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Congratulations are in order… You’re about to bring a new life into this world and start (or continue) your journey through parenthood. Whether you’ve just discovered the news or are about to pop, choosing the name for your little girl or boy is one of the most important decisions to make. It’s also one of the hardest! That’s because this choice will result in what your child will be called for the rest of their life.

SO, you probably don’t want to pick a name that’s slang for something rude as that’ll become their nickname and nobody wants that, right? To get clued up on names and what they mean, you could spend hours trawling the internet and not coming up with anything you like. That’s why I prefer a book. There are literally thousands of names at your fingertips with all the information you could need.

Flick through the pages and fold the corners of the pages with the names you like. That way you can narrow down your favourites before coming up with the ‘one’. Besides books being your one-stop-shop for baby names, it’ll also be an adorable memento to keep and show your little one how you came up with their name.

With what seems like thousands of options to choose from, I’ve whittled it down to my favourite. Here are some of the best baby name books:

Best Baby Names 2020

Rrp: $14.95

Price: $13.70

Why stop at 2019? Stay one step ahead of the game and choose from one of the predicted best names for 2020. Selecting a name for your bambino has never been easier than with this guide. Plus, it includes advice and tips on how to decide on the best name for your baby.

The Penguin Book of Baby Names

Rrp: $14.00

Price: $9.91

And, you’ll coo over this amazing book, which is jam-packed with baby names. This A-Z guide will help you choose the right name out of thousands for your special newborn. Worried that picking an unusual name might mean it’ll secretly be cockney slang for something rude? You’ll find facts and stories here, without having to google it.

Best Baby Names for 2019

Rrp: $11.95

Price: $9.12

Lots of people look forwards and backwards for inspiration. For your cherub’s name, simply find it around you in the present. They might be a twinkle in your eye, but soon they’ll be here having adventures with you. It's important to find a name that you and your partner love so you can remember the moment you selected the name as a family.

An A-Z of Baby Names

Rrp: $12.99

Price: $11.69

Are you about to become parents? Look no further than this essential guide covering all the best names in 2019 as well as the bonus of including the best names from years gone by. Within its contents, you’ll find everything you need to know to make one of the most important decisions for your child.

The Ultimate Book of Baby Names
Price: $8.68

This book delivers exactly what it says on the tin because you’ll find the ultimate baby names listed within its pages. This book doesn’t only tell you what to expect when expecting, but you’ll also find great advice on avoiding problems when it comes to naming your little one.

The Name Book

Rrp: $12.99

Price: $10.99
Alternative retailers
Target$10.99View offer

Do you consider yourself a spiritual person? If the awnsers yes and you’re expecting a little boy or girl, put this straight into your basket. You’ll be able to choose from over 10,000 names as well as get to know their origins, meanings and spiritual significances. Big bonus points because you won’t have to cross-reference other publications or the internet to make up your mind.

Inspired Baby Names from Around the World

Rrp: $25.95

Price: $14.29
Alternative retailers
Target$14.29View offer

Why limit yourself to the most popular names in the UK, when there’s a whole world out there? It's so more than a baby name book, it’ll teach you and your family about different cultures and values used to name children. Open your mind and heart to names that you’ve probably never even heard of.

Hipster Baby Names
Price: $12.95

You won’t need to take a nap after reading this fun book of baby names. Expect incredible options like Beethoven, Anais or Bear with exciting facts running alongside them. If you’re looking for something more olde worlde or unique, it will definitely tick all the right boxes.

The Big Book of 60,000 Baby Names
Price: $9.99
Alternative retailers
Target$9.99View offer

Every name (and more) that you could think of features in this baby name book. If you think you’re pretty particular in your day-to-day, the detail that this has gone to is next level. It features at least 60,000 names. Despite sounding like a bulky reference book, it's actually pocket-sized and is great for busy mums and dads on the go.

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