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nuby rapid cool kit

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Meet the most innovative way of preparing formula feeds with the RapidCool Perfect Preparation formula feeding kit that cools down your formula milk to optimum temperature in just 2 minutes* to NHS guidelines! Just boil fresh water, measure formula powder, fill RapidCool with hot water, add formula powder and mix well. Simply wait for the digital display to show a green Nuby logo and dispense the feed into your sterilised baby bottle. To make a fresh feed while you're out, fill the insulated flask with freshly boiled water and you're ready to make a feed safely on the go.


  • Make feeding on the go so much easier
  • Less bulky to pack than a prep machine
  • Bottle is ready quickly, perfect for preventing those pre-formula meltdowns


  • Don't fit in some sterilisers


RapidCool-Kit-New-Award gold

Nuby RapidCool Kit also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award, bagging a Gold in Best Travel Product over £30.

Testing the Nuby RapidCool Kit

Faye: This makes life so much easier when I am on the go and need a bottle as soon as possible. I now wait no more than 4 minutes for a bottle whilst I am out. It’s so simple to just put the powder and right amount of water in it and just wait instead of making sure I have both cooled and boiled water. It’s super convenient and doesn’t take up a lot of room in the change bag.

Fabienne: This product has saved me loads of money! When out and about it can be a bit of a nightmare getting flask water to the right temperature or spending loads on pre-made bottles. Those days are thankfully in the past. This has saved me so much time and made life so easy to have Rapid bottles made in a near enough instant. I tried this product on a mini getaway, I usually have a prep machine and these RapidCools give it a run for its money.

Sophie: As a mum this product saves me precious time while out and about with my babies. I don't need to wait for a bottle to cool or find a cafe to leave the bottle in cold water while the baby screams. It makes transitioning to bottles at night alot more simple too as I can take the unit, hot water and formula up to bed and pop it on my bedside table for when my baby wakes up.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Faye: I would recommend this to everyone! It’s a life saver and prevents a screaming baby whilst waiting for a bottle to cool down! It’s so practical l, it doesn’t take up a lot of room in the change bag and doesn’t take long to get it to the right temperature. It can’t be taken around easier and is like a portable perfect prep machine and I love it and use it daily! All mums and dads need this product.

Sophie: I would recommend it to other mummies because it's easy to carry around, light weight and has a sleek looking design. It's so easy to use, you just measure the water, chuck in the formula which I normally pre measure in the quad container, shake and wait 2 minutes. So simple even daddy can do it quickly.

Fabienne: 100% The amount of money I've saved by being able to just stick to my formula instead of pre-made. Honestly if I knew about this product I'd have had it in my hospital bag! The extra family member expecting will be getting a set of these from me, that's for sure. The design is stylish and although the flask can be a bit of weight they are so brilliant I barely bat an eye putting them in the bag, they are a daily baby bag addition.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Fabienne: Totally! If I had known about these I would have likely chosen them over my prep-machine, which is usually considered to be a holy item in our household. The starter kit is brilliant and does truly give you everything you need to basically get up and go straight from the off. The fact you can have near enough instantly cooled water which baby can drink straight away is brilliant and saves the wait of cooling bottles in jugs of water or waiting a good 40 minutes for bottles to cool. I love this baby gadget.

Sophie: I would 100% choose this product. I have a perfect prep that I haven't even got out of the box. This does everything I need without expensive filters and on the go too. It doesn't take up any counter space and is so easy to disassemble and clean. It's not like anything else on the market, it's my new best friend.

Faye: I would choose this product to win above all. I love my Tommie Tippee machine but being on a tight budget like I am myself I feel that just buying this makes my life easier both in and out of the house! The fact it’s portable and most places where I have been can provide me with boiling water it’s just eliminates the stress of taking too long too cool a bottle

What changes would you make to this product?

Faye: The main thing I would change about this product is how much it weighs. It may be like this for a reason but it is quite heavy! Also I find some parts tricky to clean and reaching to the bottom can be hard. If better brushes were in the set this would solve this issue but overall I am very satisfied with this product!

Sophie: Not necessarily a change, but cleaning the units. I use a microwave sterilisation unit for my bottles and such. I've had to purchase a liquid steriliser to clean the rapid cool units as I cannot microwave them nor did they fit in my old steam steriliser. I don't mind having to use a liquid to sterilise them, however the space on the kitchen counter saved is now taken up by the steriliser.

Fabienne: The only thing I have an issue with is the sensor lid, it will flag as red even when no water is in the flask but despite what the lid reads the device still well and truly does the job. Also the general water flask is very thin and I've found it to turn boiling hot from the kettle water cold within 3 hours.

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