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While some mums-to-be experience thicker, longer hair thanks to the flush of estrogen that comes with being pregnant, others may feel their hair thin as they come off the pill or as they enter postpartum. The good news is that no matter what camp you fall into, finding a solution doesn’t need to involve hours of scrolling social media–enter cult brand Hairburst.

The brand’s vegan products are SLS and paraben-free, and its range includes everything from hair masks to vitamins, scalp rollers, and satin scrunchies. Basically, they’re a one-stop shop for busy mums.

The science behind the brand’s formulations is simple—its supplement products are made with naturally derived ingredients, including biotin and zinc, and are engineered to keep hair in the growth phase for longer. This means you could get noticeable results in as little as a month. Additionally, its topical cosmetic products (think shampoo, conditioner) utilize key actives like hydrolyzed wheat protein and amino acids to add moisture and strengthen hair follicles.

Since its launch in 2014, the brand has become a mainstay in beauty regimes around the world—in the UK, one bottle of its hair vitamins is sold every 60 seconds. They offer free delivery for orders over $45, making it easy to purchase their products and replenish them when they’ve run out (ideal for mums-to-be or mums in the throes of parenthood).

To save you time and get you on your way to great hair days, we’ve rounded up the brand’s best-selling hero products below. The best part? You can enjoy 25 per cent off all Hairburst products with the discount code SAVE25HB.

Hairburst’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Longer, Stronger Hair duo contains hydrolyzed wheat protein and nine different amino acids to help strengthen hair while retaining moisture in your strands at the same time.

One reviewer said: “I get so many compliments [about how] my hair is very shiny…It also smells very light, almost like a baby.” Another wrote, “Hairburst has made my hair feel amazing, [it] feels thicker and is growing so much better….”

This bundle includes Hairburst’s Shampoo and Conditioner for Longer, Stronger Hair, and it also contains the brand’s best-selling Hair Vitamins with biotin, selenium, and zinc. The ingestible beauty supplements are designed to work alongside the haircare so that you get healthier hair from the inside out.

One reviewer raved about the trio, writing: “Using the vitamins alongside the shampoo and conditioner has totally transformed my hair! My curls are more refined, I've noticed faster growth and it's overall healthier.”

For the big kids among us who like their supplements in cute, chewable form, Hairburst’s Chewable Hair Vitamins are the answer. The gummies have been formulated especially for those who aren’t fans of swallowing pills and are available in two flavors – strawberry and low-sugar blackcurrant. Like the original formula, the gummies also contain biotin, selenium, and zinc to encourage hair growth.

One reviewer said the gummies helped to even out her hair. “I have very thin and fine hair that never grows. I have been taking these for a year and my hair is at least two inches longer and stronger than ever before,” she wrote, “My hair always breaks on one side and three times a year I would have to cut all of my growth off to make my hair even. Ever since I have been taking these, my hair is even. Love this product.”

Just like the Pregnancy Hair Growth Bundle, in this set you’ll receive full-size bottles of the Shampoo and Conditioner for Longer, Stronger Hair but instead of the Hair Vitamins in pill form you’ll receive a one-month supply of the Chewable Hair Vitamins.

A mother of two wrote of the bundle, saying: “[It] works really well for me. [I] had 2 babies in a row...lots of hair falling, my issue got solved when I start[ed] to use Hairburst. 5 years of [being] a loyal customer.”

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