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Haier i-Pro Series 5

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As a parent, a good quality large washing machine is a must when frequently making yourself through the masses of baby clothes. Amidst the chaos of parenthood, efficiency and versatility are non-negotiable, and the Haier iPro Series 5 provides a perfect blend of innovation and parent-friendly features.

This washer-dryer boasts a spacious capacity, perfect for tackling the constant stream of baby clothes, blankets, and baby muslins that seem to multiply overnight. With its i-Refresh function, it breathes new life into lightly worn baby garments with a gentle burst of steam, eliminating wrinkles and odours without the need for a full wash cycle, ideal for those quick refreshes between full laundry loads.

It's almost as if the I-Pro Series 5 has been designed with busy parents in mind, offering intelligent sensors that optimise water and energy usage, delivering top results while minimising environmental impact and operating costs.

Scroll down to find out how mum-to-be and Reviews Editor Emily Gilbert got on while testing the Haier washer dryer I-Pro Series 5.

Haier washer dryer I-Pro Series 5Haier
Price: £599



  • Large washing drum
  • Easy to use
  • Quiet and stable
  • Intuitive weighing system
  • Settings for all range of fabrics
  • Can be smart phone controlled


  • Auditory wash indication can be too quiet
  • Ease of use 
  • Design
  • Features 
  • Performance
  • Worth the money 
Built-in / Freestanding:Freestanding
Capacity cotton (kg) washing:10
Capacity cotton drying (kg):6
Spin speed (rpm):1400
Motor type:Direct Motion
Voltage (V):220-240
Dimensions:85H x 60W x 62D
Net weight (kg):81
Gross weight (kg):88
  • Large capacity drum
  • Professional sanitizing experience
  • Smart Dual Spray
  • Automatic weight detection
  • Wide drum door

Testing the Haier washer dryer I-Pro Series 5

With a baby on the way, our smaller, 8-year-old washer-dryer simply wasn't going to cut it with the increase of washing that we knew we would now be doing with a little one. I have to admit, I didn’t realise when I first started hunting for a new washer-dryer the number of options that were available but Haier as a brand was a no-brainer for our family as we have used their appliances previously.

Haier has a very clear website and I was able to understand easily what each of the different models available would offer. I settled on the I-Pro Series 5 which can wash up to a 10KG load, has a variety of intuitive features and can even be controlled through your smartphone.

Installation and delivery

Delivery of the product was a breeze and we were kept up to date with a time frame of when to expect the I-Pro Series 5 during the day. As you'd hope, it was very well-packaged although this did of course mean there was a lot of packaging to remove. We also needed to dismantle the transportation bolts which are designed to prevent inner damage during transportation, fill the remaining holes with blanking plugs, adjust all of the feet, fix the water drain hose to the piping and connect the water drain hose. Then it was a case of plugging in the machine to the electric connection and moving the washer-dryer into place. This is definitely a two-man job as it's a pretty heavy piece of kit.

Haier i-Pro Series 5
©Emily Gilbert

Design and aesthetics

I was pleased to see how sleek this product looked and how nicely it blended into my kitchen space. I assumed initially that because of the larger drum and increased maximum load weight, it would not fit in the same gap that my previous, smaller washer-dryer had once been but this was not the case. The I-Pro Series 5 features a large gloss black door and LED display and there are only a few buttons which prevents it from looking like some sort of time machine.

Haier i-Pro Series 5
©Emily Gilbert

I-Pro Series 5 features

When it comes to the main event, the Haier I-Pro Series 5 does not disappoint. The drum door has been specifically designed to open to a wide angle, making it easy to load and the drum has digital internal scales that weigh your washing and adjust settings such as water consumption and cycle duration accordingly. You can then go ahead and add your favourite detergent and softeners to the drawer and simply select your program of choice by using the large dial. Then you press the play/pause button (which I personally found a bit firm) and your wash begins!

Haier i-Pro Series 5
©Emily Gilbert

Whilst the variables are pre-set for each of the wash and dry programs, you are still able to adjust these to your liking if you prefer or you can put your faith in the digital scales which for me have been very accurate, especially when it comes to drying.

Because the machine has a direct motion motor which basically means the motor is attached directly to the drum, the overall noise that the I-Pro Series 5 puts out is significantly reduced on both wash and dry programs. The optional noise reduction pads that can also be installed with the unit further help to prevent this product from waking the baby or upsetting the dog! Plus, because the motor is attached directly to the drum, it means there is no belt which has often been the cause of faults in previous-generation washing machines, leading to expensive callouts and replacement parts.

Haier i-Pro Series 5
©Emily Gilbert

Once the cycle has completed, the I-Pro Series 5 has an automatic cleaning system so it’s ready for the next load. Your sock pairs will never be parted again thanks to the internal drum light which prevents laundry from hiding from you on removal.

The only thing that we felt personally could be improved is the volume of the beep that indicates the end of a wash or dry cycle as it is difficult to hear if you are in another room and are waiting to put another load on.

Haier i-Pro Series 5 drum
©Emily Gilbert

hOn App

Most people are not surprised these days when they hear the words “I can control my fridge with my phone”. And the Haier I-Pro Series 5 is no different as it has optional smartphone capability. It connects to the Haier hOn App which can then be used to control the start and finish times of any programs. Never again will you have to wait to go out because you need to put the washing on to dry! With the app you can make your weekly washing and drying fit around you. The app also has something called a washing-lens function which creates a virtual wardrobe of your garments in the app so that you can scan the washing symbols to work out the best wash/dry settings to use. I personally did not find this useful but I can absolutely see the appeal, especially for large families who may need to wash a variety of different materials more frequently.

Final thoughts

Overall, I have been really impressed with the quality and performance of the Haier washer dryer I-Pro Series 5. I didn’t realise how much difference there was between it and my previous washer-dryer and the benefits really can be felt. My clothes smell extra fresh and I have not had the need to rewash clothes with stains when they didn’t come out the first time around. The app is a nice addition but I can’t see myself using it on a regular basis personally but everything else about this product ticks the boxes for our family and I would recommend it highly. I've no doubt it's going to prove an incredibly useful addition to our home for washing baby clothes when our son makes his appearance.

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