Philips Avent Soothers, 0-6m Ultra Air Night Soother review

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Philips Avent Soothers

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The Philips Avent Soother is part of our best dummies shortlist, these soothers are designed with extra-large air holes to gently ventilate your baby's skin to keep it soft and dry, along with a lightweight shield and rounded edges for maximum comfort. Features a glow-in-the-dark button so you can easily see it in the dark. Respects the natural shape of palate, teeth, and gums. Sterilisation and travel case for safe sterilisation in the microwave and for hygienic protection on the go.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review of the Philips Avent Soother...

How did this product make your life easier?

Louise: was skeptical about 'dummies' and had tried an alternative brand prior to the Philips Avent Soother, but this product is exceptionally good. My daughter had rejected the previous brand, but after one night she started to use these and now, thank heavens, she sleeps through the night with them! This product has changed my life, I can now get some sleep.

Carly: The product is ideal for babies. The dummy has a really cute design, baby has taken to it well. The glow it gives off in the dark is amazing. It has been so easy to find it in his Moses basket if he looses it in the night. The quality is really good, The teat on the soother is a really good shape , and sure many babies would take to it.

Amy: Harry has never taken to a dummy, he would only want one when he was really tired in the evening. Sucking a dummy was quite soothing and would send him off to sleep but we would have to hold it in his mouth. Since having the phillips avent soothers we have found that Harry has used them more often to self soothe particularly when tired. The dummy is a great size and he keeps it in his mouth without use having to hold it which is a MASSIVE positive. The designs are lovely and the glow in the dark is a great touch. As mentioned Harry only uses to help soothe when falling asleep so once he’s fast asleep he let’s go of it, the glow in the dark helps us see where it is. They are really easy to clean and sterilise in the case. I have tried old dummies alongside these but they don’t compare.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Louise: I would definitely recommend this product, the fact it is orthodontically approved is reassuring and reduces the hesitation factor against trying dummies. The glow in the dark element is fantastic, making it very easy to ease a waking child by quickly finding the soother without having to turn on any light and disturb everyone. The case is really useful for sterilisation and also storage and transportation. The graphic instructions for sterilising are very clear and useful. I also feel this is good value for money given the glow in the dark element which lasts all night long.

Amy: They are easy to store in the little box so fit nicely in my changing bag when going out. The storage box also acts as the sterilisers so you can sterilise them on the go (with access to a microwave). The glow in the dark feature is great to see if it’s in babies mouth or if it has been spat out at night. I like to remove it from the Moses basket once Harry is asleep and this makes its so much easier and less disruption to Harry. The teet is reacher streamlined and small making it easier to stay in his mouth. It has also been a game changer with teething too due to the size and air flow features. The design is great with cute patterns and great colours which make them great additions to a cute outfit.

Corinne: Nice designs, price is on par with other competitors. The teats are durable and feel like they would last a long time. Really like the design that you can use the case in the microwave to sterlise the dummies, very quick and easy and makes life lots easier and I always have them on the go then too.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Louise: Yes, I think this is a stand out product, (no pun intended!). The glow in the dark feature makes it so quick and easy to locate the soother during the night, thereby increasing the chances of my baby returning to sleep. When using a previous product I had to turn on the lights which resulted in everyone waking up. The feature also works all night long without having the bother of charging it, which is always a plus.

Laura: Yes we have chosen to use Philips Soothers over all other brands. Initially my baby spat Soothers out during the night and would wake for them to be put back in. This rarely happens now as my baby really loves the shape and size of the test. However on the odd occasion when he does drop the dummy it is so easy to find again as it flows in the dark.

Corinne: I love the design, not too much either and can choose from all different ones. I like the glow in the dark feature so I can see it in my daughters cot rather than turn a light on, which is turn gives us all a better night as she isn’t waking with me trying to find the dummy. I also love the sterilisation feature in the box and I can just put them straight in my bag which is so handy.

What changes would you make to this product?

Stephanie: I really can’t think of anything specific that I would change about the product. I love the design, brand, packaging and usability. I love it’s unique features and really do feel that it is a winning product. I wish I had known about this product months ago, if anything I would say it could be better advertised as I didn’t notice them in the shops and if I’d have known would have definitely purchased them sooner.

Amy: I honestly wouldn’t change one thing about the Phillips Avent soothers. They have been a game changer for us and still to this day are the only soothers Harry keeps in his mouth without support. The design is cute and the colour (blue) is lovely. The glow in the dark is a great idea and the overall soother is really comforting. Happy baby and happy mum here!

Corinne: I honestly wouldn’t change one thing about the Phillips Avent soothers. They have been a game changer for us and still to this day are the only soothers Harry keeps in his mouth without support. The design is cute and the colour (blue) is lovely. The glow in the dark is a great idea and the overall soother is really comforting. Happy baby and happy mum here!

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