Tried&Tested: Joie litetrax 4™ and therma™ footmuff

Joie litetrax 4™ and therma™ footmuff

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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on Joie litetrax 4™ pushchair and therma™ footmuff.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What was your first impression of the litetrax 4™ pushchair and therma™ footmuff when you received them?

Charlie Paige: "I found the litetrax 4™  pushchair and therma™ footmuff to be of high quality and aesthetically appealing. Very well packaged and fast delivery."

Laura Wheat: "My first impression was that it seemed simple to assemble and not bulky at all. I was impressed with the quality of the therma footmuff and knew that my baby would feel nice and warm as it looked so cosy!"

Katie Kerry: "The pushchair was really easy to set up, it just popped up and then the wheels slotted in. It also felt really smooth and sturdy. The footmuff looked so soft and cosy – much better than my current one, which is also getting too small."

What did you like most about the litetrax 4™ and therma™ footmuff?

Kayleigh White: "What I liked most about the pushchair was how easy it was to fold up and down, and how compact it was for storage."

Gemma Lee: "I liked the compactness of the pushchair and how easy it was to assemble/disassemble, as well as how sturdy it felt whilst using it."

Gabriella Challis: "My favourite part of the pushchair is how comfortable it looks, and from the naps my little boy has taken since using it, I think he agrees! The extended hood is perfect for when he does fall asleep to keep his environment darker and shelter him from the elements. The footmuff is one of the cosiest and well-padded footmuffs I have ever used. My little boy's legs are lovely and warm when we get home from a walk. The pushchair has the look and style of a travel system, but the convenience and ease of folding down as one piece. We have also found it so much easier to store in our house as it folds up compactly. "

How did you find the fold down and compactness of the Joie litetrax 4™?

Daisy Field: "Amazing. I have the Joie chrome travel system currently and whilst I love this and the brand in general, it does not leave any room in the boot of my car for shopping. The litetrax 4™ takes up less than half of the space which is fantastic."

Laura Hallam: "I love how easy it is to fold the pushchair down and the compactness of it once folded.  It fits very neatly into the boot of my car compared to my current pushchair. I would say that it is not so easy to fold with the footmuff and raincover on the pushchair and I would find it a bit of hassle should I have to take these both off every time to fold the pushchair to use for a car journey."

Emily Piercy: "It is a push and a pull system to fold the pushchair down, which I found very easy to do, especially with a little one. I could hold my little one and also fold down the pushchair at the same time, very easily."

Is there a feature you would like to see on litetrax 4™ in the future?

Jen Bowie : "It really wasn’t an issue for me but most pushchairs come with an adjustable height handlebar and I imagine the fixed height might limit the accessibility of the pushchair.  The seat of the pushchair also didn’t seem very padded when used without the footmuff and my little one didn’t seem quite as content when we used it this way so I’m not sure if it maybe could do with some more padding for comfort?"

Charlie Paige: "No, I simply cannot fault it. The pushchair is very well designed and does not seem to have any flaws."

Laura Wheat: "There’s nothing I can think of that I would like to see in the future."

Would you use the litetrax 4™ and therma™ footmuff again?

Kayleigh White: "Yes I would use them both again, I think they're going to be really handy for holidays ETC."

Gemma Lee: "100%, it is so easy to use and practical, I would recommend it to anyone."

Gabriella Challis: "ABSOLUTELY! We take lots of lovely walks to the woods near us and our previous pushchair would keep getting leaves and mud stuck in the wheel - we haven’t had to find a stick and unpick the Joie pushchairs wheels once!"

Would you recommend the litetrax 4™ and therma™ footmuff to others?

Emily Piercy: "Yes and I have done so already, even before trialling it as I was so impressed once I got it out of the box. The only problem I had is that it didn’t fit in the boot of my car so it had to go behind my drivers seat."

Jen Bowie: "Yes, this is a great budget friendly pushchair and the footmuff is amongst nicest I have tried."

Charlie Paige: "Yes, most definitely. The litetrax 4™ pushchair and therma™ footmuff are both outstanding products.

Do you like Joie as a brand?

Laura Wheat: "Yes, I’ve always been a fan of Joie as a brand as I’ve always been impressed with the quality of products whilst being affordable."

Kayleigh White: "Yes I do like Joie as a brand, we have their highchair and also thinking about getting their 360 car seat."

Gemma Lee: "I do, I have a number of Joie products as they are good quality, well thought through products."

Have you purchased a Joie product before?

Gabriella Challis: "Yes we have, we bought a stroller with our first daughter which lasted us for about 3 years before she outgrew it and we have always used the Joie car seats."

Daisy Field: "Yes. Whilst researching which travel system to initially buy for my baby, I came across the brand and felt that this offered everything that we needed. We currently have the Chrome travel system and carrycot, i-Level car seat, i-spin 360 car seat and the 360 spin highchair."

Laura Hallam: "Yes I have purchased the All Stages car seat and the dreamer bouncer which are both good value for money and good quality products."

What is the first thing that comes on your mind when you think about Joie?

Emily Piercy: "I originally thought about their pushchairs and car seats, but after having a highchair as well, I have discovered other products that Joie offer as well."

Jen Bowie: "Mostly I think of their car seats as I know they are very popular for these."

Gabriella Challis: "When I hear the brand Joie, I think of well manufactured and affordable baby products which do not compromise on quality!"

Are you aware that Joie also offers a range of car seats, soothers, highchairs & travel cots?

Charlie Paige: "Since receiving our product we have explored other Joie products."

Laura Wheat: "Yes, their highchairs are next on my shopping list!"

Daisy Field: "Yes. We currently have a few different products and will be looking to purchase other items in the future."

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