Nombear ‘The Gnaw-some Nibbler’ – Baby Teething Ring review

from Baby Nom
RRP  £6.99
'The Gnaw-some Nibbler' - Teething Ring by Baby Nom

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Replace the fist in your baby’s mouth with this innovative teether from Nombear. The Gnaw-some Nibbler designed for babies 4+ months. Comprising different textures and points for a satisfying chomp that will help soothe gums!

The Gnaw-some Nibbler
Price: £6.99


  • Easy to clean
  • Silky soft
  • Different colours available


  • No size range
  • Colours are dull
  • Keep your little cranky pants busy and distracted from teething pain as they learn to self-soothe. This toy is shaped for little hands to easily grasp and keep hold of. Watch them develop fine motor skills as they practise taking it toward their mouth all on their own. Hand to eye coordination? Nailed it!
  • It’s easy peasy to clean all that sloppy drool off with warm soapy water. This teether is both dishwasher safe and steriliser safe. It’s also freezer friendly for when you need that extra bit of soothing cold relief.
  • 100% food-grade, durable soft touch silicone teether. Made in with one solid piece with no hard edges or parts to break off. No nasty chemical smells, no leaky gels or liquids, no risk of suffocation. Just safe fun for your baby to chew on.
  • Baby Nom teethers have been rigorously tested for your baby by a Swiss-owned lab, one of the best in the world. Safety tested and choke-proof, it contains no BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Cadmium or Lead. And of course it meets all UK, European and USA safety standards for baby teething toys.


The Gnaw-some Nibbler

The Gnaw-some Nibbler won Bronze in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Teething Product.

Testing The Gnaw-some Nibbler

One parent tester said: "These teethers are excellent. I can't recommend them enough - my daughter LOVES them. Whilst other brands tend to go with an animal-based design which is largely to appeal to parents rather than children, these are clearly designed with children in mind - they're easy to grip and have multiple different patterns and textures. They remain my daughter's go-to teethers, months after we received them. Excellent value for money, and beautiful packaging to boot."

Another tester agreed that the design was innovative; "'The Gnaw-some Nibbler' - Teething Ring by Nombear is a super teething ring. Its simplistic colour scheme and basic design has truly been thought out. My child is able to easily grasp the ring and rub her gums on the various raised surfaces without being overstimulated by overwhelmingly bright coloured plastic. The ring is designed with the child in mind. It is easily placed in the fridge and freezer to cool it and yet does not get so cold that the child cannot hold it.

"I like this product as it’s easy for baby (7 month old) to use without constant help from an adult, great round shape for little hands and mouths, Easy to clean and keep clean. Seems really durable and long lasting in design and material A great item, will be buying more as gifts for new parents."

One mum said: "My baby seems to enjoy The Gnaw-some Nibbler and it is used most days. It's very easy for baby to pick up by themselves and seems to be a firm favourite. My baby started using at 6 months when getting his first teeth and nearly 3 months on still has it to hand on a daily basis. I often put a number of toys/teethers in front of him and will let him pick up and grab what they want, and he will pick this one most often."

This mum mentioned the teether was easy to clean: "My baby Leo loved this teether and actively chose it over his others. Its a great shape and he found it easy to hold and turn around to access each of the three textured nodules. I liked that each one was a different texture so it had a bit of variety for Leo to chew. It was great for chewing at the front and side of his mouth but will probably be less useful when his molars come in. It is a good size and easy to keep clean as you can rinse it easily and even put it in the dishwasher for a deep clean."

Final thoughts

The Gnaw-some Nibbler is an excellent baby chew toy which has several different textures to keep your little one entertained. The product is easy to hold for babies, but in the chance it ends up being dropped and dirty, the cleaning process is nice and easy for parents. The chew toy can be rinsed clean or put in the dishwasher for a deeper clean.

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