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Next up in our Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Spear & Jackson's Video Baby Monitor BM1760.

Find out what they thought here...

What do you look for in a baby monitor?

Martin Sinclair - "When looking for a baby monitor my three most important features were price point, ease of use and quality of screen to view baby clearly."

Gemma Bashford - "The most important features in a baby monitor to me is a good battery life, a feature to monitor room temperature and good quality night vision."

Jade Campbell - "Excellent night vision is a must, being able to receive a good signal from anywhere in the house or garden and also to be able to talk back to my baby."

What was your first impression of the video Baby Monitor BM1760?

Emma Taylor - "The packaging was slick and well designed. It was like opening a gift, each part had its own well thought out section. The camera itself is beautifully designed and seamlessly fits into baby's nursery without it looking out of place."

Martin Sinclair - "My first impression of the baby monitor was the clean sleek design and elegant shape and not at all bulky or clunky looking like others. Well packaged and eye-catching and easy to blend into an array of nursery decor and homes."

Upasana Aggarwal - "My first impression of the box got me excited to open it. The box looked sleek and professional. The way the monitor was packed in the box looked lovely, and it was very well presented. I Couldn’t wait to take it out and start using it. I liked the size of the screen on the monitor."

What did you like most about the Baby Monitor BM1760?

Upasana Aggarwal - "I love that there is in-built music in the monitor and you can start the music from the parent monitor and decide which one to play. It helps to calm the little one down. The screen is very clear and the night vision quality is brilliant, as I found our other monitor to be a bit grainy and not as sharp. I also like that you can add another camera to the parent monitor to look at different rooms. The battery life on the monitor is good when it is fully charged."

Karen Staniforth - "The features I love the most on the monitor are the tilt and zoom so I can get the perfect angle to monitor my baby while he sleeps. I also love the fact it has a nice big screen which makes it easy to see easily even from a little distance. My baby really enjoys listening to the different music on the device when he is in the bedroom it’s a great feature for settling him down for sleep at night.  The drop-down menus and settings on this monitor are very clear and easy to use took me no time at all to work my way around all the features and set it up perfectly"

Rebecca Wood - "We liked the large screen as it gives a more accurate picture from the camera, we also found the camera angle adjustability very good as you could pan the camera around so much more than our previous video monitor."

How does this product compare to other baby monitors that you’ve used?

Gemma Bashford - "A feature that makes this baby monitor stand out is its fantastic screen, it is so much bigger and robust than other monitors. Not many baby monitors have a built-in thermometer. It is much more user friendly too, just plug in and turn on."

Laura Cross - "The camera was excellent, I could see my baby's ribs going up and down (always reassuring and means I didn’t have to go in to check on her).  Look, feel and design of both handset and camera.  Really like the screen size.  I also like that the sound is “real-time” – with my other monitor there is a slight delay which means the baby can sometimes hear themselves, which I think can wake them up if they are being particularly noisy in a small flat."

Annique Jeffrey - "The wide-angled pan and tilt features are brilliant. You get a much better viewing angle and if you don’t have much space to put the camera, at least you know that wherever you put it, you can turn it to capture where the baby is. The widescreen base unit is handy too, as you don’t have to squint your eyes to see the baby or operating the remote unit. I like the fact that this also has a room thermometer so that I am aware if the baby is potentially too hot or too cold. The infrared night light is very clear and I can easily see when my little one is moving up and down the crib."

Is there a feature you would like to see on the Baby Monitor BM1760 in the future?

Laura Spencer - "One thing that would really help with this product would be if it could be wall-mounted or attached to bars. The furniture next to my son's bed was too high so I've had to lie the camera part down and slightly hang it over the top of his wardrobe."

Jade Campbell - "I would probably have them in different colours as I would prefer this in black. I would also like to be able to have alerts on my phone maybe of movement or maybe movement alerts on the device."

Laura Cross - "The only thing would be to have an app so that people can access on their smartphones (like the Motorola Hubble).  It's great to be able to check-in from anywhere and make sure the baby is ok. It also allows you to track movements etc.  Also, I would lose one of the lullabies and put white noise instead…I don’t know anyone who uses the lullaby feature on a baby monitor."

How important is the ‘No Quibble’ guarantee to you?

Emma Taylor - "It's very reassuring as a monitor is a big investment and you want to make sure the product you are using is up to standard and that you enjoy using it! To have that guarantee would definitely convince me more to buy it!"

Gemma Bashford - "The no quibble guarantee reassures me that a company has confidence in its products. Therefore that gives me the confidence to buy from a company with this guarantee in place. It also gives me confidence that if I am not happy with a product I can request a return and my money back."

Martin Sinclair - "The no quibble guarantee is the best peace of mind feature. It is what can sway me into buying or not."

Would you recommend the Baby Monitor BM1760 to others?

Rebecca Wood - "I would recommend this product to others as I think the features are great and the adjustability of the camera is definitely a big plus for me and I would presume for others too! Also, I loved the size of the screen compared to others we have tried, it just makes things so much easier to see and look at the options on the screen."

Julia Mills - "I would definitely recommend (and I already have done!) as it’s proved to be a high-quality, reliable baby monitor that has now replaced my previous monitor."

Karen Staniforth - "I would definitely recommend this product to others as it has great features and is very simple and easy to use giving me the peace of mind I want with little worry on using the product. The picture is very clear even when the room is dark. The size and shape of the camera are pleasing on the eye and can be stood on even the smallest of surfaces. When I received this product I was super excited to try it out I couldn’t wait till my baby’s bedtime and I haven’t been disappointed yet. I have been using this product for over a week now and I’m still excited to be using it every night. Thank you very much Spear & Jackson for an all-round great product. Huge thumbs up from me."

To give it a go for yourself, you can buy the Spear & Jackson Video Baby Monitor BM1760 here. RRP £129.99.

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