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Nini Baby NiniPod

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Nini Baby NiniPod at a glance

NiniPod is an innovative, swinging crib designed by parents, to help babies aged 0-9 months drift into a natural, comfortable and safe sleep. With adjustable supporting arms to get the perfect sleeping position, a handy storage shelf for all your night-time essentials and the ability to pack away in minutes, NiniPod provides a safe, comfortable sleeping space both at home and on the move.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rebecca: This cot is amazing, we’ve used it for a week so far and already it’s been a life saver - we are currently moving house and being able to transport the cot easily whilst staying with relatives has been a huge help. My baby seems so be so comfortable in it and has plenty of space which I was concerned about.

Naomi: The NiniPod is easily and quickly assembled, the instructions are simple to follow. Dismantling it to transport it to the grandparents house was also extremely simple and effortless. The NiniPod makes life with a little one that little bit easier, being able to see my baby at all times is a huge bonus, the mesh sides mean you can always have eyes on them, no matter where you are and know they are safe.

Bridget: My baby seems to be very comfortable in this bed and sleeps very well. The rocking feature is a nice additional bonus. There is a pull strap that can be used to swing the pod whilst I am in bed. I really like the mesh panels in the sides as it means I can see my baby when I am lying down in bed. The side clips mean I can take my baby out very easily for night feeds and then put her back in again without disturbing her, and think this is easier than when she was sleeping in a moses basket and I needed to tuck her back in again. I really like that it comes with everything you need, and the swaddle keeps my baby on her back which is the safest position.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Letitia: I recommended this product within the first few hours of having this to a couple of my pregnant friends. The reasons I would recommended this product first being the space! It’s so big and airy and also has the amazing feature of when the baby grows you can attach another bit too the bottom that makes the bed lower so when baby is sitting up/climbing there is no way they could get out of the bed. Such a great idea! It is so comfortable. The mattress is so soft and my baby loves it and loved it since his first nap in it. The mattress comes off easily by zips that are hidden so baby cannot hurt them selves and it’s easy to wash and attach back on! The design is BEAUTIFUL. Very modern and will match any room. The breathable mesh sides are great , the colours are perfect and has great features that is has material underneath that comes out and able to swing the crib but also has clips on either side that you can clip up to stop it rocking. Easy to fold and put back into the ‘travel’ bag.

Becka: Yes, I would definitely recommend this. General design is lovely, very stylish and a lot more suited for a modern home compared to other cots/cribs. It was incredibly easy to assemble and is easy to move around rooms when needed. Main advantage is size, my little girl is incredibly tall/long and she has lots of room in the Ninipod compared to the crib we had purchased for ourselves. She is only 3 months and is nearly outgrowing her crib we have but has plenty of room in the Ninipod. The attached strap for swaying also was a real benefit as it allows the crib to be placed at the end of the bed or across the room but still be swayed. Also can be used as a travel cot so no need to purchase another item for travelling, saving money.

Naomi: The NiniPod design is extremely stylish looking, specially the white, it looks lovely and fits nicely within the home, not taking up much space. I would highly recommend to fellow mothers. The mattress is of good quality, not too soft or too firm. I especially love the fact it has great air flow and the rocking motion is elegant.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Victoria: It’s obviously high spec, it oozes luxury and quality. It’s beautiful to look at and a great addition to the nursery. It’s very sturdy and feels very safe for your baby. But the downside to this is that it is very heavy. It boasts that it can be used as a travel cot and comes with a travel bag. Putting it up and taking it down is as quick as they say in the literature; it takes about 3 minutes. It’s super easy. But the packaged up cot is very bulky and heavy!

Bridget: The best features are its ability to rock, which can be done by using a pull strap, the mesh windows and the fact it comes with everything you need including a swaddle and even a mosquito screen and travel bag. The quality of the materials is excellent. It can also be used up to 9 months which is a lot longer than other bassinets and cribs.

Rosy: The ninipod is beautiful, high quality and is great for a baby who likes to be rocked to sleep, as many do. My baby does not need to be rocked to sleep, which I think is better for their longer term sleep habits. If parents want a crib that can rock or stay stationery, this is a great crib. For me, I prefer a crib that does not rock which I can easily find at a lower price.

What changes would you make to this product?

Becka: The only thing I could comment on is the design of the mattress. Initially, my father in law thought we had not put the mattress in, it is very deceiving if you do not read up about it first. As a parent of a child who has slabbered profusely since she was 4 weeks old and does suffer slightly from acid reflux at times, I would prefer some sort of ability to cover the mattress so it is not thrown up directly onto. I know it can be unzipped and cleaned and y little girl doesn’t seem to have any issues with the comfiness of the mattress and it is just luck we have not had any serious vomiting or anything but even if there was an ability to zip on a cover, sheet etc, it would be better or easier in terms of washing/keeping it clean.

Megan: If I was to change one thing about this product it would be the price. I think that it needs to be closer in price to the other products on the market as the Ninipod doesn’t have anything about it that makes it worth more money. I can see that the price has been made this high as this product has definitely been designed for its style.

Naomi: If I had to change something about the NiniPod it would be to lower the price ever so slightly to make it for affordable for all new mums and make their life that little bit easier. If I had to change anything about the design of the NiniPod it would be to make the bottom panel stronger to use for storage, for nappies ect but this isn’t too important.

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