15 of the best hair dryers for curly hair to help beautiful curls form frizz-free

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Trying to find the best hair dryers for curly hair or the best productscan be daunting. Necessities for the best hair dryers generally focus on things like speed, sway, and heat, while curls have a distinctive set of needs.

Unlike straight hair, curly hair tends to lack oils and easily dries out, making it harder for it to be looked after. Therefore, you’ll want to centre your attention on products that help increase moisture to the hair and avoid the ones that are going to dry or weigh it down.

If you want or decide to use one, it’s important you use heat-protecting spray or opt for a treatment before you choose to do so. Investing in products like Childs Farm coco-nourish hair care range or looking for a spray containing silicone or keratin to help make it more resistant to heat damage will help do your hair justice.

Best hair dryers for curly hair at a glance:

• Best for moisture: Revlon Smoothstay Coconut Oil-Infused Hair Dryer - £25.00 from Amazon
• Best for design: Lily England Hair Dryer with Diffuser for Curly Hair - £32.99 from Amazon
• Best for travel: T3 afar lightweight travel-size - £150 from Amazon

It is safe and harmless to blow dry your child’s hair, only if you protect and prepare the hair for blow drying. This means ensuring the hair is thoroughly washed, sprayed with a detangler, conditioned and wrapped with a heat protectant to help decrease the chances of damage. Make sure that the hairdryer remains about 7 inches away from your child's head being used, as this stops the heat from producing any harm to the hair or scalp.

If you still can’t find the one that is perfect for your little one’s curly hair, don't stress. We have made life so much easier for you, by selecting our top 15 below.

Best for strength

Is your little one late for her playdate? Well, rush no more, as this is designed for fast drying. The rapid dry nozzle emits dual airflow, which divides hair strands to blow dry hair fast. Don't worry, this is at no expense to the protection of your little one's locks – the dryer has innovative Nanoe technology which helps retail moisture balance by 1000 time more than basic dryers. This means less damage because hair cuticles are protected, resulting in health-looking hair that shines and is frizz-free.

We love that it comes with the essential diffuser attachment that distributes heat for a soft anti-frizz finish and won't blow your little one away! One reviewer says, "This hairdryer is absolutely amazing! I have naturally frizzy hair and I would say it takes away about 90% of the frizz. The hair definitely looks more shiny and healthy and that's just after one use."

It also has a concentrator nozzle for more fancy styling when they have a party to go to. The 3 speed settings and 4 heat settings make it easy to use this dryer on members of the family with different types of hair too. And let's not forget that all-important cool shot to set the style.

Parents will love that this dryer is super easy to clean with its removable filter. The long cord provides more manoeuvrability and it weighs 600g so it should be easy to handle too. This is a powerful tool that'll make your life a whole lot easier. one reviewer found it to be much more powerful than their previous dryer, saying it dries hair in a fraction of the time, and they were glad they bought it. Another reviewer who was hesitant to purchase this dryer because of reviews that have said it is heavy and noisy, said, "I'm tall and rather large so I didn't find it either heavy or noisy. You have to understand that it's a 2000 W appliance so yeah it will have some noise." They go one to talk about the study high quality build and the fact that it dires their long hair in less than five minutes.


  • Panasonic's innovative Nano Tech is proven to give healthy, flawless shine
  • The Nanoe Tech retains moisture balance in the air for smooth, shiny hair
  • 1000 x more moisture retention means less damage because the cuticle is protected
  • Ion Tech penetrates deep to protect cuticle and shaft from root to tip
  • The quick-dry nozzle emits dual air for, separating strands and drying faster
  • Includes a diffuser to distribute heat for a soft, anti-frizz finish
  • Also include a concentrator nozzle for creative styling for all hair types
  • The 3 speed settings and 4 heat setting allow you to cater to your hair type
  • The cool shot helps set the style after drying
  • The dryer is easy to clean with a removable filter
  • It has a nice 2.7 m long cord and only weighs 600g so it's easy to hold and use


  • Some say it's heavy and uncomfortable to hold
Dimensions:9 x 4 x 25 cm; 599.99 g
Power:Max 2000-Watt
Cord:2.7 m long
  • Nanoe Technology for flawless shine
  • Ion technology to protect the cuticle and hair shaft
  • Quick-dry nozzle emits dual airflow
  • Includes Styling Attachments: Diffuser and Concentrator Nozzle
  • 3 speed settings
  • 4 heat settings
  • Cool-shot button
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Removable filter
  • Concentrator nozzle
  • Cord is 2.7 m long
  • Max 2000-Watt
  • Weighs 600 g

Best for moisture

If you lack moisture, then this must-have product is very powerful and promises long-lasting shiny and smooth hair. So, whenever you want to feel sassy or go for that long overdue brunch with friends, this will be your go-to. It's also great value for money and comes packed with innovative new technology, like a grill that's triple-coated in ceramic infused coconut for the smoothest shiny result, and ceramic tourmaline ionic tech that reduces drying time, static and frizz.

One reviewer says, "Didn't need a high value item, this does it all" and liked how easy to use and lightweight it is. Some have said the diffuser attachment is bulky (but what diffuser isn't ?), while one reviewer points out that "the diffuser attachment doesn’t fall off easily like other ones I’ve used. It’s not heavy and is great value for money. Has three separate heat and speed settings too." The dryer also comes with a concentrator comb for a smoother finish, and at 2000 watts your hair will be dry in no time at all!


  • The grill is triple-coated in ceramic infused coconut oil for smooth shiny result
  • Comes with diffuser for curl definition and concentrator comb for smooth finish
  • The ceramic tourmaline ionic technology reduces drying time, static and frizz
  • The powerful 2000 watt airflow dries hair fast


  • Diffuser may be a bit bulky
  • Triple-coated in ceramic infused with coconut oil
  • Volumising diffuser
  • Concentrator comb
  • 2000 watts drying power
  • Ceramic tourmaline ionic technology

Best for speed

Investing in this product means that your hair will do the talking. It is a powerful feature-packed dryer with all the latest tech, including a unique feature that switches between cool and hot air every 2 seconds and helps to protect the hair and scalp. It has precise thermo control too, meaning more moisture is retained protecting the hair cuticle. The superior ionic technology results in even healthier looking hair.

Despite being so powerful this is a very lightweight tool weighing only 400g. It is also ergonomically designed specially for long periods of use so it's comfortable to hold no matter how long you are drying for. With the brushless motor, however, it allows for super fast drying, so this shouldn't be long. One reviewer said, "My first surprise when I picked the box up was how incredibly light it is. I almost thought that they had forgotten to pack it inside."


  • The brushless 110,000 RPM motor on this dryer allows for super fast drying
  • The ionic tech is superior to other dryers resulting even healthier looking hair
  • With precise thermo control more moisture is kept in the hair
  • By alternating hot and cold airstream you can avoid hair damage
  • Low noise - dry any of time of the day and no need to worry about disturbing anyone
  • Weighing only 400g this dryer is light and ergonomically designed for comfort
  • It has a 360 degree rotating magnetic nozzle making it even easier to use
  • Airflow speed of 23m/s and 3 times the air pressure of normal hair dryers


  • Might be difficult to get hold of
  • High Speed Ionic Hair Dryer - 200 million negative ions/cc
  • Brushless motor for fast drying
  • Impressive 110,000 RPM motor
  • Airflow speed of 23m/s
  • 3 times the air pressure of normal hair dryers
  • Precise thermo control
  • Low noise
  • Lightweight - only 400g
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Ideal for professional hairstylists
  • 360 degree rotating magnetic nozzle
  • Instruction manual

Best for class

The Shark style iQ hair dryer and styler generates high-velocity heat, with great air for fast drying and no heat damage. To achieve your own unique style, all you need to do is dry and style in one step with 3 Intelligent stylers to choose from, which auto-adjust heat and airflow settings for that salon look! Customers love that it drys hair quickly at a low heat. One reviewer says, "This has to be the best hairdryer I have ever used! Dries my hair within minutes, so light to hold, great accessories to use with it. Styles my hair wonderfully! Would recommend anyone to buy!"

Another reviewer was apprehensive about spending this much money on a hairdryer, but they were glad they did. They say, "My hair is in notably better condition and I spend a lot less time styling it. The temperature/power controls are great and it feels good-quality. It's not as lightweight as I'd like but the engineering is top notch." The dryer is a bit pricier than some but reviewers don't seem to mind. "Okay, it's not cheap, but you get what you pay for in spades, and having used a Dyson, this isn't just comparable" another reviewer wrote, " like Shark's vacuums, in my opinion, it's superior and still much cheaper. Highly recommended!"


  • The iQ tech looks after your hair with fast drying but no heat damage
  • The intelligent stylers automatically adjust heat and airflow for the best results
  • With 3 manual settings you can take complete control
  • The cool shot is great for locking in your style at the end of drying
  • Comes with a detangling style brush that smooths and shapes hair while it dries
  • The 2-in-1 concentrator is perfect for sleek blow-dries
  • The diffuser distributes heat of enhanced and defined soft frizz free curls
  • The gorgeous black and rose colours are stunning


  • Quite noisey and heavy.
Dimensions:7.5 x 12 x 25 cm; 1.91 kg
  • iQ Technology
  • 3 Intelligent Stylers:
  • Style Brush
  • 2-in-1 Concentrator
  • Diffuser
  • 3 manual settings
  • Cool Shot.
  • Small Filter
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Styling Guide
  • Weight: 725g
  • Colour: Black/Rose Gold

Best for control

Whatever style you desire, Remington will help protect your hair with its advanced coconut therapy range; giving you a strong and healthy look. It has some great features like the Advanced Conditioning Ring that contains micro-conditioners infused with coconut and UV filters, which are released into the airflow to nourish the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.

It's a powerful dryer that works quickly to dry your hair in minutes. It also has three great styling tools to achieve the results you want - a slim styling concentrator for smooth styling, the fast drying concentrator for an efficient experience when you're in a hurry, and of course the all-important diffuser for natural frizz-free curls. One reviewer said they really like the intelligent heat sensor which protects the hair by preventing overheating. They say, " have never seen a hairdryer before which contains micro conditioners (coconut) and UV filters so this is an added bonus."

The dryer isn't the lightest on the market. One reviewer said it was too heavy for them to style their hair because they were used to a very light one, so this is something to consider if your current hair dryer is lightweight. She it to her daughter, however, who she says absolutely loves it because it dries her hair so quickly and gives the smoothest results. She said it's the best dryer she's ever had.


  • The Advanced Conditioning Ring contains Micro-Conditioners infused with Coconut
  • UV Filters are released into the airflow to nourish the hair
  • It has a super powerful 2300 W AC Motor
  • The Slim Styling Concentrator is great for smooth styling results
  • The Fast Drying Concentrator blasts your hair quickly for when you're in a hurry
  • The Diffuser distributes heat for soft frizz-free and bouncy natural curls
  • The Integrated Heat Sensor regulates air temperature to prevent overheating


  • Not many colours to choose from
  • Heavy to use
  • Advanced Conditioning Ring
  • Advanced Coconut Therapy
  • UV Filters are released into the airflow
  • Integrated Heat Sensor
  • Powerful 2300 W AC Motor
  • Slim Styling Concentrator
  • Fast Drying Concentrator
  • Diffuser

Best for mobility

Say bye-bye to volumeless and frizzy hair with ghd hair drying kit because this award-winning professional hair dryer comes with a wide nozzle; two sectioning clips, a size 3 ghd vented radial brush and a ghd air soft protection cover for better storage. One reviewer who was advised to get the dryer by her hairdresser was glad she did. She says, "Didn’t realise how rubbish my old one was until I bought this."

If you're looking for a trusted brand and good quality hair dryer this is a good option. One reviewer says, "Had the same one which lasted 6 years, the cable went bad and burned one day but the hairdryer itself didn’t have any of its components broken. Expect this one to last at least the same if not more. GHD is a quality brand. It is not the most powerful but it is not slow at all and I have long hair.

One critical review said, "Very good but much heavier than I expected. Did make my arm ache a little but will get used to it. Also placement position of control buttons are not easy to use. Would have been better on the other side of the handle. However I’m using the hairdryer for myself in a domestic situation and not in a salon on someone else where I think the control button position and weight may not be an issue." However, overall they would recommend it and were very pleased with how their hair looked and felt after styling - not dried out as such or brittle.


  • Its powerful motor and patented removable air filter give high-pressure air flow for super-fast drying.
  • The advanced ionic technology reduces frizz and flyaways
  • The cool shot locks your style in place
  • 3 variable power and temperature controls gives you full styling freedom
  • The wide concentrator nozzle is great for blow drying


  • The placement position of control buttons is not easy to use
  • Enhanced ionic technology
  • Ergonomic design
  • 3 temperature modes
  • 2 speed settings
  • Cool shot button
  • 2.7 m long cable

Best for travel

Going anywhere nice this Christmas? If yes, meet your ultimate travel friend because you are going to need it. No matter your destination, T3 Afar packs superior drying power and a full suite of travel features for beautiful hair on the go. We love that the handle folds and that it comes with its own storage bag. Some say it's a little heavy for a travel dryer, but this customer said, "It’s a nice weight both for packing and using". It's a gorgeous pink colour too, if you like your styling tools to be feminine. One reviewer said, "This is a pretty dusky pink travel hairdryer with rose gold coloured trim in nice packaging."

It also comes with the option of a diffuser for curly hair, but you'll have to purchase this separately. It's not expensive though and we like that they give you the option as not everyone needs the diffuser if they don't have naturally curly or wavy hair. One reviewer who was really pleased with the dryer overall points out that while the cool shot is nice and cold, the other heat setting felt the same to them.


  • A smaller dryer made with travel in mind including a folding handle and travel bag
  • This pretty dryer dries hair fast and delivers smooth results
  • You can use a cool shot to set the style
  • The design is lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable use on the go
  • Achieve frizz-smoothing results with the multiple heat and speed combinations


  • A little heavy, but folds down neatly
  • Diffuser is sold separately
  • Lightweight
  • Travel-Size
  • Auto Dual Voltage
  • Folding Handle
  • Storage Bag
  • Fast Drying
  • Ergonomic
  • Frizz Smoothing
  • Multiple Heat and Speed Combinations

Best for extra curls

This is a hairdryer with powerful speed and airflow, which dries your hair faster, at a lower temperature, and in half the time – even if your hair is long and thick! Sounds impossible, doesn't it? One reviewer says, "Does exactly what it says on the tin. Drys hair quick with minimal effort. Lovely and light and not that noisy either. I'm so glad I got it." The intelligent temperature control works to protect your hair from overheating, while the 100 million negative ions emitted at high speed strongly penetrate the hair. This tightens the cuticle and traps nutrients for smooth, shiny and frizz-free hair.

One reviewer says, "This hairdryer is well worth the money. Easy to use, lightweight and love the magnetic attachments. I rarely write reviews but felt this product was worth a review." Another said she was "blown away by it" (pun intended , we assume!) saying, "I love my new hairdryer it's nice and light, easy to take away, comes with attachments, brush, hair towel, glove. I was blown away by it and love it so much. Wouldn't switch back to normal size one ever again. Dries hair quick. Nice to hold."


  • It has a high-speed low noise brushless motor for super fast drying
  • Weighing only 340g and less than 20cm long it has great portability
  • It monitors the air outlet temperature at a high frequency 60 times per second to avoid your hair from being damaged by extreme heat
  • Depending on the length and thickness of your hair it'll take 2-9 minutes to dry
  • The diffuser and nozzle have magnetic suction technology and can be rotated 360 degrees for ease of use
  • The memory function restores the temperature of the last setting used
  • The dryer has a handy self-cleaning function so you won't have to worry about maintenance


  • The on/off switch is positioned in an odd place: opposite side to the controls
  • High-Speed Low Noise Brushless Motor
  • Ionic technology
  • Intelligent temperature control
  • Cleaning Function + Memory Function 
  • 3-speed wind and temperature
  • LED light display
  • Cold air button
  • Weighs only 340g
  • Less than 20cm long
  • Magnetic suction technology
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Diffuser & Concentrator
  • Hair Comb & Hair Towel Wrap
  • Polyfiber bag 

Best for colour

This hair dryer will help you achieve gorgeous curls in minutes. The Intelligent Thermostat Technology means you can dry your hair fast without having to worry about heat damage of frizz. In fact, it claims to be able to potentially dry 4C thick curly hair in 1-3 minutes. One reviewer said, "This hairdryer is powerful enough to dry my mixed 4b/4c hair quickly (I section my hair into 8) leaving it soft to touch." She removed one star from her review though due to the comb attachment falling off when she changed angles, which she describes as a "fault in the design", but aside from that she felt it was a good product.

The dryer comes with three attachments for all your styling needs. There is a diffuser for distributing heat evenly and reducing frizz to get soft bouncy curls. The brush helps create a smooth finish and the nozzle is perfect for more concentrated drying.

You have more control too with the independent temperature and wind adjustment switches, to tailor your drying experience depending on what your hair needs. One reviewer who highly recommends the product says, ""What is not to love? The quality, colour and texture is divine. I can highly recommend to anyone looking for a good hair drying product. Easy to use and buttons are easy to manoeuvre." We love that it also comes with a foldable stand that's specially designed for the hair dryer and a travel organiser too.


  • Intelligent Thermostat Technology means ultra-fast drying with no heat damage
  • Reduces frizz and can dry 4C thick hair in 1-3 min
  • Comes with a dIffuser, brush and nozzle for all your styling needs
  • It has convenient independent temperature and wind adjustment switches
  • There is a specially designed foldable stand for the hair dryer
  • Comes with a travel organiser too


  • Gets very hot quite quickly.
  • Intelligent Thermostat Technology
  • Real 2200W Power
  • 3 x Accessories:
  • DIffuser
  • Brush
  • Nozzle
  • Intelligent Motor
  • Thermostatic temperature control
  • Negative ion technology
  • Independent temperature adjustment
  • Foldable stand
  • Travel Organizer

Best for style

Alledge hair dryer
Price: $29.99

This professional ionic dryer has the power to form a protective film on the surface of each hair, to stop heat damage. It will have your hair feeling silky without the frizz. Even better – long-term use can actually improve the shine and softness of your hair. It promises to dry thick or long hair in 2-6 minutes with its 1800W salon-grade strong wind too.

The dryer comes with two nozzles for styling versatility, both designed with double layer protection to prevent burns. The safety mesh back cover also prevents your hair from being sucked into the hairdryer! The 360° Rotating Concentrator makes blow drying much easier and the diffuser is perfect for distributing heat to produce frizz-free bouncy curls.

We love that this dryer comes with a wall installation bracket so you can keep your dryer up out of the way but still have easy access when you need it. Overall customers like that the dryer is lightweight, quiet and powerful. Some found the cable to be on the short side though, so keep this in mind if you need more length.


  • 200-million negative ions form a protective film on the surface of each hair to prevent heat damage
  • Long-term use can improve the shine and softness of the hair
  • Thermostat Technology results in fast drying with no heat damage
  • 1800W provides salon-grade strong wind to dry thick or long hair in 2-6 mins
  • 2 nozzles accessories offer versatility when it comes to styling
  • 360° Rotating Concentrator makes blow drying much easier
  • The diffuser for curly hair will eliminate frizz for soft bouncy curls
  • These nozzles are designed with double layer protection to prevent burns
  • The safety mesh back cover prevents hair from being sucked into the hairdryer
  • Stick the adhesive bracket on a smooth surface to install the hair dryer holder
  • The fuse protection and temperature control ensures safety


  • Cable is short
  • 200-million negative ions
  • Thermostat Technology
  • 1800W hair blow dryer
  • 2 nozzle accessories
  • 360° Rotating Concentrator
  • Safety mesh back cover
  • Easy Installation Hair Dryer Holder
  • Fuse protection and temperature control

Best for faster hair drying

Who says you can't create a mini hair salon in your own home? Drybar’s beloved Buttercup Blow-Dryer has the same qualities as a professional dryer: strong and mighty. This ultra-powerful, yet lightweight dryer delivers less frizz in 20% less time than most pro dryers – and it's more affordable than pro dryers! One reviewer says, "Very happy with the size and performance. Right temperature for my curly hair using the diffuser. Like the fact it folds and feels sturdy. Really pleased I chose this". We love the fun bright yellow colour and the fact that it comes with matching accessories you can buy separately to complete your collection. Unfortunately, the diffuser doesn't come with the dryer. One reviewer describes the diffuser as awesome though.


  • We love the Fun bright yellow colour and the fact that there are matching accessories available
  • It's affordable but you get the power and features of a professional dryer
  • It's surprisingly lightweight (0.51 kg) making it more comfortable to use
  • The Ionic tech and strong motor results in less frizz in 20% less time than most pro dryers.
  • The Wave heater allows for uniform heat distribution for faster and more even drying
  • 3 heat and 2 power settings give you more control and choice
  • The wider nozzle focuses air on a bigger area to help long or thick hair dry faster
  • The narrow nozzle focuses on small areas for precision styling – great for fringes


  • Diffuser is not included
  • Lightweight design (0.51 kg)
  • 1875-watt Motor
  • Ionic Technology
  • Wave heater
  • 3 heat and 2 power settings
  • Two concentrator nozzles: Wide and narrow

Best for texture

The BaByliss turbo smooth 2200 is a lightweight hair dryer that's really comfortable to hold and gives you controlled use. It has Ionic technology that helps to control frizz by smoothing the hair strands and adds shine as you dry. With a diffuser that clicks on included in the box you'll be able to dry your curls with well-distributed heat, avoiding frizz and results in definition, bounce and plenty of texture. The 2200 watts means you can achieve all of this in no time at all with ultra-fast drying.

One reviewer wrote: "At first I was disappointed because it wasn't as powerful as my previous one but it actually dried my hair in half the time and left it lovely and silky smooth so I was really impressed. It's also a lot lighter than my old one! I'm more than happy with it." If you're looking for even more control, the 2 speed and 3 temperature settings will give you that, and you can finish off with a cool shot to set your style.

Overall customers like that this dryer offers good value for money, fast drying time and smooth, shiny results, leaving hair in good condition. They mention that being so lightweight it makes the dryer easy to handle. One reviewer said, "I was finding my hairdryer too heavy and it was hurting my shoulders to hold it up for 10 mins of drying. I’d had this model in the past and deliberately bought it again for its light weight. Good options for variable heat and speed. Great and inexpensive buy!" However, some have commented that the nozzle can fall off during use.


  • This is a lightweight dryer for comfortable and controlled use
  • The ionic frizz-control smooths the hair and adds shine as you dry
  • Includes a click-on diffuser for enhancing and defining natural curls and texture
  • 2200 watts results in ultra-fast drying time
  • 2 speed and 3 temperature settings give you plenty of control
  • includes a cool shot to set your style


  • The nozzle may refuse to stay on and fall off.
  • 2200 watts
  •  2 speed and 3 temperature settings
  • Cool shot  
  • Optimum temperature control 
  • DC motor
  • Weight 0.6kg. 
  • Dimensions H27.6, W27.4, D8cm.
  • Removable and rotatable Concentrator nozzle
  • Diffuser attachment included
  • Ionic conditioning
  • 1.95 metre cord
  • Hanging loop
  • Removable filter
  • Box contents: hairdryer, diffuser, nozzle, instructions for use

Best for uniqueness

remington pro hair dryer Argos

The PROluxe has clever StyleAdapt Technology with many styling modes, which means it adapts and personalises the heat to your hair's own required style - so you can achieve a classy look without the damage. On top of this, the grill is actually infused with diamond particles that allow the dryer to give even heat distribution. You can remove the concentrator nozzle or use it with its rotating feature for a more controlled styling experience. We also love that it has an LCD screen so you don't forget what settings you're using.

One customer thought that overall it's a really good dryer and that it dries the hair really quickly. They loved the cold shot and the fact that the dryer remembers the previous temperature too and said that it leaves their hair feeling smooth with a lovely long lasting shine! They said, "The long lead is a plus, only downside I would say is it is quite heavy."


  • This hair dryer learns, adapts and personalises the heat to your hair
  • The grille is infused with diamond particles to give even heat distribution
  • The LCD screen display clearly shows the setting you have selected
  • The removable and rotatable Concentrator nozzle offers more controlled styling
  • The diffuser attachment comes included - essential for curly hair


  • Very heavy and sturdy to hold in the hand
  • 2400 watts
  • 3 speed and 3 temperature settings
  • Cool shot
  • Optimum temperature control
  • Digital settings
  • Professional long life AC motor
  • Weight 1.23kg
  • Dimensions H28.1, W9, D20.6c
  • Removable and rotatable Concentrator nozzle
  • Accessories include:
  • Diffuser
  • Slim styling concentrator
  • Wide drying concentrator
  • Ionic conditioning  
  • 3 metre cord
  • Hanging loop

Best for kinky hair

Wahl hair dryer Argos

Ideal for drying Afro-Caribbean hair types, the pik attachment allows the hot air to penetrate through thick hair for a speedier drying experience. And with 3 levels of settings, 2-speed settings and a cool shot button, it has everything you need for your hair wash days. One reviewer points out that it is also lightweight, saying "love this. It is light to hold as I have arthritis in my right shoulder I wanted one that was not heavy." She also comments n the price saying, "The price is very good compared to others I have used in the past and no way as fast to dry my hair as this one does. The pik gets through my afro hair with ease too. I'm impressed with the three heat settings, especially the cool setting. I highly recommend this product." We also love the fact that it has a removable filter for easy cleaning, which will prolong the life of the dryer. It also has a nice long cord and hanging loop allowing for plenty of movement and easy storage.


  • This dryer is great for curly and Afro Caribbean hair types
  • The pik attachment distributes hot air more easily throughout thicker textured hair
  • With 3 heat and 2 speed settings, plus cool shot button you'll have plenty of control
  • The standard concentrator nozzle makes this dryer fully verstile
  • The removable air filter makes cleaning easy so the dryer will last longer
  • 3 metre salon length cord and hanging loop allows plenty of manoeuvrability


  • Comb may slip off when blow drying.
  • Worldwide voltage  
  • 1500 watts
  • 2 speed and 3 temperature settings
  • Cool shot  
  • Optimum temperature control 
  • DC motor  
  • Weight 0.54kg. 
  • Dimensions H22.6, W8, D24cm
  • Removable Concentrator nozzle
  • Accessories include:
  • Pik attachment 
  • 3 metre cord
  • Hanging loop
  • Removable filter

Best for speed

This professional hairdryer from Red Hot is portable and lightweight, so you'll never have to worry about storage space. It gives you a fast and efficient drying experience too, which is perfect when travelling or drying in a hurry. One reviewer says, "Has all settings you need. I can get hair mostly dry in 10 mins. So good when in a rush to go to work."

Overall customers seem to like the quality and think it's good value for money, doing a "wonderful job" for the price. One reviewer points out that the diffuser attaches well but it isn't very deep. This means that if you have very long hair, you may not be able to plop a lot of it in the cup whilst drying if this is a method you like to use. Also, be careful as it has been mentioned that this dryer does live up to its name and get very hot. Luckily it has a hanging loop, which makes it easy to hang somewhere safe to cool down before packing it away in a drawer.


  • This hairdryer gives you a fast and efficient drying experience
  • It comes with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle for different styling
  • With 3 individual heat settings & 2 speed settings you have more control
  • The cool air function helps to cool and set your style
  • The 1.6-metre power cable gives plenty of room for monevment
  • The hanging loop allows you to let the dryer cool before packing it away


  • Gets very hot and cannot be touched
  • Diffuser isn't very deep
  • Diffuser nozzle
  • Adjustable concentrator nozzle
  • 3 individual heat settings & 2 speed settings
  • Cool air function
  • 1.6-metre power cable
  • Safety hanging loop


Is it safe to blow dry my child's hair?

It most certainly is, but prepare the hair for blow drying, making sure it has been washed, detangled, conditioned, and sealed with a heat protectant to prevent hair damage.

At what age can I start blow-drying my child's hair?

Four years old is a good age to start with. Although there are kids who are terrified of loud noises, take it one step at a time. The decision is really up to you. Some parents would say that they prefer blow drying because it makes styling and looking after their child's hair easier. While others would prefer not to because of possible heat damage.

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