Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat review

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Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat

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Shnuggle Squishy Changing Mat at a glance:

Super soft mat made from warm-to-touch foam for the most comfortable and safe nappy changes, baby massage, and tummy time. With a waterproof, no leak surface, the Squishy is easy to clean. The head end is slightly inclined which makes it not just more comfortable for the baby rather than being laid flat but can also help babies with reflux and colic - all leading to a less stressful changing time for mum and baby. The sides are raised for safety and being inclined, 'little accidents' easily flow away from the baby's body keeping them dry and comfortable. Fits cot top changers too!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

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How did this product make your life easier?

Jodie: My 4 month old baby has severe reflux so this product really has helped us in a big way. The incline on this changing mat has prevented my baby from being sick during changes especially after/during feeds. My baby is much more content being changed on this mat as he does not have to lie flat which has made changes so much easier. He also enjoys playing on this mat.

Erin: It is extremely soft and comfortable looking for the infant to lie on. I was able to place my infant on the changing mat and my infant must have felt so comfortable each time on the changing mat because more often than not my infant would fall asleep on it for up to 20 to 30 minutes at a time. It means that I am comfortable in leaving my infant to nap on the changing mat whilst I was in the room.

Hamza: As a farther that has just started the long journey of parenting I had no idea what the best changing mat was nore the most advanced changing mat I surfed the internet with disappointing and expensive mats in my eyes until I came across the “BabyDam SuperSnug Changing Mat” and after seeing the thick confutable slope for the baby’s head and these side bolsters I’ve never seen once in a changing mat now my son won’t roll around and he feels like he is lying on his bed he loves it my wife loves it and I love it to all starting parents this product is for you affordable and doesn’t lie thanks babydam.

Would you recommend this to other mums?

Emily: Yes I absolutely would recommend it. Nice and compact, yet big enough. Warm to the touch unlike some of the more plastic mats. Can store it easily by slipping under the sofa, far less obtrusive. So easy to clean, just wipe it and there's no crooks or crannies to get into Very light weight too. Brilliant

Erin: The design is excellent with it being at a slight raised angle for the infant's head end as this helped to reduce and ease my iinfant's colic symptoms especially whilst changing. The mat never felt freezing cold like some plastic material mats can. It was also really easy to clean and wipe down when there were super messy nappies.

Molly: As previously stated, this product has made my life much easier when changing my baby when he has gone to the toilet after having a bottle. Before I tried this product, he would always bring up his feeds when changing him, as he would be laid flat on his back, which is not good for babies with reflux. This means that I would constantly spend my time watching to ensure that he was not covered in the milk that he brought up, and would end up going through multiple outfits and muslin cloths. After using this product, I am now able to change my baby after a bottle and not worry that he will be sick over himself, saving on lots of clothes and loads of washing! The slight incline of the mat is my favourite aspect of this product, as this has made my life a lot less stressful.

Would you choose this product to win?

Abigail: I would choose this mat above others due to the design and quality. It certainly isn’t an eye sore like the standard change mats out there. I love that it matches with other items in the shnuggle range and the designs are fitting with instagrammable props. The firmness of the mat means that you don’t get fluids running around unlike others with more movement such as a foam filled change mat. My daughter is sick a lot and it just usually stays in a puddle next to her head, it doesn’t move around as she wriggles next to it which is good! It’s a lot of money for a change Mat so I can imagine it’s something that a first time mum would be more inclined to purchase.

Jodie: I would say this product deserves to win for the slight incline alone as it has helped so much with changes and playtime for my refluxy baby. It feels such good quality, it’s so sturdy and I love that it’s premium foam is warm against babies skin. It’s so much easier to keep clean which means it’s much more hygienic. It just feels much more high end and it’s a product that I would recommend to any mum.

Molly: I think that this product should win as the slight incline of the mat is great for babies with reflux and has saved me lots of time on laundry as my baby is no longer bringing up feeds when I am changing him! The incline is the main feature of the changing mat that I love, alongside the colour and soft foam, as this not only looks great in my living room but is very comfortable for my baby to lay on. The only downside to this product is that it is quite large and cannot be folded down so storage is a bit of an issue and I end up shoving this down the side of the sofa to keep out of the way when the mat is not being used. Prior to using this mat I used a small travel mat that I could fold up and keep in my nappy caddy, which saved on space, which I now no longer use, but cannot store this mat in the same way.

What changes would you make to this product?

Emily: I think it's absolutely perfect and a genius product, so it's very hard to find something to criticise. In fact, I can't actualy criticise the product. My only concern would be that I wonder how many people would pay £45 for a changing mat when you can get one for a few quid on the market. I feel this changing mat would last throughout your nappy life until potty training as it feels very good quality, so I feel it would be worth it, but I wonder if it might put others off?

Jodie: The price of the mat is quite high compared to other mats available which I think could put some people off but it’s a product I think is worth the money. Especially to mums struggling with babies with reflux. I really can’t fault the product however it would be nice to have the product available in a range of different colours and designs.

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