner last?

Shark vacuum cleaners are built to last and most come with a warranty of between one to five years. You can expect your new vacuum cleaner to last up to a decade with good upkeep and maintenance. It is advisable to wash or change filters every three to six months and ensure you empty your vacuum after each use. With so many deals out there at the moment, your Shark vacuum cleaner will last long after the sales end, making it a worthwhile investment.

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