Tried&Tested: Joie’s roomie glide

Joie's roomie glide

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Next up in our Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Joie's roomie glide.

Find out what they thought here...

What was your first impression of the roomie glide?

Charlene Rowe - "My very first impression of the roomie glide when I received it was that the size is perfect for a newborn to feel safe in but it's not too roomy. This looks like a great quality product, which will complement any room decor and fit in nicely. The assembly was as easy as 1, 2, 3 and straightforward to follow."

Kelly Taylor - "It looked great - the box had a lovely picture on it of a mother and her child. I was excited to put it together although I was worried it would need tools to be assembled but it didn’t, which was great!"

Lynsey Smethurst - "The roomie glide was much bigger than I had expected. The box weighs 11.30kg (net weight) so you know the product inside is going to be sturdy and substantial. Setting up the crib was also pretty straight forward, even our 3-year-old enjoyed joining in and unwrapping it."

What did you like most about the roomie glide?

Annique Jeffery  - "I most liked the height incline, which was great for reflux and being able to put the baby down soon after a feed. It meant that I wouldn't have to disturb my baby by winding her if she had fallen asleep. I could put her down in the comfort of knowing that she wouldn’t be getting reflux as she was on an incline."

Gillian McPartlin - "The product seems very safe and comfortable for my newborn. I was happy to put her in it straight away as the mesh sides allowed me to see in from each side and easily check on my baby. The mattress is firm but soft and comfortable, and my baby seems very content lying in the roomie glide, which is the most important part for me. Anything that helps us get a good nights' sleep is great."

Linda Yip - "I really enjoyed how easy the roomie glide was to use. The side panel can be lifted up and down single-handedly with very little effort. It did stick a little the first time my baby was in it, but this only required a little wriggling to correct it. Another fantastic function is its gliding ability, which can be locked or released easily. I was very impressed that the gliding function could even be used right next to the bed as it just glides away from the bedside. This is ergonomically much improved when compared to another bedside crib I have, which is able to rock on curved feet, but cannot be used in this capacity when against the bed."

Was it reassuring for you to have your little one closer to you in the bedside crib?

Charlene Rowe - "I would say 110%, the roomie glide brings the best reassurance of having little one closer to your bedside at night. It has easy height adjustment for most beds and also a quick release panel to lift up and down, which helps whilst baby is settled and you can leave them to safely sleep unattended."

Kelly Taylor - "So reassuring. I would reach over and comfort him easily and could see if he was awake or just stirring while sleeping. This meant I didn’t have to needlessly get up."

Lynsey Smethurst - "Absolutely. My little girl, Eva, is only 3 weeks old, so can be quite sicky after feeds, so having her close by when she’s laid down is a must. Having the one-handed drop-side also makes it really easy to pick her up in the night too."

Did you find the roomie glide easy to move around from room to room?

Charlene Rowe - "I found the roomie glide was easy to move around the room. The simple and effective gliding wheels means it's easy to take the crib from room to room. When you have reached the place you want it, there are two side clips to lock legs into position tidily tucked away at the bottom."

Kelly Taylor - "Unfortunately not as we have quite a thick carpet and the small wheels didn’t move well on it. However, the bassinet unit itself was very light and easy to clip off the frame, so we could move that with ease."

Lynsey Smethurst - "The roomie glide has four lockable wheels to make moving the crib around easy however I did find the legs were quite long as they extend out further than the crib itself. The legs do fold in on one side, but don’t seem to lock once folded in. Although folding the legs helps get the crib through doorways, it then means the wheels are no longer able to run straight, so getting through doorways is a little tricky. Having said that, I don’t think easy room-to-room transportation is a particularly high up requirement on my list."

Would you say that the bedside crib eased your little ones’ feeds?

Annique Jeffery - "Yes, I would say that the bedside crib eased my little ones’ feeds, as I didn’t have to hold her up for 20 mins+ if she had had a feed and then fallen asleep. I was able to put her down with the incline function engaged, knowing that she was at a safe incline and that she wouldn’t get reflux."

Gillian McPartlin - "Yes, it definitely eased feeding my little girl. Most importantly it was easier to get her back in the crib without waking her, in comparison to putting her in a traditional cot, as the slide downside function means there is less movement involved with the baby. This is a massive benefit in my opinion and the side easily moves up and down and doesn’t make much noise, which is also a benefit."

Linda Yip - "This is definitely one of the main benefits to having a bedside crib, in that I did not even need to get out of bed in order to feed or comfort my baby.  In colder weather, this is an especially big appeal! I also found that after feeding my son, I could almost slide him back to his bed, which minimised disturbing or waking him."

Is there a feature you would like to see on the roomie glide in the future?

Charlene Rowe - "I was really impressed with all features on the roomie glide, I would possibly like to see a print on the inside that baby can look at if awake during the day to soothe them, possibly in black and white or grey tonal colours for their eyes."

Kelly Taylor - "I am not sure if they have a waterproof mattress protector, but that would be amazing as the mattress is such a great quality I didn’t want it to get ruined by any accidents. Also, I would like to see a storage space or pockets on the sides for muslin or nappies etc. Another added extra could be a mobile to clip on the side."

Lynsey Smethurst - "I think it would be quite nice if the drop-down side was on both sides, rather than just one. This could be helpful if walking past the crib in the night/morning or to provide better access to the crib for a partner. It would also be helpful to have a lock on the folding legs."

Would you use the roomie glide again?

Annique Jeffery - "I don’t think I would use the roomie glide again as I don’t feel that the ‘glide’ feature is very straightforward."

Gillian McPartlin - "Yes I would, I found that my baby has slept really well in the roomie glide right from the first day when we put her in it for a nap. I found the mesh sides really useful as it allowed me to check on my baby from wherever I was in the room without actually going over to the cot. It is definitely more reassuring and I think the size means I will be able to use it for months rather than a few weeks, which is the case with a Moses basket or small crib. I have also found the adjustable height function very helpful for the side of our bed as it is quite high. It also means that during the day I have it higher so that my toddler cannot reach into the crib when the baby is sleeping."

Linda Yip - "Yes, I would definitely use the roomie glide again. It feels like it has been designed by a team who understands some of the more testing challenges of caring for a baby such as night wakings!"

Would you recommend the roomie glide to others?

Charlene Rowe - "Yes I would recommend the roomie glide to others as this product is just perfect and the best essential for the first six months. It ticks all boxes for myself and I feel that needs to be shared to help others experience - the joy I have with it and hope to continue to for some time whilst my baby grows up."

Kelly Taylor - "I would recommend it to others. I think that it’s a great cot and helpful for reflux and rocking your little one to sleep. It is also stylish in design and colour, and looked great in our room."

Lynsey Smethurst - "Yes, I think the crib has some great features, designed with both babies and parents comforts in mind. The roomie glide also offers good value for money. We have the Foggy Grey version, which is really nice and looks smart in our bedroom. It’s also available in other colours too, including an Almond colour option."

Do you like Joie Baby as a brand?

Annique Jeffery - "Yes, I do like Joie Baby as a brand and feel that they have a good variety of products of, which I have purchased. I have considered buying a Joie car seat as they do seem to be very multifunctional."

Gillian McPartlin - "Yes, I have been happy with my other Joie products, which include a pushchair. I am going to be purchasing a new car seat for my toddler and will be looking at the Joie range, as I feel very happy with what the brand offers and my experiences with existing Joie products. I think the brand itself is well known and known for its reliability and safety, which for all parents is reassuring. I know my friends also use the brand with their children, which I think also helps as you can talk about the products and what they’re like."

Linda Yip - "Yes, I feel Joie are known for a good range of baby products and they’re often at very competitive prices. I had previously read good reviews and heard other mums recommending the brand."

Have you purchased a Joie product before?

Charlene Rowe - "I have purchased the multiply high chair previously from Joie and still use it now with my now three-year-old. I also have a bouncer from the Joie range, which vibrates and soothes baby. Another fantastic adaptable product that grows with the child."

Kelly Taylor - "No I have not, I was aware of larger brands, but Joie had not come to my attention."

Lynsey Smethurst - "Yes, I purchased the Joie i-Spin 360 car seat for both sets of grandparents’ cars for when they have my little boy. I also purchased the Joie Nitro Stroller when my son outgrew his pram. All of them have been really great products, that I’ve been more than satisfied with."

What is the first thing that comes on your mind when you think about Joie?

Annique Jeffery - "The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Joie as a brand is the bright and colourful logo with the little leaf on top."

Gillian McPartlin - "I think quality. Each product I have purchased has done exactly what it is advertised to do. I have purchased a few products and have been reassured when purchasing that I won't be disappointed or let down by the quality of the product. When purchasing items for a newborn there is a lot of choice out there and also when buying online you can read so many reviews, with so many different options, so it can be hard to know what to buy. However, when you see the Joie brand you know you are going to get a quality product, that will do what it should and be durable enough to last, and in this case, we are on our second child and will continue to use the Joie products we bought for our firstborn."

Linda Yip - "I feel Joie covers a good selection of baby goods and offers good value for money. They are always competitively priced against similar products on the market and I have generally always heard good feedback from other mums."

Are you aware that Joie also offers a range of car seats, soothers, highchairs and travel cots?

Charlene Rowe - "I am aware of the extensive range the Joie has from various car seats to high chairs, full range of pushchairs, bouncers, rocker chairs and travel cots."

Kelly Taylor - "No, although I now follow them on Instagram. I can see myself purchasing from them in the future now."

Lynsey Smethurst - "I was aware of Joie’s car seats and soother chairs, but I wasn’t aware of the high chair and travel cot products available. I would definitely consider both of these types of Joie products in the future, especially now noticing that the Joie high chairs come in a range of really nice patterns and designs."

Joie roomie glide features

  • Allows you to sleep closely side-by-side without sharing a bed.

  • Sliding side panel lifts and lowers with just one hand.

  • A smooth single hand glide soothes baby and locks in place with a single button push.

  • Comfortably cushioned yet firm mattress comes included and is mesh-covered.

  • 11 height adjustments measure up to nearly any sized bed.

  • Soothing tummy tilt gently inclines to help your little one comfortably digest their bedtime snack (4 position variance).

  • Fits most beds, including divans, with adjustable folding feet that step right up to your bed.

  • One-touch gliding lock keeps the cot firmly in place for sleeping still.

  • Four lockable wheels make moving the crib easy and are rubber-covered to keep your floor scratch-free.

  • Woven fabrics are wipeable for easy cleaning.

  • Double mesh windows on both sides provide plenty of ventilation.

  • Secures to your bed with a simple strap and clip attachment.

  • Machine washable mattress cover removes in a snap for easy cleaning.

  • Rounded cocoon shape with soft padded sides for extra comfort and protection.

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble to tote with an included travel bag.

  • Lightweight yet strong aluminium frame.

  • 100% organic cotton sheet sold separately.

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