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organyc maternity pads

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Organyc Maternity Pads are 100% organic cotton maternity pads that are designed to absorb heavy flow after childbirth. The breathable biodegradable protective film, allows air to circulate, thus facilitating healing and reducing the risk of infection

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Hannah: I loved the Organyc Maternity Pads. Having delivered a 9 lb 12 oz baby and having to have stitches, I need something comfortable and effective. This delivered both of these things. I didn't leak once! They were easy to apply and extremely soft and comfortable and didn't irritate my stitches. I wish I had used them in my first two pregnancies and deliveries!

Lydia: This product is comfortable to wear and gives you peace of mind that you won't leak whilst wearing these. so getting out and about is less stressful in the coming weeks after labour. I have found these so soft and it doesn't feel like you are wearing a pad. They have minimal packaging which is a bonus!

Lia: I would recommend Organyc Maternity Pads as they did the job they are supposed to do. They were absorbent and very comfortable to wear. The fabric was very soft, much softer than any other pads I used, so no chafing or itching.

How did this product make your life easier?

Claire: Organyc Maternity Pads are soft and comfortable it felt very supportive was super absorbent of the amount of liquid and was hygienic. I would recommend to a fellow mum especially following birth. The product did not come individually wrapped so it would be better if this was available for transportability. The product wasn’t folded so this would also be helpful if possible.

Hannah: They are soft and comfortable. They stick well in your knickers and don't move around. They didn't leak. They didn't irritate stitches. They aren't bulky or like wearing a nappy. They had a nice wife design unlike some maternity pads so they gave me more confidence. They were discreet and not obvious.

Penny: I would recommend these to other mothers because they are the best I have tried out of the 3 children I have had. They are odourless and I didn't suffer from any mishaps or accidents. Quick and easy to change and held a lot more than others in the market. The price is very reasonable for comfort and ease.

Would you choose this product to win?

Lydia: I think this product is quite expensive for maternity pads but for the comfort and protection they provide it is worth it. I would choose this product over others because they are the widest, Softest and most comfortable of others on the market that I have tried. I have and would continue to recommend these to friends that are expecting a baby, as they are a hospital bag essential.

Penny: I would definitely choose this product over others on the market because these pads were easiest to apply, did not feel like I could not wear tight-fitting clothes for fear they would be seen. They were extremely hygienic and odourless and made life easier when moving around after young children and doing daily chores.

Maria: I would choose these again. This is because they are better for the environment, the product has great coverage and absorbency I did not leak once whilst using them which is always a huge factor. The product was extremely comfortable and the fact that they were not scented made them even easier to wear.

What changes would you make to this product?

Hannah: It would be nice if they were more eco-friendly (e.g. made of recycled products) or not wrapped in plastic (e.g. come in a cardboard or paper packaging). I also felt they were very pricey. It would be hard to justify spending £7 vs £1 on other products. More in a packet would also be helpful. Overall very good though.

(Note from Organyc: The packaging is made from 35% biobased materials from sugar cane and can be recycled with other plastics.)

Zoe: I could not give just one example of things to improve for this product. I think it would take a lot of little changes in order for me to recommend them. The length should be increased slightly, absorbency improved, packaging redesigned and price reduced before I would consider purchasing them in the future.

Lia: I would make the Organyc Maternity Pads longer but slightly slimmer. This would make them fit better to the body and capture the heavy flow of postpartum bleeding.

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