Pregnancy: The Naked Truth

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Pregnancy The Naked Truth

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‘Pregnancy: The Naked Truth’ by Anya Hayes and Hollie Smith (White Ladder) is a pregnancy book with a difference - it aims to give you the truth in a searingly honest way.

All mums know that pregnancy is a real journey of huge ups and bigger downs, with your emotions all over the shop and body changes you never imagined.

There is a lot about pregnancy that goes unsaid, until after the event when all fellow mums chorus “Oh yes, me too, I wish someone had told me!”

This book goes a long way to telling the real truth about pregnancy, no holds barred. The authors give you the answers to all the questions swirling around in your brain in a funny, open and honest way, as if you were talking to your best friend.

Pregnancy: The Naked Truth  The Naked Truth answers questions such as “I got really drunk in the first three months – will my baby be ok?”, and “are piles inevitable?”.

This book is full of practical advice - such as what to include on your birth plan, and alternatives to pain relief - with funny asides to make you laugh along the way. We particularly liked the section on maternity leave entitled ‘If your boss is being a bugger’ and the question we’ve all asked, ‘Could I poo myself when I’m pushing?’

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