Tommee Tippee Kalani Sensory Teething Toy review

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Tommee Tippee Kalani Sensory Teething Toy

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Tommee Tippee Kalani Sensory Teething Toy at a glance:

Baby teething troubles? Meet Kalani, our sensory teething toy, specially designed to soothe your little one’s sensitive teeth and gums through all stages of teething. Made from chewable medical grade silicone, this fun and colourful character is covered in textured surfaces that help relieve teething pain and distract your baby through play and exploration.  ​

The smooth, hard head is ideal for the early stages of teething, whilst chewable ‘feathers’ support oral hygiene and feet are tough enough to help sharp canines and incisors to emerge.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Nicola: The Kalani Sensory Teething Toy is a very easy to hold teether for my 7 month old. It’s big enough that there are many sensory elements for my daughter to chew on and the size is excellent as if she is in her bouncer and drops it she is still able to pick it up as it’s not small enough to drop down the sides.

Michelle: Teething is the hardest part of the first year of a babies life and it seems to go on forever! As mothers we try a multitude of different toys and medicines to help soothe our babies discomfort. This soother is fantastic and has become my girls' choice of teething toy. It’s easy to handle and the right size for the small gummy mouths. It instantly appeases a teething crying baby allowing me to continue shopping, if we are out and about, or get on with some housework or the plethora of jobs us mums have!

Lisa: My baby girl (who is just getting her first teeth through) loved it. From the moment I gave it to her she was drawn to the bold contrasting colours and couldn't stop chewing it, it really did seem to offer some comfort to her. The only improvement I could suggest would be a clip on function for clothes or pushchair as like with most babies she had a tendency to drop it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nicola: The Kalani Sensory Teething Toy is a large teether with varying ridges around the whole of the edge, my daughter loves to hold this and chew. I also sterilise this with ease. It is quite a heavy teether which means we will get good use of this for many months. It not only is good for teething it has definitely improved her grip.

Michelle: Absolutely. I have twins and they loved this soother so much they would pull it out of each other’s hands! The design is a cute monkey with simple bright orange and black colours- easily recognisable for the babies. It’s light and rubbery and the design allows little hands to grasp it well. My twins are very little so often struggle to hold the heavier teething toys - this one is great.

Lisa: Absolutely, having two small children I have tried a variety of teething relief and teething toys and this has undoubtedly been one of the more successful. It is also small, compact and easy to clean. I also feel the contrasting colours and chewing textures will appeal to those looking for sensory toys as well.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Nicola: I personally would not have chosen this teether for my daughter if I saw it on the shelf as I do like my stereotypical colours for a girl, but it is an excellent teether and provides varying ridges and bumps for my little one to mouth. It also has two handles which is brilliant.

Michelle: This soother is a lighter, easy to grip design which has been perfect for my little girls hands. They’ve been able to chew down on the rubbery texture giving them instant teething relief. This texture is a better material than some other plastic soothers which for me makes it stand out. It’s design is particularly suited to small hands and mouths.

Lisa: It is aesthetically pleasing and also works well as a sensory toy. The price is also reasonable and almost half that of the market leader, therefore it would be much more preferable. The product shape also seemed very easy for my baby to hold and navigate with her hands and mouth.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nicola: I would change the colour. The teether itself is excellent I just think there could be different colours with some pastels rather than oranges, blacks and greens.

Michelle: The colour of the product is orange and black and not particularly eye catching although the colour contrast is good for very young babies. Perhaps a range could be brought out of different animals and colours. Additionally, it’s not particularly easy to clean with a wipe and needs a proper soak in hot water.

Lisa: The only thing I would change is that I would include a clip for either clothes or the pushchair to stop the item constantly being dropped, anything that stops the item from contacting the floor such as a clip would be very useful, additionally perhaps a travel case would also be useful.

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