BABYGO birthing ball review

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babygo birthing ball review

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Using a birthing ball in pregnancy and labour can be really beneficial and the BABYGO birthing ball is ideal for the job. It is a pre and post natal exercise ball, which during pregnancy and labour encourages your baby to get in the right position ready for labour and reduces pain and relieves tension.

After birth this exercise ball can be a great tool to help strength pelvic floor muscles, it also won a Mother&Baby Awards 2023 Gold winner and also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award.

babygo birthing ball review
Price: $24.95


  • Easy to use
  • Relieves aches and pains
  • Sturdy design
  • Lovely colour
  • Available to purchase in different sizes to suit the individual's height


  • Not easy to store away

Testing the BABYGO birthing ball

Our mum testers put the BABYGO birthing ball to the test and here is what they thought.

Hannah said: "The birthing ball has been great to use in the last few weeks of my pregnancy helping to relieve aches and pains having been sat at a desk all day. It was really easy to inflate as it came with a foot pump that was also easy to put together. The material seems strong and not likely to burst which is very important!"

Baby Go ball
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Katie said: "I loved the colour of the ball. It was of great quality and appears built to last. The instruction booklet provided appeared over complicated, but once the birthing ball was set up, it was easy to use and the recommendations on how to use it were very welcome. The ball is very easy to use and is a must have for those in late pregnancy or in labour. I especially liked that it comes in different sizes to suit your own height."

Chantelle said: "This product is so amazing. It has helped me out with the pains and getting used to movements with the ball. I'm very pleased with the product and I will be telling people how great the product is and I loved everything moment. I'm 37 weeks pregnant and it's great for exercise as well helping me out rolling and doing the things in the book."

BABYGO birthing ball

Abbey said: "I've been using this birthing ball for at least an hour every evening. The product comes with very good experiences and I never had any sort of issues with it. It's really good quality material, it's easy to use and I love how versatile the item is. It took around 15 minutes to fully pump up, considering other exercise balls can take longer."

Lavinia said: "I used to have serious back pain before using this product. When I received this product it really made my life easier. At the beginning, I started using the ball just to sit and watch TV, after that for small exercises. I'm going to definitely use it when I give birth as well as I totally love it."

Sarah said: "The BABYGO birthing ball is a must during the later stages of pregnancy, most evenings were spent bouncing on the ball rather than an uncomfortable slouch on the sofa. The instruction on how to prepare/pump the ball were easy to follow and only took seconds to inflate. Once little one arrived it was easily deflated and stored back in the box."

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