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Rosie Ramsey baby sleeping bag

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We all love to get inspiration from our favourite mum celebs for our baby buys.

Yesterday M&B fave Rosie Ramsey shared an adorable video on her Instagram of her husband Chris and first son Robin out for a walk around their drive, with new arrival Rafe wrapped up snuggly in his pram.

Rosie was filming the video as she is currently recovering from a C-section. Commenting on the post, Rosie said: "I’m in absolute agony, and I’m very short on sleep as Rafe is a night-time guzzler. But I have honestly never felt so happy in my entire life. My heart could physically explode out of my chest.

"Thank you to the powers that be for everything that I have. I feel like the luckiest person in the world right now."

She also shared a pic of Rafe in his pram, swaddled in the most adorable knitted blanket, complete with ears and a little fox tail.

We've found where you can buy one of your own - it's also currently on sale!

Rosie's cosy knitted baby sleeping bag, from Scandi inspired baby range Sleepwalking, is a real winter essential. A soft and comfy knitted swaddle blanket to keep your little one warm and snug as a bug this season.

Crafted from the highest quality cotton wool, the material is skin-friendly and breathable, ensuring that your little one is warm and happy as they travel in style.

The simple and fast opening and closing buttons that are carefully placed on each side will keep your baby snug without the need for complicated wrapping.

It can be used for your car seat, stroller or simply to wrap your baby in while at home.

The fox eared swaddle is available in a range of different colours, including mint, blue, mustard, off white, grey and purple to choose from, to fit your individual taste and style.

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