Morrisons Nutmeg Newborn Nappies review

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Morrisons Nutmeg Newborn Nappies

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Morrisons Nutmeg Newborn Nappies at a glance

Morrisons super soft and breathable Newborn Nappies are a special shaped core and DoubleDRY* Technology helps to keep your new arrival comfy and dry. Flexible side tapes & Anti-leak leg cuffs also ensure a comfortable fit. It also has a super helpful wetness indicator that shows when the nappy is wet and needs to be changed. Morrisons Newborn nappies are regularly tested against leading brands and have also been dermatologically tested. The Newborn range comes in sizes 1-2. *Up to 2 X drier when compared to our previous Nutmeg Nappies.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Charlotte: We are very impressed with this Morrisons Nutmeg Nappy. It is very good quality. There wasn’t any leak while we were testing it. My baby looked happy in it. It has good absorbency.

Fiona: This nappy was reliable for my newborn. We trialled the size 2 newborn Nutmeg nappies. They fit well and did not leak and therefore they caused me no stress, day or night. Just what you need from a disposable nappy. The wetness indicator is useful, but all newborn disposable nappies on the market seem to have this feature so not really a USP.

Jenny: This nappy was very easy to put on and had a nice design to easily see which was the front and back. The tabs could be readjusted to make the nappy tighter/ looser if needed. The leg cuffs worked really well to stop any side leakages, you just have to check that these are always sticking out but this is the case with any nappy. The nappy coped well with multiple wees and we only had one leaky experience but this was up the back of the nappy after a very large poo! I felt my baby was comfortable in the nappies and could easily move and kick her legs whilst wearing them.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Lana: I would recommend it because it is good value for money - it doesn't leak like some other nappies, however the material didn't feel good or comfy. It also doesn't seem to hold a lot of urine.

Lynn: I would absolutely recommend Morrisons Nutmeg newborn nappies to a fellow mum. They are easy to use and seem comfortable due to the flexible side tapes and anti-leak leg cuffs. They didn’t leak and we didn’t experience any nappy rash, as they are super soft and breathable. These newborn nappies are very good value for money and are great quality for the price.

Sula: I would recommend this product to other mums because it’s definitely good value for money, packing lots of features you’d find with premium brands at a fraction of the price. The design, materials, and fit are all similar to bigger names on the market so great if you’re looking for an equivalent style of nappy - there are fine differences but probably overlook-able if one wants to go for a more budget friendly option.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Victoria: I would choose this product above all others on the market because I have found them to be delicate on babies skin, they are thin meaning they are not bulky/protruding under clothes but at the same time can withstand a large amount of liquid without leaking. They are very affordable. This product meets my requirements and does exactly what I would expect whilst being easily purchased and within budget.

Sophie: Although I don’t think this product should win as I rate a similar nappy but with better value for money I do think these nappies are one to consider when buying for a newborn. I particularly like the sizing and fit, sometimes I have found newborn nappies to be far too big or small based on the sizing, however, these were perfect and felt like they fit really comfortably for my daughter.

Laura: I still prefer my current brand of nappy but do rate this one for the softness of the material. I think I’d be reluctant to select this over my current brand as it was a bit tricky to pull the tabs up off the side when putting them on my baby. You have to give it a bit of an extra pull and anything extra when dealing with nappy changes in the night isn’t ideal. Also, I found the colour changing strip to show the nappy is dirty doesn’t change very quickly and was quite pale in colour so you really have to look sometimes when you want to do a quick check.  So overall, I like this for my baby’s comfort but think it lacks edge for my convenience.

What changes would you make to this product?

Fiona: I would change the absorbency material from the netting type to a softer slimline version like the ASDA Little Angel nappies. I want the slimmest possible nappy for my baby as I feel this must be the most comfortable for her and leave her skin the most dry.

Jenny: I would maybe like the nappy to cope better with a big poo by being more absorbent round the back of the nappy or coming higher up the back to prevent leakages up the back of the baby. They seemed to cope very well with multiple wees but a runny poo leaked.

Lana: I would make them softer as I feel they are a bit rough and they could be softer as at the moment they feel a bit thin like paper and they are a bit boring. They fitted my son well so sizing is okay.

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