Swaddle to Sleep Bag by Purflo review

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Swaddle to Sleep Bag by Purflo

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Swaddle to Sleep Bag by Purflo
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This Swaddle Bag is a safe alternative to using blankets and loose bedding and helps keep baby at a safe temperature. Breathable mesh panels that allow temperature regulation, helping to prevent overheating a decrease risk of SIDSOption to swaddle arms in or out if baby prefers to self soothe. The length can be reduced and extended to make the baby feel comforted from birth and as they grow certified hip-healthy sustainable hypoallergenic filling. They say "our innovative new swaddle bag has been developed to offer parents a safer, healthier bedding solution for newborns and young infants".

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Fiona: Juliet enjoyed arms in swaddling, and it allowed us to do this for longer than other sleeping bags whilst still being sure she was safe from bringing fabric over her face. We were able to unswaddle her arms gradually. Zip finishing at the bottom made for easier night changes without disturbing her arms (in or out). However, as she got bigger it did become harder to do the zip up by the chin. Also, we found if the zip didn’t catch properly at the top it could split, so it became more difficult to do upon a wriggly or already sleeping baby or, very specifically, a baby who loves to suck their right thumb as ours started to during the lifetime of the sleeping bag! Nice design between the legs means if you’re having to bounce them around to settle them it’s easier to hold as you can have your arm between their legs, while they lie across you on their side. This felt more comfortable and easier to hold. We only used it for 2 months, so we already needed it at a longer length.

Latifa: My baby loves being close and snuggled up when she is about to fall asleep. This is the case as she is used to be carried all the time - she is a sibling to my 8 year old twins and there is a large age gap between them. For this reason my daughter is used to be carried and snuggled all the time. This purflo swaddle to sleep bag is wonderful. Its soft and made of very breathable material. It keeps her warm in the cold nights and she sleeps very comfortably when in it. It is very easy to use as it has poppers and the arms can be either kept inside or left outside. I have actually used it with the arms out in the car seat as the produce is travel friendly. It is very versatile as being 2.5tog it can be used in all weather conditions.

Zoe: The extendable leg inserts mean that the sleeping bag can be used when the baby is in the car or in a bouncer. I found this really useful as it means I don’t need to wake the baby to transport it and can use it to keep the baby warm when in the car. It’s relatively easy to put on and I feel confident the baby is safe when wearing it.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Fiona: It's a great sleeping bag to have to hand. It's lovely and soft, and felt like a good quality product. Definitely helped if you have a baby you need to swaddle safely for beyond 2 months old and you’re no good at swaddling them yourself! Being thinner on the underside really helped keep baby cool in the hot summer, but gave her the swaddling she needed to sleep.

Latifa: Yes I would recommend this product. It is soft and stylish and very easy to use. The poppers make removing and putting it on so simple especially when in the night and a nappy needs changing for example. The material is very soft and i recieved a stylish grey swaddle which is unisex and can be used for any gender. It is recommended by the National hip dysplasia institute so can be used for babies with certain hip issues. The swaddle folds up very small so can be carried around in a change bag quite easily.

Bethany: Yes I would recommend to all my mum friends, purely because it’s genius how it goes from swaddle to a sleeping bag. Instead of learning how to swaddle, which can be very difficult as a new mum, it’s easy to use to put your baby in and then when your baby can no longer be swaddled, it can be used as a sleeping bag. It grows with your baby which is fab.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Fiona: It did actually become our number one sleeping bag to use. It stayed soft with multiple washes so good quality, when the weather became warmer the mesh sides made you worry less about a warm night vs other 2.5tog bags. It lasts longer than other from newborn sleeping bags, so nice with the zip at the bottom for when night time changes are still happening. Also when arms are out, the sleeve holes were not linked with the zip opening etc so it was less disturbance to our baby. However, that said, not many other sleeping bags start at 4m, and we found Juliet grew out of it, 4.5m (50th centile baby, so in line with their suggestion of age) and she’s a bit small for the average 0-6m bag, so you either need to buy the next purflo bag or still invest in 0-6m bags, so even though you get longer out of this (than e.g. grosnug), you get less time out of the next one so value-wise works out about the same.

Heidi: Love the colour! It is a really nice, neutral colour. I like that there are options about how you can use the sleeping bag. I was reluctant about swaddling but the easy to follow ideas for using the sleeping bag are really helpful. WHen you have limited storage space this sleeping bag is ideal as it can fit neatly in a drawer.

Latifa: I have used other swaddles in the past but they have always been those where the hands and arms are on the inside. The fact that this can be used either way - with hands tucked inside or outside - makes this one a winner for me. It can be used when in push chairs or car seats which makes life easy as the baby does not need to have a change of clothing when going outdoors in push chairs or car seats. The poppers and snag free zips makes the swaddle defintely one to purchase as it has longevity. the 0-4months swaddle i recieved can be used until the baby weighs 16lbs which is very good. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

What changes would you make to this product?

Heidi: I am not sure! It is nice to see a new product on the market, which is easy to use and helps the little one keep warm, cosy, and sleep well. I imagine some people will want other designs, but I like the neutral not too bright colours. The fabric designs are so niced it would be good to see other items by the company

Zoe: I find the zip a little tricky. The zip is designed so that it fastens from the top and is covered by fabric so as not to hurt the baby. However this makes the zip difficult to do up, so that often the two sides are not aligned and the zip comes apart from the top. This is easily fixed but can be annoying when trying to put a sleeping (or crying!) baby into the sleeping bag.

Latifa: I think this product has been very well thought out and is made of excellent and comfortable materials. My baby was kept nice, warm and safe whenever she was wearing it. I did not worry about her being unsafe at any point during use. the hands in and out possibility was the best thing about it. I f I had to change one thing about this product I would probably want a bit more colour on the material. The grey one I had was one block colour and although stylish looked a bit simple. Maybe a two tone colour scheme or some pretty designs might have made it stand out a bit more. But this is a minor gripe as overall the product is absolutely fantastic

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