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Little Freddie Smoothies at a glance

Little Freddie Smoothies recipes use sophisticated ingredients worthy of even the choosiest little gastronome. With 100% recyclable packaging, they make the perfect sweet treat, snack or dessert for your little one and are available in a variety of flavours.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Emily: The smoothies come in handy pouches and are so quick and easy to use out and about as a mum with little to no mess, just squeeze on a spoon and you're good to go! They don’t keep any preparation and are ready to eat which makes life so much easier. Even when you’re at home and just can’t find the time to prepare anything.

Lou: The packaging allows for the products to be stored easily in the cupboard with the lid colour varying depending on the flavour of the smoothie, so they’re easy to identify. The packaging can be resealed easily which is great, as my daughter does not have a full pouch in one sitting. Good size to pack in a bag for an outing and can be eaten using a spoon (as recommended) or straight from the pouch, which make them easy on the go. Stayed cool (taken from fridge) on a hot day. Great for a healthy, mess free post swimming snack!

Jessica: Super easy to use with the twist top pouches. You can take these on the go or store them easily at home. These pouches don't need to be stored in the fridge so they're very handy when you are out and about. They are made with the best ingredients so you can be confident you are giving your child something yummy and nutritional.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jessica: I would recommend these to people who are weaning babies as the texture is perfect for this. Not too runny, but still some consistency that's nice and smooth. Also they are great for toddlers that want something on the go and tastes really good. They are great added to other foods too, making meal and snack times more fun and exciting.

Katrina: Great to take out and about and really handy to have some in the cupboard ready just in case. I do mainly prepare my own food, however these are great for when life gets busy and you need something quickly. My child seems to enjoy them all. I like the simple packaging and the clear writing so I can see what is in them when I'm in a hurry.

Lou: This product is easy to use, small enough to pop in your handbag and can be eaten straight from the packet for an easy on the go snack. As the smoothies contain more than just fruit they are not only nutritious but tasty too. Great to pack for a weekend away too as they are filling enough for a breakfast too. I also think that they are tasty for adults too.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Emily: These products seem much healthier than leading brands and everyone wants their children to have healthier foods. They are organic, which is amazing, and of course dairy and gluten free. The flavours are great and my baby loves them unlike other brands. I think this product is definitely worthy of winning.

Lou: The packaging is fully recyclable (you have to send off for packing from Little Freddie - this allows you to recycle different brands of pouches too), which is always an important factor for me. It has a very similar design to lots of other 'pouches' on the market, several of which are cheaper alternatives. That being said, the smoothies were delicious and the added ingredients means that it is more substantial than some and very, very tasty. Sadly, the price point for these smoothies may be too high for those on a low income.

Katrina: I do already love this brand but hadn't tried these before and I would continue to purchase these. I like the brand name and the story. I like that they are friendly to the environment, which is a huge bonus. The size of these are really handy for just after mealtimes and to use a pudding. I thought the price was good too.

What changes would you make to this product?

Katrina: I dont think I would change anything about the particular product. Maybe some further flavours could be available in the smaller pouch size, as I found the size really handy, but that really is my only criticism. I really liked this product and my child seemed to enjoy them all too.

Jessica: There is nothing I would change about these smoothies. I think they have understood their target audience. They are affordable, full of the best ingredients and taste amazing. The packaging stands out so they will be noticed amongst competitors. I hope more flavours will be added to the range soon and sold in more popular retailers.

Lou: The product and packaging themselves are brilliant. The quantity of smoothie in each pouch was perfect for two portions for my daughter and could be stored in the fridge between meals. The only thing I would change to make the product accessible for more families is the cost, however, for the packaging to be recyclable I understand this comes at a cost.

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