Munchkin Miracle® 360° Colour Changing Sippy Cup review

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Munchkin Miracle® 360° Colour Changing Sippy Cup

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Munchkin Miracle® 360° Colour Changing Sippy Cup at a glance:

Add a pop of colour and fun to your toddler's day with a spout less cup that prevents spills, supports dental health, and magically changes colour too! Meet Munchkin's spill-proof colour Changing Miracle® 360° Cup! The dentist-recommended Miracle® cup is unlike typical Sippy cups because of its 360-degree edge, which allows for seamless drinking from any part of the cup. It changes colour with the addition of any cool beverage (under 13° C), so it is captivating in more ways than one. And with no extra pieces to clean, this vibrant little miracle is a bright spot in everyone's day!

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: I have found this cup really useful for taking out with us. It is easy for my baby to drink from, and it never leaks, no matter how much she shakes it/turns it upside down. I keep it in our baby bag so it’s always at hand. The cup feels well made and durable, it’s been dropped quite a few times but shows no sign of damage. My only criticism would be that the cup is difficult for my baby to hold herself while she drinks. It would be helpful if the cup had handles.

Megan: This product is very easy to clean and doesn't spill when my baby uses it, saving me time on cleaning up. It is also teaching my baby how to use a normal cup in the future. The valve as well is very easy to remove for cleaning, which makes it a lot better than other cups where the lids are very difficult to remove. So this saves me time when cleaning up.

Gemma: Since I received this item, I have been thoroughly impressed with it. True to its form, it does exactly what it says! I have tried many sippy cups for my son, and have found faults or not been happy with them. I have not used any of them since receiving this, it’s ideal and giving my son the idea of holding a cup, with no handles- entertaining for the colours changing, and also does not leak, meaning when I’m in a rush and Chuck it in bag I have no worries of other items becoming damp.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Nadine: It’s the only cup I’ve found where the “non spill” actually works! They’re also the perfect weight / size so it’s not too heavy when full for a small toddler to use. The colour changing design is really cool, at first I thought it was a little pointless as I wouldn’t put warm drinks in there anyway, however, when it’s full of cold water and my toddler holds it, her hand prints stay on there for a moment and it’s really cute! Also, they’re so easy to clean. They come apart into three parts, and there’s no tricky parts that could hold dirt. Very good design.

Jemma: I would recommend this product to a friend because it’s good quality (well made) and does the job well. It’s easy to use and clean (and great that it’s dishwasher safe), plus it looks great too. The Munchkin brand is also well respected, which helps. The colour changing feature is a bonus, but I don’t think younger children even notice it!

Laura: The non spill design is wonderful and definitely a necessity but I don't think the colour changing aspect is necessary for us as he doesn't have particularly cold (or hot) drinks and is breastfed. He has dropped it a thousand times and it hasn't ever cracked (touch wood!) which is really important considering how often things break with children.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rachel: In terms of quality I would choose this product above others on the market. I think the mechanism that seals the cup when not in use is very good and makes the cup a really useful addition to our selection. I’m not sure that I would choose it overall above other cups on the market as there are no handles. This means that my baby can’t hold the cup herself and give herself a drink, I have to hold it for her. This means it’s ok for occasional use (e.g. when out of the house), but when she’s having a drink with a meal or when in the house I’d prefer a cup she could hold herself.

Megan: I wouldn't choose this product above any of the other 360 cups as we didn't notice the colour change aspect with it at all. We just use this type of cup for giving our baby some tap water and this didn't cause a colour change for us. But as a normal 360 cup it is very good. We like the valve system, and the ease of cleaning.

Gemma: I 100 percent feel this item should win, for its true to word features. No leaking for me is the best side of this, I was fed up of the cups in the bag falling slightly and soaking things, or it being spilt and d of knowing how much fluid my child had taken on. My boy likes the colour changing too, definitely a winner for me, I am even considering purchasing another for the grandparents house!

What changes would you make to this product?

Zosia: When thrown on the floor, water does leak out of the cup, but this is probably inevitable and not possible to avoid. The product does make water taste a little bit like detergent as it retains the taste of it when washed in the dishwasher. Instructions for taking apart the cup when cleaning could be made more clear as I was using it for a few weeks before I realised the rubber on the top of the lid came out!

Rachel: I would add handles to the cup so that my baby could hold the cup herself and help herself to a drink. Currently I need to hold the cup for her to enable her to have a drink, it's too big for her to grasp in her hands. This would mean my baby could give herself a drink while she's playing, or while she's eating a meal.

Jemma: I didn’t really love the colour-changing feature. To be honest the only time I noticed it was when it came out of the hot dishwasher! It feels like an unnecessary feature - which for older children becomes an annoying distraction. Little ones don’t really notice it, and wouldn’t miss it. So if you are paying extra for that - it feels a little wasted.

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