Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack review

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Modibodi Reusable Nappy 4 Pack at a glance:

Created to make it easier to switch from disposable nappies to reusables, it’s an innovative patent-pending design that is easy to wash, comfy to wear and safe for delicate baby skin.

Each pack contains x4 Reusable Nappies and x4 boosters: (x2 solid colours plus x2 prints inspired by nature).

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Matlhatsi: This product is convenient for me to use as a new mum as it gives peace of mind for comfort and durability and it looks aesthetically pleasing. It was especially great to use during summer time when baby could simply hang around in it, it is also waterproof on the outside which means it’s hard to stain and we experienced no leakage problems. It’s also easy to put on and take off baby.

Victoria: I love how easy the Modibodi reusable nappy was to use. In comparison to other reusable nappies, this was so easy to put on my little one and get a perfect fit instead of spending ages trying to adjust it to fit correctly. We also tried the nappy overnight and was very impressed with how much liquid it contained.

Carol: I love reusable nappies and have tried to use them for some time to look after the environment. The nappy is excellent quality and has good absorbancy. However, due to the thickness and bulkiness of the nappy I sometimes struggled to get little one to wear it, they would pull as it and I assume this was due to the nappy restricting movement.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Chloe: I would recommend these to a friend or fellow mum as they seem softer and comfier than other brands I've tried. That said, the one I tried was a lot bulkier than the other brands so I'm not sure I'd recommend these be used when out of the house. They cleaned easily which was great and I liked the design on the outside.

Jennifer: This nappy goes on like a conventional disposable making it brilliant if you are new to cloth, looking for ones suitable for nursery or for other care givers without them having to learn a whole new system. The extra booster makes them very absorbent so you can trust them for night-time wear. The patterns are also really cute and the multipack idea is great if you know which nappies you want.

Heather: I would recommended it - while it didn't work for us it seems a like a very good, well designed product. It has lots of scope for adjusting it into different sizes with the press studs and goes on just like a disposable. It also washes really well and really easily. It just turned out to not be absorbent enough for my little one, even with the insert.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Matlhatsi: Yes. Design and quality for me. The surface is waterproof and has a beautiful design, it doesn’t stain easily and fits baby snug and the inside is very soft and comfortable, even after washing. It is smooth on baby skin. I love the quality and material used on the product. The pattern design and colours along with the comfort and softness shows this product caters for the audience being babies!

Victoria: We have used lots of brands of reusable nappies and this is one of our favourites by far. I am super impressed with quality of the nappy and how well it performed as an overnight nappy. We've always struggled with overnight nappy leaks when using reusables but this one was fantastic and kept my little one comfortable all night. For that reason alone it would be our winner!

Carol: It is excellent quality and absorbency. However I feel that it's just too thick. I've used reusable nappies before and this is the thickest one that I've used but that unfortunately does not mean the best. I like the colour and design as it hasn't faded and the material has washed well. I think there has to be a balance between absorbency and not being too thick and don't feel that this nappy has the right balance.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chloe: There were no instructions provided so I had to guess how to wash them, based on other reuseable nappies I have. There was also no size on them so I wasn't sure they were suitable for my son to begin with as they looked quite big. They were also expensive, and I was expecting 4 nappies, but only 1 arrived, which was disappointing.

Carol: I would change the bulkiness of the whole nappy. It has so much padding, which I'm sure is necessary for absorbency but it restricts movement. The nappy wasn't a great fit at the back and stuck out where it was meant to be elasticated. I would like to see a less bulky design and an improved fit at the back.

Jennifer: I would definitely like the addition of laundry tabs or some other way to cover the sticky side of the velcro for washing. Although they didn't stick to other things too much it would definitely give more peace of mind, especially if they are going in wash with fleece liners or other fabrics prone to shedding.

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