Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment review

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Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment

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Using the Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment after each nappy change forms a protective layer on baby’s bottom, helping to shield the skin from the irritation-inducing nasties that can cause nappy rash. As well as protecting the skin, the gentle formula seals in the skin’s natural moisture keeping skin soft, smooth, and supple too. Here’s what our parent testers thought…

Metanium Everyday Barrier Ointment
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How did this product make your life easier?

Megan: The cream comes in a tube which means it doesn’t take up much space at home but also allows you to easily take it out with you without having to leave something else at home. It's easy to get the cream out of the tube and means the unused cream stays clean and away from little hands, unlike when using cream from a tub. It is easy to clean off at nappies changes, allowing changes to be quick.

Anna: The cream was easy to dispense from the tube, similar products can often be thick and hard to squeeze from packets. It was a handy sized tube which is compact for keeping in your changing bag. The product itself was not too greasy and easy to wash off after applying. Other products can linger on your hands for a while.

Larresha: As a mum, you always worry that your child will suffer from the dreaded and uncomfortable nappy rash, so a barrier product is a must. The packaging was simple and plain, and the instructions of use on the tube were clear. I am happy that the tube is so plain as my daughter was not interested in it so the risk of her "playing" with it is reduced. The tube was small, so easy to pop into my daughter's changing bag, and could be used whilst out and about with no fuss. Also, it is good to know that the ointment could be used with every nappy change to stop the nappy rash from ever occurring.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Katie: The small tube is great for convenience. It fits easily into a changing bag or pocket when out and about. As with lots of tubes of cream, cream can sometimes continue to ooze out after application which can be a little messy. However it is more hygienic than a tub of cream in my opinion and therefore I would recommend.

Saidat: The tube is so small and portable so it doesn’t take much space in my diaper bag. I can quickly open the screw lid with one hand while changing my baby’s diaper. It is easy to spread on the skin. The only issue is that it isn’t easy to control the amount of ointment that comes out, especially after the first few uses. The ointment just keeps coming out, even when I am not pressing the tube.

Rachel: I would recommend the Metanium everyday barrier ointment to a friend/fellow mum because of its thin, effective formula that makes it easy to apply. Furthermore, it is easy to spread and you only need a small amount making it fantastic value for money. Time is of the essence as I have 2 under 2, and speedy nappy times make for happier babies meaning a happy mummy!! Fantastic product.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rachel: I would choose the Metanium everyday barrier ointment above all others on the market because it is easy to apply to my little one and it stays on really well between nappy changes. This means that I am happy knowing that my little one is protected from any potential signs of a sore bum. Also, you only need a small amount making it fantastic value for money.

Chelsea: In my personal opinion it’s hard to choose a nappy cream that really stands out from others, most seem to do the job and things like packaging don’t really effect how I’d rate the product, this being said I do like the green people nappy cream because it’s in a tub I find I can get what I need from the tub without wastage, with metal tubes I find you squirt too much out every time and the lid is hard to put back on when more cream just keeps pouring out! So there’s more wastage too!

Amy: I like this product as a nappy cream but I prefer the same brand but the yellow tube. This is because it acts as a treatment of nappy cream as well as a barrier. My baby has suffered with bad nappy rash but once the area becomes infected this Metanium cream doesn’t stop the infection, whereas the yellow tube treats the area and gets it back to normal. I prefer this because my baby seems to get nappy rash quickly so needs to be treated more than protected.

What changes would you make to this product?

Megan: If the price was lower it would make it more appealing or make a cheaper larger quantity tub/dispenser. This would allow people to have a larger cheaper tub at home and use the smaller tubes for taking out and about. This would then mean more options to suit everyone’s preference or price point and you would then have to replace it less often which is very useful in the early days of motherhood.

Anna: I probably wouldn’t change much as it was fit for purpose and solved any redness. It is maybe a little bit pricey but you don’t mind if it’s a good product. I assume there are larger sizes for keeping at home and not for travelling. Could potentially add a nice fresh smell but sometimes it’s nice it doesn’t have a smell!

Larresha: The formulation of the ointment is in my opinion, quite chalky. I followed the instructions and used a pea-sized amount and spread it evenly on my daughter and then put her nappy on. When I changed her nappy 3 hours later the residual ointment had changed into a crumbly texture which was annoying to then wipe off. Also, my daughter is at an exploring stage with her hands & is lightning fast so sometimes there would be cream on her hands and stomach, as she reaches down during a nappy change – but it wipes off easily enough. Also, my daughter reacted to the ointment, I do not know what affected her specifically but I was not very happy.

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