17 Christmas candles that will make your home smell festive

Best Christmas candles

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Give the gift of a Christmas candle to a loved one (or you know, keep it for yourself!) this festive period. Because there's nothing quite like a warm, toasty candle to warm your heart and home during the chilly season. They make a lovely present for mums, dads, mother-in-laws, neighbours and even your colleagues in the office.

Editor's choice:

Best classic Christmas candle: The White Company Winter Signature Candle - View offer on The White Company
Best essential oils Christmas candle: NEOM Christmas Wish 3 Wick Candle - View offer on Look Fantastic
Best luxury Christmas candle: Polkra x Katie Scott Candle Collection - Atlas - View offer on Polkra
Best floating Christmas candles: Dunelm 10 Floating LED Candles - View offer on Dunelm

Whether you are looking to keep it simple with some Christmas tealights or go all out and create a stunning festive display with floating candles and light-up pinecones (and Christmas crackers, of course), there are so many brilliant winter candles to choose from.

From cinnamon candles to festive holiday ones and candle gift sets, shop our edit of must-have Christmas candles below.

The best Christmas candles 2023

Best classic Christmas candle

One of the bestselling Christmas candles from The White Company is their Winter Signature. It was created over 21 years ago by their founder and has stayed popular for a reason. It simply captures the essence of Christmas with the spicy and warming scent.

A reviewer said: "A beautiful scented candle... My daughter's favourite candle and mine too. A gentle but wonderful scent that fills the home, helps you relax. A very fresh but relaxing perfume; I love it."


  • Simple crystal glass container
  • Wick creates an even burn


  • Shorter burn time than other options

Best essential oils Christmas candle

This Neom Christmas candle has a comforting blend of 13 pure essential oils that will help you unwind and relax during the busy festive period. We love the brightly coloured packaging and warming notes of cinnamon, mandarin and Tonka to name a few.

Issy, a reviewer said: "This candle smells soo festive and it's beautiful packaging makes it perfect for gifting this Christmas. It has a really nice balance of citrus and woody scents. I can't wait to light when hosting or even for a cosy night in."


  • Three wicks for a longer burn time
  • Recylable packaging


  • Burn for about 2 hours to get the best amount of fragrance

Best personalised Christmas candle

How cute is this Anthropologie Christmas candle? You essentially have two decorations in one as when you take the lid off, you have your very own snow globe! We love that you can customise the globe with a letter of your choice, making it a wonderful gift for a friend or family member.

One happy reviewer said: "I love the cute snow globe scene as a topper for the candle vessel. The scent is one of my favourites, too! It’s about as tall as a typical hard cover book so review the dimensions before purchasing. This would make a great gift for folks who are into Christmas décor and yummy candles."


  • A fresh cedarwood and balsam scent
  • Clear instructions on the base


  • Glass top so be careful when handling it

Best Christmas candle scents

With 40 hours of burning time, this warm and welcoming fragrance is nice to have when you have guests over for the festive season, or if you're simply relaxing on the sofa in the evening. The little gold foil additions to the the print on the box and sticker are so cute.

A reviewer said: "I bought as a gift so can't comment on burning but smells divine and Christmassy without being sickly sweet or overpowering."
Another reviewer put: "A beautiful candle that smells amazing and very Christmassy. I bought it as a present and they loved it."


  • Hand-poured with care
  • Option to add a giftbox


  • Some say it's a little overpowering

Best Yankee Christmas candles

Yankee Candle - Best Christmas candles
Price: $52.53

Of course, it wouldn't be Christmas without a Yankee Candle (or 10) and this is one of the classics. A large jar should provide you with notes of pine, eucalyptus, birch and balsam all through December, thanks to the lengthy 150 hours of burn time.

A reviewer said: "I decided last Christmas that I should try and be a bot more festive, so pushed the boat out with some Yankee Candles. This one was perfect. Not too much in your face scent wise, which is perfect you don't want cinnamon rammed down your throat. I really liked it and got many nice comments from guests."


  • Available in a selection of jar sizes
  • Lid included


  • A couple of reviewers say it produces too much soot

Best affordable Christmas candle

M&S always have marvellous Christmas candles and this year they have a selection of small and affordable options to kit your home out with (or gift to your family or friends). This one depicts a lovely snow village scene and when you light the wick it will cause the LED lights around it to turn on.

One reviewer said: "I am looking forward to putting this up with the rest of the Christmas decorations. It is bigger than I expected but with lovely detail."
Another reviewer wrote: "I light this in the evening instead of putting the light on, gives a lovely glow and smells amazing."


  • Vegan formula
  • Glittery for extra light


  • The LEDs are a one-time use only

Best for a candle Advent calendar

Countdown to the big day with this Advent calendar candle kit from Not On The High Street. Neatly kept inside a glass jar are 24 candles, each with little gold scripture to mark which number they are. Each day, simply take out the corresponding candle that matches the date and place it onto the lid and light it until it melts down.

One reviewer put: "A pretty item to have on your mantelpiece fit Christmas."
Another reviewer said: "This item was just as described. It is so cute."


  • Recyclable packaging
  • Can reuse the jar


  • No varying scents - all the same

Best luxury Christmas candle

This 100 percent natural wax candle boasts gorgeous scents of musk, cedar wood balance, cassis and mandarin, to create a warm Christmassy fragrance. We love the hand-illustrated design - it's worth paying that little bit extra for!

A reviewer put: "This candle is delicious and beautiful. It’s become a staple in our household. If you’re a fan of fig, red currant and citrus - this warming and fresh flavour is great."
Kate, another reviewer said: "I love the beautifully decorated pot - it's very unique. The fig smell is delicious. Having spent an absolute fortune trying to find good candles I am relieved to have found Polkra’s beautiful collection. I will buy more."


  • Beautifully designed by hand
  • Wax from natural sources


  • When empty, don't put it in the dishwasher

Best candle bauble

We love the unique design of this Christmas candle bauble; the shimmering glass adds another dimension of light. It is small in size and would therefore make a brilliant stocking filler for anyone who is obsessed with candles.

A happy reviewer said: "I wanted something unique for our coffee table. I got the orange hoping it was a good blend with coral/pink and I think the coloring is spectacular! The smell is amazing. I usually go for sweet food scents or the famous volcano scent. This is pleasant."


  • Hand-poured sasol wax
  • Flickering flame


  • Made from glass so handle with care

Best with a Christmas candle holder

Creating magnificent shadow and light play, this limited edition Diptyque Mimosa candle set comes with a holiday lantern and carousel to pop it into. The candle itself has a fresh, light and floral scent which will remind you that spring is around the corner.

A reviewer said: "The Diptyque Lantern Set includes a Mimosa candle, a fresh delicate yellow floral scent the lantern is a beautiful candle accessory, rotating and projecting shadows when the is lit. I always look forward to the limited edition releases each year from Diptyque, this set is prefect for the holiday season and would make a wonderful gift. I would highly recommend it."


  • Gold colour scheme
  • Neatly packaged


  • Have to trim the wick regularly

Best floating Christmas candles

A safer alternative to the traditional method of putting lit candles on the tree. They use a really thin wire to give a floating effect. The other standout feature is the twinkling. Oh, and you can also control them through the remote which is handy as you don't need to crawl under the tree.

A reviewer put: "I wanted these last year so when I saw that Dunelm were doing them again I skipped down earlier today to buy two boxes - I was not disappointed! I am a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations - the natural looking the better - I'm not a glitter girl. They were easy to pop the battery in and operate with the handset and I got a complete surprise when they started to twinkle."


  • Warm white light
  • Easy to wipe clean


  • Batteries aren't included

Best cinnamon Christmas candle

Hand-poured in Cornwall, the lovely waft of fragrance you get from this St Eval candle as soon as you open the lid just screams Christmas. They use a combination of mineral and vegetable wax, to give you a stable burn.

A reviewer said: "I love St Eval candles and this has become my absolute favourite. It’s like receiving a warm, comforting hug and evoking all that’s good. It's not too overpowering in strength, like some of the Christmassy ones can be, which for me it makes all the more delightful and for any time in the year when you need a warm hug."


  • Budget friendly price
  • Not too overpowering


  • In a tin so you can't always see how much wax is left

Best Christmas tealights

Shearer candles - Best Christmas candles
Price: $40.52

Whether you’re warming some essentials or heating up your room, you can’t go wrong with some Christmas tealight candles! This particular scent from Shearer Candles is fruity with a bit of a ginger kick. There's 8 in total, so you should get lots of use out of them.

A reviewer put: "I love strong scented candles so that’s why I bought them. I am extremely disappointed when candles don’t deliver, but I caved in and got a pack. I have to say hand on heart that these candles DO smell and strong as well so I’m chuffed with that."


  • Splash of orange liqueur for extra fruitiness
  • Eight in a pack


  • A few reviewers say that they smell different to the description

Best Christmas candle tin

An aromatic blend of classic festive fragrances such as cloves and cinnamon encased in a red and gold tin. Inside, you will find red, orange and green pieces of wax too.

A reviewer said: "I love the scent of this candle and amazing value when you compare it to similar candles. I buy it every year and it truly makes me feel Christmassy."
Jo, another reviewer said: "I love this scent! It calms me down and creates a wonderful Christmas mood in the house, making the joy last even after Christmas is over."


  • Lightweight candle
  • Easy to manouevre


  • Container is perhaps not the prettiest

Best large candle

While it may not be a Christmas-themed fragrance, this intensely indulgent floral oud candle from Sanctuary Spa is perfect to gift for a Secret Santa present, as it's super stylish and slick, yet totally affordable!

One happy reviewer wrote: "Do not hesitate and purchase this... It will be the best gift you have given to yourself. The candle is worth its value for money as the burning time is very long. I feel like royal every time I smell it in a room."
Another reviewer said: " A lovely smell which permeates the space in which it is placed. I would recommend it."


  • Microbead free
  • Large reusable tin with a lid


  • Some say that the scent is minimal

Best reusable jar

With a 52 hour burn time, this candle is scented with fig, which is said to relieve stress, making it perfect for those busy days in the run-up to the big day.

Reviewed by Arabella Horspool, our Commercial Content Writer: "This Daylesford candle smells wonderful and I love that you can reuse the jar once the wax has finally burnt away. It makes a fantastic gift for people that like to collect candles.


  • Long burn time
  • Reusable jar


  • Quit heavy

Best LED Christmas candles

Up next is this unique pinecone candle from TigerBayGifts at Etsy which will look lovely on your Christmas dinner table. You can choose between white or gold, depending on your colour scheme preferences and you can purchase up to 17 at a time.
A reviewer said: "These are lovely, well made and nicely detailed. They arrived well protected in bubble wrap. I was very pleased and I would certainly buy from this seller again, thank you."


  • Built-in timer to conserve the battery life
  • Wax finish


  • Indoor use only

Things to consider when buying a Christmas candle

Usage - First things first, you need to decide what you’ll be using it for. Will it be part of a Christmas table display or will you be placing them into your mantelpiece? Or, Is it a stocking filler or gift for a friend or family member?

Size - Once you’ve figured out where you might put the candle, check how big it is. If you’re placing it on the dining room table for example, it may take up too much space.

Burn time - Most websites should tell you how long the candle will burn for (on average). If you want to get a lot of use out of it during the festive period, it’s worth investing a larger candle.

Wax - The type of wax is important in a candle. Paraffin wax has been proven to produce more spot than soy alternatives, so it is best to avoid that if you don’t have ample ventilation.

Scent - There are many Christmas fragrances on offer this time of year or you can keep it simple with a vanilla or non-fragranced candle. If you're buying one for somebody else, think about the scents they may like based on the types of perfumes they wear or the candles they already own. Remember, some scents are more overpowering than others, so you may want to only burn them for a short period of time or away from other candles.

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