The best tumble dryers for families 2024

best tumble dryers for families

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From baby giggles to endless nappy changes, as a parent, your hands are full (literally!) and that's not even considering the never-ending laundry basket pile. That's why owning the best tumble dryer is so important when you have a little one because who has time to wait for clothes to dry naturally? Not you!

Picture this: no more damp clothes hanging around the house or heated air dryers taking up space and no more hoping for a sunny day to dry those tiny sleepsuits. We're talking about dry clothes on your schedule. Because, let's face it, time is a precious commodity, especially when little ones are demanding your attention.

The best tumble dryers at a glance:
Best tumble dryer for a sleek design: LG FDV208W 8 kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best tumble dryer for a large capacity: Beko B5T4923IW 9Kg Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best smart tumble dryer: Hoover HLE V9DG 80 9KG Vented Tumble Dryer - Buy now on Amazon UK
Best big tumble dryer: Haier HD90-A2959 Freestanding Dryer - Buy now on Amazon UK

So if you've got your eye out to invest or your old one needs replacing, we've rounded up the best tumble dryers that not only get the job done quickly but also do it with a nod to energy efficiency. That means less environmental guilt and more time for you to enjoy those precious cuddles.

The best tumble dryers 2024

Best tumble dryer for a large capacity

In cool graphite, this dryer not only looks sleek but packs a punch with a 9kg capacity. Save energy and cash thanks to the BEKO Pro Heat Pump Tumble Dryer and its heat pump technology – it is eco-friendly and wallet-friendly. No more fuss about where to place it either, thanks to its freestanding design.

The sensor drying feature? Absolute lifesaver – it knows exactly when your clothes are ready, meaning there are no more guessing games. One reviewer bought the dryer because it was taking too long for their clothes to dry naturally, and this was making their house feel damp. They liked how the dryer sped up the chore of washing and actually made it enjoyable, as well as being great build quality and looking modern in their home. They especially liked that you can adjust the desired dryness level and it will stop automatically. They said, "I've been putting jeans in with other t-shirts and towels on the mix setting and so far nothing has shrunk."

Another reviewer loved the dryer and described it as being much more quiet than their previous one. They were worried that switching to a heat pump might make the cycles take longer, but actually it takes the same amount of time, if not a little less to dry clothes, and they report that there is a lot less bobbling too, which is a bonus! Their favourite features were was the light when you open the door and the water container being at the top of the washing machine. This meant they no longer had to bend down to empty. Some have said the filter can be fiddly to clean, however, this reviewer liked the double lint catcher, saying "in our old dryer we used to lose lint down the drawer and it was impossible to clean. This one is always spotless because it's so easy to empty!"


  • Smart sensor drying knows your clothes are dry and automatically stops the cycle
  • The machine rotates in order to stop your clothes from getting wrinkled
  • Clothes come straight out crease-free and ready to wear or hang in your wardrobe
  • Heat Pump Technology reuses hot air to save energy and you money
  • The interior light is handy to stop odd socks getting left behind in the drum
  • Eco-cycle ensures the machine works efficiently to save energy and lower bills


  • Filter can be fiddly to clean
Energy rating:A++
Noise level:64 dB(A)
  • Sensor drying programs
  • Eco-cycle
  • Automatic anti-creasing function
  • Iron-finish function
  • Heat pump technology
  • Interior light 

Best tumble dryer for a sleek design

In classic white, this LG dryer combines a sleek design with an impressive 8 kg capacity, catering to all your drying needs. Say goodbye to high energy bills too with its heat pump technology, delivering cost-effective and eco-friendly performance. One reviewer says, "This LG dryer has made my experience of drying my clothes something to look forward to. The fact that the appliance is energy saving is amazing, especially in this day and age where we as consumers should be doing our best to do our bit for the environment and when energy bills are high."

The freestanding design offers flexibility in placement, fitting seamlessly into your home. With intelligent sensor drying, it knows exactly when to stop, preventing over-drying and ensuring your clothes come out just right. This reviewer also says,"It's a quiet machine, much quieter than my last one, which is superb. You can use the LG ThinQ app to dry clothes when convenient for you so you can have warm dry clothes when need them." One thing to know is that it may take a little longer to dry things than stated, depending on your load size, which is the same for most machines.


  • The Dual Inverter Heat Pump dries clothes leaving the fabric super soft for your skin
  • Get light loads done in half an hour using the Quick 34 setting
  • Enjoy spot-on heat settings that give clothes and bedding the exact care they need
  • The Dry Level feature leaves your clothes just damp enough for stress-free ironing
  • The tempered glass door allows you to keep an eye on your laundry as it cycles
  • Save time and money drying all the family's laundry in the big 8 kg capacity drum 
  • The Shirt 20 cycle only takes a few minutes to dry 2-3 shirts
  • Easily controlled through a touchscreen and dial


  • May take longer to dry things than stated (depending on load size)
Energy rating:A++
Noise level:65 dB(A)
  • Dry target function 
  • Dry level feature
  • Quick 34 (min) setting 
  • Shirt 20 cycle
  • 15 programmes
  • LED screen
  • Sensor control
  • Dual inverter heat pump
  • Tempered glass door
  • 8 kg capacity 
  • 2 year guarantee

Best smart tumble dryer

A smart tumble dryer which has a range of impressive functions. The Hoover Vented Tumble Dryer includes 14 drying programmes, such as rapid drying and an anti-allergy cycle, helping to reduce dust mites, pet hair, pollens and residue of powder detergents.

The clever Sensor Dry function allows you to choose the level of dryness you need from four options – store dry, hang dry, iron dry and a timed drying function enabling you to customise the drying time yourself. The machine also automatically switches off when it senses the level of dryness has been reached, saving you time and energy. Plus it has a family friendly 9kg load capacity and low noise levels.

With so much choice, you'll never be out of options. One reviewer even commented, "I've had this for a month and so far so good. There are lots of different drying options that come with automatic drying times, doubt that I’ll use them all." But if you do need even more functionality you can use the NFC technology to connect your machine to the app where you're able to download additional programmes, as well as monitor your cycles and run diagnostics checks on the machine.


  • With a huge 9kg load capacity and low noise levels, this is a great sized family dryer
  • This machine can handle whatever you throw at it with 14 programmes
  • Dry clothes to a store dry, hang dry or iron dry finish, and customise the time
  • The dryer is practical and also super stylish, looking great in any home
  • Twice as efficient, using Heat Pump Tech that reuses hot air to dry your load
  • NFC Technology connects to the Hoover app using your smartphone or tablet
  • Download additional programmes, monitor cycles and run diagnostics checks
  • Anti-allergy cycle reduces dust mites, pet hair, pollens & powder detergent residue


  • Long run time
Energy rating:C
Noise level:67 dB
Size:H85.0 x W60.0 x D60.0cm
  • 9kg load capacity
  • 14 programmes
  • 4 clever sensor dry options – store dry, hang dry, iron dry, timed dry
  • heat pump technology
  • NFC technology – connect to the Hoover app
  • Anti-Allergy cycle
  • Front loading
  • Vents
  • Smartphone connection
  • Sensor dry

Best big tumble dryer

This clever HAIER 959 Series Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is a great family dryer with a 9kg capacity saving you time and energy by being able to handle more laundry at once. It uses heat pump technology to dry your clothes, which means it heats air using refrigerant instead of electricity, saving energy. Plus it has Sensor Dry technology to let you choose the level of dryness and I-Refresh looks after your clothes with warm, humid air from water stored in the drawer. On top of all that, you can control it from your smart phone.

One reviewer bought this tumble dryer on a whim, not really expecting much from it, but they say they haven't been impressed by something so much before! "I would really recommend it because it's both silent and quick, plus having the option for condenser or heat pump is a bonus" they say. Another reviewer highly recommended the dryer too. They like that the door changed easily to the opposite side and described the drum, which comes with a light as "massive". They said the filters were easy to clean and that the water tank can be fitted easily to a sink waste pip, meaning you don't ever have to empty the drawer. Some customers have been put off by the drying time, but this reviewer points out that it adjusts the timing down as it progresses, meaning it actually takes a lot less time than it initially says.


  • Wash the whole families laundry in one go with the easy access 9kg drum
  • Enjoy 12 programs including Synthetics, Delicate and Quick Dry
  • Download the hOn app and control your dryer from your smartphone,
  • Access and add extra programs and tips from the app
  • Heat Pump Tech dries clothes more efficiently by refusing hot air in the drum
  • Choose the level of dryness clothes need using the clever sensor dry technology.
  • The dryer knows when to automatically shut off when your clothes are dry
  • The convenient delay start option means you can program to start at a specific time
  • I-Refresh wraps clothes in warm, humid air using water stored in the drawer
  • The water tank is located at the top of the dryer for easy access


  • No reset option
  • One customer said it takes too long
Energy rating:A++
Noise level:67 dB(A)
  • 12 programs including Synthetics, Delicate and Quick Dry
  • Heat pump technology
  • Sensor Dry technology
  • I-Refresh 
  • Delay start option 
  • Automatic shut off
  • Quick dry
  • 9kg capacity
  • Download the hOn app and connect to your phone or tablet

Best tumble dryer washer dryer

With the option to choose between an 8 or 10kg wash capacity and with a 5kg dry load, this Hoover Washer Dryer is perfect for a medium to large-sized family. It cleverly combines two machines in one, saving you space in your home! There are plenty of useful wash cycles to choose from, including "Full load in 59" and "Quick wash" that does light loads in just 15 minutes. One reviewer reports that they would have like the 15 minute wash to drain better.

The NFC tech and app allows you to download extra programmes too. It's easy to manage your home chores without them taking over your life with handy features like the delay timer that let's you set the machine to start when you want, and the NFC tech that allows you to connect your smartphone and control your machines away from home. It's eco-friendly functions are much appreciated by all, with the KG Mode sensors adapting your wash to keep costs down and the 1400 spin speed removing more excess water for a more efficient drying time. We love that this machine has settings for wool and cashmere too, which are delicate materials.

It has been reported that the machine can be a bit noisy but most reviews say different. One reviewer says, "On the whole I am impressed. It's a lot quieter than my old machine and I don't need to leave washing on airers indoors." They were disappointed that it did tend to leave everything very creased and the cycle times are like 6 hours or more when you wash and dry. They also found that the door seal fills up with fluff, having to be wiped out after every drying cycle. Another reviewer says, "I had this machine about a month or so now. A great machine which is easy to maintain, relatively quiet as machines go and practical too." They said they enjoy the safety lock, which prevents settings being accidentally messed with mid wash.


  • A great machine for medium-sized families with 8kg capacity wash & 5kg dry load
  • NFC technology allows you to control your machine remotely with a smartphone
  • Use the delay timer to set the machine to start when you want it to
  • Download extra programmes and check for any issues via the app
  • Full Load in 59 is a quick wash when you're in a hurry, ideal for mixed colours/fabrics
  • Quick-wash allows you to do a super light load in just 15 minutes
  • KG Mode sensors adapt the wash to keep costs low automatically adjusting settings
  • 1400 spin speed gets rid of excess water for efficiency making drying time faster


  • A bit noisy
Capacity:8kg or 10kg
Dimensions:H85 x W60 x D53cm
  • Temperature management systems
  • NFC tech
  • KG mode
  • Delay timer
  • 14 programmes
  • 8kg wash & 5kg dry load
  • 1400 spin speed
  • Quick Wash in 15 minutes
  • Drain hose included

Best freestanding tumble dryer

Best tumble dryer AEG 8000 TR848A4B Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
Price: £949 (was £1,049)

This stylish AEG Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer does everything a busy family needs to ensure your clothes are always dry in time. You won't have to waste time sorting clothes because the MixDry technology means it can dry mixed loads, and it has Anti-Crease technology too so you can pack away your iron! One reviewer points out that the large drum really helps to reduce garment creasing. The machine also comes with sensors that save time and energy, so it will save you money too.

We love the aesthetic design of this machine with the modern contrast of black and white, but this will come down to personal preference. One reviewer said his wife wasn't sure of the black door against the white machine, but apart from that they thought it was great. They say, "It feels like a quality product, as it's very quiet and the clothes smell a lot fresher. I'm very happy with it at the moment. It has a 5 year guarantee so hopefully we won’t have a problem."

Another reviewer thought it was not only economical – "We monitored the cost over several loads and the cost averages around 20p for a large load of laundry" – but they also found it to be stylish, and liked that the features were easy to access, particularly the filter draws and the front draw that needs regular emptying of the water extracted from drying. They also liked that the heat pump seems to be very effective and said it's great not to have to have a venting hose. However, they were happy to have been able to purchase the machine while it was on offer as they say it is an expensive item.

While it was much cheaper to run than their previous machine, another reviewer says that it takes much longer to dry the laundry. They were also unfortunate enough to shrink two pairs of pyjamas despite using the correct settings on the machine in line with the instructions on the garment label, but acknowledged that the label could have been the problem as the rest of the load was fine. Overall, they thought the machine is well built and liked the multiple programs and options, agreeing that emptying water and cleaning the filter makes machine maintenance so much easier. They noticed also that the dryer doesn't heat the room like their previous one did, and is fairly quiet. They commented: "Expensive, but I feel will be worth the extra in the long term."


  • The digital display shows info to help you to plan your cycle more easily
  • Low noise levels are comparable to general office noise
  • Heat Pump Venting feature passes hot and humid air through a pump for re-use
  • Machine adjusts spin time by automatically checking moisture levels in clothes
  • Machine automatically stops when it senses your clothes are dry
  • SensiDry cares for clothes making sure they're never exposed to excess heat
  • Anti-crease tech makes ironing a doddle
  • MixDry feature means you don't have to sort clothes or doing multiple washes


  • The text around the dial is quite small
Energy rating:A+++
Dimensions:H85 x W59.6 x D66.3cm
  • MixDry
  • Anti-Crease
  • SensiDry
  • Digital Display
  • Low Noise Level
  • Heat Pump Venting
  • ProTex soft drum
  • Delay start option
  • Advanced humidity sensors
  • Hygiene cycle
  • Absolutecare® (minimises shrinkage)

Best tumble dryer for programmes


Best tumble dryer Candy Smart Pro CSOEH9A2DE80 Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
Price: £369 (was £499)

A great tumble dryer with a choice of dryness levels such as store dry, hang dry and iron dry to help you care for your clothes better and avoid damage from over-drying while using just the right amount of energy and saving you money. Reviewers tend to say it works out around 30p per load. One reviewer points out that "Drying time is a bit longer than a normal tumble dryer but it's much cheaper to use." Another reviewer had a similar experience, saying, "It takes twice as long as my old dryer but only costs a fraction in electricity." They also liked that the machine isn't noisy and found it very easy to clean.

The Candy Smart Pro also has as a delay timer to help you balance your home chores with everyday life and work and manage your time more efficiently. Use it alongside the Candy Smart app by connecting your machine via WiFi and then use your mobile device to control it when you're away from home. The app allows you to monitor cycles and run diagnostics checks on the machine, as well as download more programmes for even more functionality.

Another handy feature is the ergonomically designed and unique water reservoir that you'll find built into the tumble dryer door. It allows you to see when the water needs emptying, with the handle on it is designed to make it more convenient for removal and emptying. One reviewer enjoyed the convenience of this feature, saying "The water collection in the door is great as it is so much easier than crouching down on the floor to pull a drawer out like my last machine." Another reviewer says, " I love how it collects the water in a container in the door, a small detail, but really quirky! It collects in a detachable water container in the window of the door and lifts out with ease."


  • The Sensor Dry Tech automatically shuts the machine off when clothes are dry
  • You can choose from the following settings – Store Dry, Hang Dry and Iron Dry
  • The time delay option allows you to choose to start your cycle later
  • Wi-Fi Technology allows you to connect to the Candy app and control via smartphone
  • Download more programmes, monitor cycles and run diagnostics checks via app
  • Unique water reservoir is built into the tumble dryer door for easy viewing
  • The handle is designed to make it more convenient for removal and emptying
  • It reuses hot air normally lost, recycling it through the drum for energy efficiency


  • Vent hose not included
  • Drying time is a bit longer than other machines
Energy rating:A++
Dimensions:62 x 65 x 89cm
  • Sensor Dry Technology – choose from Store Dry, Hang Dry and Iron Dry
  • Wi-Fi Technology – connect your machine to the Candy app for extra features
  • Easy Case – a patented water reservoir built right into the tumble dryer's door
  • Heat Pump
  • 3 dryer temperatures
  • 15 programmes
  • Front loading

Best anti allergy tumble dryer


This great dryer has heat pump technology which delivers the most efficient energy usage compared to a condenser or vented tumble dryer. It works by recycling hot air that is normally lost. The machine also boasts an anti allergy option which lets higher temperatures remove bacteria and allergens from your laundry and is useful if members of your family struggle with allergies or have sensitive skin. Another great reason to go a dryer with a heat pump, as pointed out by one reviewer, is that it's ideal for is you suffer with asthma as there is no steam present whilst drying.

In comparison to the older model of this machine, one reviewer notes that the new bottom filter is much easier to clean. However, they have found the controls to be more complicated and said you need the manual to determine which program to use, which another reviewer agreed with, saying "The instructions are not easy to follow for people with learning difficulties. Still trying to figure out if we are using it ok." The former reviewer felt the machine wasn't as user-friendly either due to the warning lights being changed, although they liked the new model on the whole.


  • Heat Pump Technology helps save energy by reusing hot air to dry clothes
  • Enjoy 45% savings compared to using a B rated tumble dryer
  • Dryers with heat pumps don't let off steam which is beneficial for asthma sufferers
  • Higher temperatures remove bacteria and allergens from bedding and clothes


  • Some found the controls a little complicated
  • Not as user friendly as the former model
Dimensions65.5 x 59.5 x 84.9 cm
Annual energy consumption‎308 Kilowatt Hours Per Year
  • Heat pump
  • Energy efficient
  • Anti allergy options
  • 8kg capacity

Best tumble dryer for small families

Best tumble dryer Cookology CMVD25WH Mini Vented Tumble Dryer 2.5kg
Price: ON SALE

If you want a tumble dryer for a small family but space is at a premium, then this Cookology Mini Vented Tumble Dryer has been design to save space by sitting on a kitchen countertop or being wall mounted. One reviewer says it's the best thing they've bought all year, as they have very little space and a full-size dryer just wasn't possible. They said they were struggling to get all the washing dry on airers and that this little dryer, though compact and lightweight, works perfectly, just like a full sized model. They said, "You can get a decent amount of washing inside and it drys it quickly and effectively. Not too loud either, just a gentle rumble. I keep it on top of a chest-of-drawers in the bedroom, it takes up so little space but is an absolute miracle. It has made dealing with the washing so much easier."

It might be a dinky machine but it has the extra features you need, such as an anti-wrinkle function and three different heat options, including a cool setting.the vented design also means you get reliable drying as it extract the hot and moist air, directing it through a vent hose and straight outside, which is great if you're worried about moisture in your home. Another reviewer liked that it was easy to be picked up and moved around, and it came with wall brackets included if you have a strong wall. However, they said the plastic pipe is somewhat cheap and flimsy.


  • Designed to save space and be more practical, fitting perfectly on a countertop
  • You can also mount it on the wall if you're short on surface space
  • Anti-wrinkle function helps you cut down on ironing time
  • Three heat settings can be used to suit different types of fabric
  • Choose from cool, warm and hot with the easy to use 200 minutes timer dial
  • Vented design extracts hot and moist air to direct through a vent hose outdoors


  • Too small for large families
  • The plastic hose pipe is flimsy
Dimensions585 x 495 x 415 mm
Capacity2.5 Kg
Weight17 Kg
Energy efficiency ratingF
  • Designed for small spaces
  • Can fit on a kitchen countertop
  • Anti-wrinkle function
  • Three different heat settings
  • Vented design

Best tumble dryer for fast drying


If you need your laundry dry in a hurry, then the Indesit Freestanding Heat Pump Tumble Dryer is the perfect choice. It has a Fast45 Cycle which can dry clothes conveniently in just 45 minutes. With simple controls, such as the Push&Go function, this machine is quick and easy to use. You do need to hold the button in for 5 seconds to start, but it's a small price to pay for not having to make decisions about settings. One happy reviewer says, "We have only had this a few days, and have been extremely impressed with it so far. Compared to our very old standard condensing dryer, this Indesit is quieter, faster, uses less electricity, traps more humidity, is kinder on the clothes, and has a much better sensor in to detect when clothes are dry."

Because the machine automatically knows how long the clothes need to dry, you don't need to set a drying time or worry about your clothes getting damaged through over-drying either. A reviewer says, "We have so far dried normal clothes, bedding, towels, and a blanket in it. All dried evenly and less harshly than before." They also like the pause and play button you can use to stop the dryer to check clothes and then restart it without affected the calculated drying time.


  • Fast45 Cycle allows you to dry clothes in just 45 minutes
  • The Push&Go feature makes this machines super easy to use
  • This is an energy efficient dryer with condenser and heat pump technology


  • Not easy to access the condensing unit and filter
Dimensions64.9 x 59.5 x 84.9 cm
Energy ratingA+
  • Large capacity 7kg
  • Push&Go function
  • The Fast45 Cycle
  • Condenser with heat pump tech
  • Energy efficient

Best tumble dryer for drying shirts

This is a great dryer to cope with a mixed load. You can throw in shirts, towels and bed sheets at the same time and with an 8kg capacity you will get lots dry. The LOGIK Condenser Tumble Dryer features Sensor Drying which helps protect your clothes by stopping the cycle when your laundry reaches the perfect level of dryness, therefore preventing over drying. We also love the Shirts 20' program which lets you have up to three shirts dry in 20 minutes, and the fact that there is an internal light that comes on when you open the machine.

One reviewer said they didn't want to spend a huge amount and found this to be a good budget dryer. They also point out how useful the internal light is at making it easier to not leave socks in the drum. Another reviewer describes this dryer as quick to install, saying there's no technical knowledge required. They found it simple to operate, good value for money and far more effective than their previous one. One thing to be aware of is that this dryer may be a bit noisy, so if you're looking for something silent this may not be for you, but if you have a separate utility room away from your living space it could be just what you're looking for.


  • Generous 8kg capacity dries the whole family's laundry at once
  • Sensor Drying automatically stops the cycle when your garments are dry
  • Rapid Shirts 20' function allows up to 3 shirts , drying them in just 20 minutes
  • The LED drum light is a great feature turning on automatically when the door opens


  • Some say that this machine is a bit noisy
Dimensions845 x 596 x 563 mm
Weight32 kg
Capacity8 kg
Energy efficiencyB
  • Sensor drying
  • LED light when door opened
  • Shirt 20' program
  • 8kg capacity

Best tumble dryer for easy usage

With its 8kg load capacity, this sleek white tumble dryer is designed to cater to the diverse needs of your medium-sized household. Experience advanced drying convenience with features such as sensor drying, which intelligently adjusts the drying time based on the moisture levels in your clothes. This not only ensures optimal results but also enhances the longevity of your garments. The easy-to-use interface and modern aesthetic make this Samsung tumble dryer a practical and stylish addition to your home – and the extra features, like Wrinkle Prevention, Quick Dry 35', a delay timer and 14 different drying programmes to choose from make it highly functional for family life.

One reviewer also points out that the outside drying cycle is amazing! They say, "no longer do I have uncomfortable stiff towels and shirts." They also found the reduced ironing cycle to be a major plus point. He also says that not having a vent system means he doesn't have to put up with freezing air coming into the house down the venting hose during the winter, which is something you may not have thought about. Another reviewer found it to be a great purchase and said it is very quiet, and that there's no heat loss.


  • OptimalDry™ setting automatically adjusting the drying time
  • Wrinkle Prevention prevents creases by tumbling your clothes in cool air
  • Quick Dry 35’ handles up to 1kg of clothes, ready to wear in just 35 minutes
  • The heat pump features makes this dryer efficient, Just don't overload
  • There are 14 drying programmes to choose from
  • The Delay Timer means you can set the dryer to start when it's most convenient
  • Large 8kg capacity is perfect for most medium-sized households


  • Some users say the heat pump may need replacing over time
  • Heat pump dryers have longer drying times
Energy rating:A++
Dimensions: H85 x W60 x D65
  • Quick Dry 35'
  • OptimalDry™
  • Wrinkle prevent
  • Delay timer
  • 14 drying programmes 

Types of tumble dryers

Tumble dryers come in various types, each with its own set of features and advantages. Here's what you need to know...

Vented tumble dryers

These dryers expel damp air through a hose, typically vented through an external wall or window. They are generally more affordable but require proper installation near a vent.

Condenser tumble dryers

Condenser dryers collect moisture from the clothes in a container that you can empty manually. They don't need a vent, offering more flexibility in terms of placement. However, they may use more energy than vented dryers.

Heat pump tumble dryers

These are a type of condenser dryer but with an additional heat pump. Heat pump dryers are more energy-efficient as they reuse heat during the drying process. Although they may have a higher upfront cost, they can save on energy bills in the long run.

Spin dryers

Spin dryers are a compact and energy-efficient option. They work by rapidly spinning clothes to extract excess water. While they are not as common or as powerful as traditional tumble dryers, they can be a good choice for smaller loads and energy-conscious users.

Washer-dryer combos

These machines combine a washing machine and a tumble dryer in one unit. They are convenient for saving space but may have a smaller drying capacity compared to standalone tumble dryers.

How to choose a tumble dryer

Choosing the right tumble dryer involves considering your specific needs, available space, and preferences. Here's a guide to help you make an informed decision

Capacity: Choose a capacity that suits your household's needs. Larger families may benefit from a higher-capacity machine.

Energy efficiency: Look for dryers with high energy efficiency ratings to save on energy costs and reduce environmental impact.

Sensor drying: Opt for a dryer with sensor drying technology that automatically adjusts the drying time based on the moisture level in the clothes. This can prevent over-drying and save energy.

Programs and settings: Consider the range of programs and settings available. Look for features like quick dry, delicate cycles (which are ideal for washing baby clothes), and adjustable temperature settings.

Noise level: Check the noise level of the dryer, especially if it's located near living spaces. Quieter models can be more comfortable, especially in open-plan homes.

Size and Installation: Ensure the dryer fits the available space and that your chosen type (vented, condenser, heat pump) aligns with your home's setup.

Maintenance: Consider ease of maintenance. Some models may have self-cleaning condensers or easy-to-access filters.

Budget: Set a budget and look for models that offer the best combination of features within that range.

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