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Tried and Tested Talc little angels

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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Asda Little Angels liquid talc.

Find out what our testers thought here...

Have you tried ASDA Little Angels liquid talc before?

Emily: "No I have not used it before but had heard about it previously."

Samantha: "We have never tried little angels liquid talc before, but we have tried a number of other products from the range and we have always been impressed."

Anna: "I had not tried this product before."

What did you like the most about the liquid talc?

Sarah: "The lack of mess, it still worked like normal talc but there was no mess or fear of the baby inhaling it which I’ve read about lots recently."

Natalie: "I liked the smell of the liquid talc. It has a baby smell but not too strong."

Alex: "It is more moisturising on the skin that normal talc that sits on top and doesn’t rub in well."

What would you improve?

Angela: "It could dry a little more powdery if that’s possible."

Alex: "Not the product but maybe have it available in a pump bottle for ease when using."

Louise: "I didn’t find any room for improvement with this product."

How did the liquid talc compare to powder talc for you and your baby?

Jessica: "It's a lot less messy and a lot easier to apply, I felt confident packing this little handy tube in my baby bag/handbag without the worry of it popping open and spilling everywhere."

Emily: "It saved a lot of time, with powder, I find it ends up going everywhere and you will need to clean up after more than a liquid, which you can just directly apply and not have to worry about it going everywhere."

Sarah: "I felt like it worked the same when absorbing moisture, but left his skin much softer and without the white tinge that comes with standard talc."

Do you believe the dermalogically tested formula was kind to your baby's skin?

Natalie: "Yes definitely. My 6mo baby has quite sensitive skin and the liquid talc didn't affect him in any way."

Anna: "It’s been very kind on my baby boys skin. No irritation at all."

Louise: "There were no problems caused to baby’s skin, it was a lightweight formula with little scent so I don’t believe it would cause any irritation."

Did you find the product easy to use and why?

Nicola: "I found it easy to use because it spread easily over my baby's body, I also used it at at nappy changes (instead of regular talc) as my little one gets a sore bottom."

Jessica: "Yes! The liquid formula meant I could squeeze as little as a few pea sizes out and rub it on my babies skin without it going everywhere."

Sarah: "The liquid talc was so easy to use, I thought it might leave a residue on my hands like talc does, but it went on perfectly and didn’t stick to me."

Did the product keep your baby dry and absorb moisture?

Samantha: "Yes the product did absorb moisture, even after a swimming session, babies have all sorts of cute rolls of fat, and having a cream meant it could be massaged into the skin, an extension of self-care for the baby. Once applied my baby was dry to touch, perhaps not as quickly as original talc, but very much had the same effect."

Emily: "Yes, my little girl had nappy rash, I used the liquid talc and it went within a maximum of 48 hours."

Angela: "I’m not sure that it absorbed moisture as well as it could have - the skin was still a little damp in places around the legs come nappy change time."

Would you recommend ASDA Little Angels liquid talc to other parents and why?

Jessica: "Yes I would! It was so easy to apply, simple to carry around with us and left brilliant results."

Nicola: "Yes I would recommend it to other parents as it’s easy to use, better for babies then regular talc, you only need a little bit."

Anna: "I definitely would recommend this to other parents. It’s a great product, kind on babys skin and helps keep skin soft but moisture free. It also smells lovely!"

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