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Next up in the Mother&Baby Tried&Tested hot seat, we asked parents to give their opinions on the Munchkin Swing.

Find out what our testers thought here...

What was your first impression of the Munchkin Swing?

Kendal: "Really easy to put together and set up, almost too easy. Looked great in our home too."

Laura: "It looked a lot heavier than it is, so I was surprised when I pulled it out the box to how lightweight it actually is! I was also really impressed with the look of it."

Alex: "Very nice aesthetic and I love the fact you can play your own music through it as a lot of products like this have awful 'tinned' music."

How likely would you be to use the Munchkin Swing for your child and why?

Annaliese: "Very likely! We previously had a swing with a backward/forward motion and Reu didn't really get on with it. He much prefers the side to side motion of the Munchkin swing. It has given me a lot more freedom. Prior to using the Munchkin, Reu would only want to be held by me or my partner and now he can happily sit in the swing for up to an hour before getting restless. We also weren’t able to put him down for a nap in his moses basket as he would always wake up within minutes – now with a low motion on the swing he stays asleep."

Amy: "Highly likely to use the Munchkin swing. Not only is it extremely comfortable and well supported for my baby but it is also stylish, modern and compact that fits perfectly into any room within my house. After having a C-section birth the lightness and practicality of the Munchkin chair has been a huge help."

Chelsea: "I use it every day. The product is brilliant for soothing baby when he is upset; he is settled by the side-by-side soothing motion on a higher speed setting. The swing helps send him to sleep when he is tired on a lower speed setting. The swing is also a perfect place to put baby when I need to free up my arms and the tilt on the swing is good for sitting and playing with baby and getting good eye contact.

"I also liked how the material/padding on the swing was quick and easily removable to wash and put back on again. I have a sicky baby who regularly sicks up in the swing. The padding covers everywhere that baby could sick up and leak and is all removable with velcro. It washed and tumble dried well and the material has kept its plushness and softness even after a few washes. With my standard bouncy chair I have to tug and stretch the material to get it on and off for washing – the Munchkin swing padding design is a million times better."

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Did the Munchkin Swing gave you more ‘handsfree’ time whilst your baby was settled?

Anna: "Yes, having a swing did give me a little more hands-free time, although unfortunately my son only sat in this swing for short periods of time to really make the most of it."

Chelsea: "Yes! The side-by-side scooping swing motion really worked to settle him; and also help him drop to sleep and keep him asleep. The Munchkin swing is one of a few places I can put baby in the house and give me some handsfree time."

Alex: "It gave me some handsfree time as my little boy liked listening to his songs, but I had to be sat with him and interacting with him the whole time as he wasn’t keen and wouldn’t settle otherwise."

Would you recommend this to a friend and why?

Hannah: "Yes I would, I think it’s a very handy product especially with a newborn as you don’t have to keep rocking the swing manually which means you can have a much needed rest for 5/10 minutes."

Annaliese: "I would recommend the swing to a friend and already have! I have a number of friends with babies of a similar age and they have all commented on the look of the swing. I have told them how great it is and how it has given us so much more freedom."

Amy: "Yes I would definitely recommend this to all my friends that are planning on having a baby purely for the comfort it has provided my child and again the stylish look.  Compared to other baby chairs that are brightly coloured and big and bulky the Munchkin Swing fits in perfectly with my home décor and is appropriate for a boy or girl."

What would you change about the Munchkin Swing and why?

Alex: "It’s a great bit of baby kit, but quite expensive for what it does with no guarantee the baby will like it. My little boy is still a way under the weight limit and slim, but I don’t think he’ll get much more use out of it as the straps don’t adjust any further."

Grace: "I felt it restricting having to have it plugged in to a socket to use, I would of liked a battery option or a charge option to be able to move the chair around."

Becka: "The lock. I find it is quite awkward and hard to put on and off. In order to lock it, you need to put a lot of pressure on it and at times, I am afraid it will break and then be unable to lock. Also, I have a very tall baby so although she is still young, she might not get as long out of it as it is quite restrictive size wise."

Would you use the Munchkin Swing again?

Annaliese: "Yes! It has allowed me to get jobs done around the house knowing that Reu is safe and comfortable. As a family we often go away for short breaks and Reu stays with grandparents and other family members so the fact that the swing is so easy to transport is a real bonus for us."

Becka: "Yes definitely. We have used another swing chair which my baby did not like due to the angle it sits, whereas the munchkin swing is much more comfortable for her and she loves to be in it."

Chelsea: "Of course yes! I do use it every day. The side-to-side motion of the swing works magic in soothing my baby; helping him fall to sleep and stay asleep during daytime naps and keeping him happy whilst I play with my toddler. It makes my life easier as a mum."

Find out more about the Munchkin Swing here.

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