mi-potty The Worlds Most Hygienic Potty review

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mi-potty The Worlds Most Hygienic Potty

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A classical and affordable potty with a unique hygienic surface like no other, the surface of the mipotty is proven to reduce the growth of germs by up to 99.9%, which is world-first in the world of potty training. Parents Robert and Ayesha designed the mipotty with the child and hygiene in mind. The simple classical fundamentals of a potty that is easy to clean and transport with non-toxic everlasting performance and 100% recyclable, the perfect training partner for you and your child on their potty training journey.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review..

How did this product make your life easier?

Liz: This potty has a compact and neat design which made it convenient to store and didn't take up too much space in the bathroom. It was also easy to transport when visiting friends and family. I had the potty in the plain grey colour which was pleasing. The moulded design was easy to clean and my child appeared comfortable when using it.

Chelsea: It is a good size to take anywhere, easy for my son to use by himself and has a good size 'bucket' part so it can handle if my son does big wee’s etc. It is an easy material to keep clean and is travel suitable. It is lightweight so if my son doesn't like where I put it, he can move it to wherever suits him at that moment in time.

Sade: This product has made my life easier as it is sturdier than other potties on the market. It has these little feet on the bottom which means it's less likely to be knocked over when little one is getting up and down so less spills and accidents, which we were having issues with with little ones previous potty.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Sade: I would recommend this potty to other mums as it is nicely made and very sturdy compared to other potties so less spills. It is higher than other potties, so it's easier for little ones when getting on and off the potty. It also has a little backrest which makes it more comfortable. It also reduces germs by 99.9% which is also an extra bonus compared to other potties.

Jemma: I would recommend this to a fellow mummy because of the anti-bac technology of this potty. It’s reassuring that it's as clean as it can be with the plastic built-in hygiene. It’s also really easy to clean with its good shape design. It’s easy to pick up and take with and easy for storage as it’s not too big or weighty. I also love the cute little design on the front and the fact it comes in different colours to choose from. I also think it’s a reasonable price to pay for such a great little potty.

Henrietta: I would recommend this potty to another mum as my little boy has commented how comfy it is when sitting on it and this is a bonus as I want the potty training experience to be a good one for him. It’s also super light weight, easy to clean and I can fit it under our pushchair if we are going out the house. Also the different colour choices is a bonus.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Henrietta: The stylish look, the low price tag, easy to clean and it being light weight are some of the reasons I would choose this potty over others. My little boy also really likes it, so this is a big plus in our house and he was able to choose from a few colours as to which one we received. He is also able to move it about in the bathroom due to it being so lightweight.

Jemma: I would choose this above all other products on the market because of its ‘most hygienic potty’ technology built within the plastic. When little ones are potty training you always want where their little bottoms sit to be squeaky clean and this potty offers that. It stands out against all others and a bonus is that it’s also easy to clean out too. The shape is good, not too big or small and looks comfortable for little ones. It’s light and easy to carry around and the price is cheap too. Ideal to buy a second for the grandparents house.

Chelsea: It ticks a lot of boxes for me. It looks good, handles a lot of wee, is easy to clean and it is cost effective. My son loves using it as it seems comfortable for him and he potty trained quite young so sometimes the potty isn't easy for him to reach as he is still small whereas this one caters for his size.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chelsea: The one thing I would change would be adding a removable bucket. I love the potty but one of the downsides for me is that it doesn't have a compartment to tip his toilet out. I also usually give his potty a swish under the tap after emptying it in the toilet, however I found this one didn't fit under the tap unless it was the kitchen sink, but even then it was a bit tight.

Sade: I'm not sure I would really change anything about this product but if I had to answer maybe if it could be made a tiny tiny bit smaller in all areas. I also think the sides could be a little bit thinner with more of a rounded dip for the bum to perch in.

Jemma: I wouldn’t change a thing about this product! We love it and it’s been great to give this a test out. We love how it’s super clean and hygienic, a comfortable seat to sit on with its smooth shape and design and it’s a good price too. All of which has made me give a good review of this product. We also love the colour too which is a lovely blue and the cute little logo on the front just adds something. I cannot think of any feedback to give to this product as we think it’s great and that it deserves to win.

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