Tried&Tested: ASDA Little Angels Head To Toe wash

ASDA Little Angels Head To Toe wash

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Next up in our Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on ASDA's Little Angels Head To Toe wash.

Find out what they thought here...

What did you like most about the product?

Helen Owen: "There are a few things I liked about the product. The bottle shape made it easy to hold when pouring especially when you are trying to keep a wriggly baby still and your hands are wet from the bath. I liked the colour of the packaging it's bright and eye catching and helps you to distinguish which product it is on the shelf when there are different types that are very similar available. Also I liked that it lathers up nicely so you don't require too much in your hands to wash baby."

Mel Ball: "I liked the shape of the bottle as it was easy to hold with wet hands in the bath. I also liked that it didn't dry my daughters' skin out and made it feel soft and supple."

Alix Hartley: "I liked that you can use this to wash everything, skin and hair. It washed my three year old's hair really well and it was easy to rinse out. Also it has the no tears formula, so it's good to know that if it does get into their eyes it won't sting."

What did you think about the fragrance of the product?

Becky Sterritt: "The fragrance is very mild which on a newborn is perfect, but I found it was lost very quickly on my preschooler. I wasn’t a massive fan of the fragrance as it was a little nondescript, but it wasn’t offensive and wouldn’t put me off buying it especially for my newborn."

Lucy Brooks: "The fragrance is just right. It smells clean, and fresh, and baby smells like a newborn baby after the bath. I am pleased it wasn’t too strong or overpowering for my little one. His older brothers also liked the smell too, so I'm very happy."

Alyssa Kunert: "The fragrance for me was the best part of the product. It had a timeless classic scent to it that everyone enjoys and associates with a baby and 'baby smell'. It has a soft luxurious smell to it."

What did you think about the packaging design of the product?

Harriet Michie: "The packaging is simple, but eye catching. It states everything in the bottle that you need to know. Although when receiving the bottle it had leaked everywhere in packaging."

Hollie Nolan: "The bottle design was easy to hold and different to most baby shampoos and body washes on the market. I liked the colour, and the imagery was cute and very baby-friendly."

Kendal Holland: "Not too stand out, but it's visual enough for a baby body wash."

Did your baby seem to enjoy this bath time product?

Helen Owen: "All three of my children enjoyed the product. I have twin 17 month olds and a 4-year-old, so I would say it,s not just a baby product. All of them enjoyed it even though I don't regularly use body wash on them, I think they enjoyed the massage that went with it."

Mel Ball: "My baby did seem to enjoy the product. She did not object to being washed with it. There were no tears. It lathered well. Her skin and hair were both clean and fresh afterwards, and her hair looked shiny and felt soft. It did not dry her skin out."

Alix Hartley: " I tried this with both my 4-month-old and 3-year-old and they both liked it. The bubbles didn't last very long though, so the 3-year-old was a bit disappointed! The older one also liked playing with the bottle, as it has a nice curved shape which is easy to hold onto."

Would you use this product again? Why?

Becky Sterritt: "Yes, I would use this product again. Price-wise it seemed good value for money, especially as it can be used on both of my children at the same time."

Lucy Brooks: "Yes, I would use this product again, as it's simple to use, keeps my baby smelling nice and clean, easy and saves me time as can use it all over baby's body. Very handy product to have. Like the fact it's vegan and the product can be recycled."

Alyssa Kunert: "I would use this product again and have continued to do so since trying it. You get a generous amount of the product, it bubbles great which the baby enjoys, it lathers well which is good for getting him clean and it smells incredible!"

Would you recommend this product to others?

Harriet Michie: "Yes I would, it is a very affordable product does everything it states and I think it is a brilliant bathtime product for babies and children."

Hollie Nolan: "Yes, I would recommend this product to others as I think it is good value for money. The Head to Toe Wash is also nicely fragranced for a baby and/or young children."

Kendal Holland: "Yes, it's a great all-round body wash that should suit the skin of all babies as it seems gentle."

Are there any changes you would make to the product?

Helen Owen: "I don't think I'd change the product itself, I was happy with it and the boys seem to enjoy it. I think the only thing I would change is the packaging. It's very plain and simple - even just a different colour bottle or brighter labelling to make it a little eye catching on the shelf."

Mel Ball: "The product was a little bit thin and runny and didn't stay on your hand when you squeezed it out. It was difficult to use one handed. It would be much better if the consistency was thicker."

Alix Hartley: "The design on the packaging is a bit cheap looking, but the price possibly reflects the packaging? I personally would like the smell to be a bit stronger, but I can understand if people don't want anything too overpowering to use on babies. Also the bubbles didn't last very long so if your kids like that then this might not be the one."

For the Little Angels Head To Toe wash visit ASDA's website here.

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