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Kinderkraft TRIG Stroller

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TRIG is a city best stroller with durable wheels that don't need to be pumped up. They have good shock absorption, which improves comfort - your child can enjoy a gentle ride even on uneven terrain. Great for paved streets and outside of the city! The easy-to-manoeuvre front wheels swivel 360 degrees for easy navigation (with the option of locking for straight riding). TRIG can be easily be folded with one hand (CLICK & FOLD mechanism on the handle). And when your toddler gets tired during the walk, you can fold the backrest to the lie-flat position and raise the adjustable footrest.

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Price: £129

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review..

How did this product make your life easier?

Anna: As I have a toddler and baby this makes my life a lot easier as I can change the strap length very easily and quickly to suit either child. It is lightweight and easy to go up and down curbs and living in a new building estate where not all the roads are paved this really helps. It is easy to use one handed so then I can hold my toddlers hand as well as the pram. The clip is quick and easy to do but also safe. Easier than other prams/strollers I have had.

Jenna: My previous pushchair was extremely heavy and hard to assemble. It didn’t steer well on pavements or cobbles. The Kinderkraft TRIG stroller has made the nursery run a breeze. I no longer struggle holding my toddlers hand while desperately trying to push/steer. This stroller has no issue on any terrain and as it's so lightweight I no longer struggle trying to use one hand while going up payments or being on uneven pavements.

Laura: This stroller is amazing. So many features make life easier. It’s lightweight which means lifting it is so much easier. It can be folded down with one hand and is very compact when folded down. The basket on the bottom is a good size and the drink holder is a brilliant added bonus when out and about.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Laura: Yes I definitely would and already have recommended it to friends. One reason I’d recommended this stroller is the hood. The hood goes really far down and ensures my baby is covered well when in the recline position. The seat goes completely flat so that my daughter is fully flat when sleeping.

Jenna: I would recommend this pushchair based on maneuverability. It’s so incredibly easy to push even with one hand, perfect for parents with a young child who’s hand needs holding. I love how light weight the pushchair is which probably adds to the manoeuvrability. The one handed fold mechanism is incredibly easy to use meaning the pushchair collapses in seconds and up in seconds too. Getting it in and out of the car boot is so easy because it weighs nothing at all. The hood is probably one of my favourite aspects, it’s generously sized so we never have issues with sun in my baby’s eyes, even when the seat is reclined. The large viewing window is a perfect addition to check up on my baby while on the move.

Anna: It’s lightweight. Easy to get up and down curbs. Can hold easily with one hand. The seat goes all the way down for sleeping. I like how high up the pram is so they can see more in it and the little flap so you can check on them is a great feature. The straps are easy to change so I can switch my toddler and baby around.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Anna: I do really like this stroller but the only reason I would maybe not have gone for it is because it doesn’t come with a rain cover. Living in England I always take the rain cover out with me for my other prams as you never know if it will rain. But for ease of use for toddlers and babies it is better than what I have previously used.

Jenna: I would absolutely select this product as a winner. It truly does make life as a mum a lot easier. My favourite thing has got to be the one handed steering because although my last pushchair said the same this one really is one handed. Pushing this is effortless, even with a basket full of shopping. I love that I can hold my toddlers hand at the same time as pushing the pram, which is one of the most important things to me.

Laura: I would choose this because of its value for money. It’s easy to use and easy to fold and store. It’s very smooth to push and isn’t bulky at all. Even though it doesn’t have a suspension feature it seems really comfortable for my daughter and also very comfortable for me to push. I also like that nothing needs to be taken off/ apart for it to be folded away.

What changes would you make to this product?

Anna: The thing I would change is it coming with a rain cover so that I could always be ready if it did rain. My other negative is the break is not so easy to use and sometimes I have to do it with my hand rather than my foot. The break wouldn’t make me not buy it though, it would be more because of the rain cover.

Jenna: If I could change anything it would likely be the placement of the switch for collapsing. This is currently located in the centre on the handlebars and it just slides to the left, to collapse there is a large button underneath the handle and as I often push the pram one handed I do worry that I may end up, subconsciously, activating both and collapsing the pram with baby in.

Laura: I wouldn’t change anything but I would maybe add a few things. I would add the possibility of the handles going the other way so that my daughter can face me. I would also like the addition of a foot muff / leg cover and maybe also a rain cover. I would be happy to buy those additional things to make the stroller even more user friendly. I think others would also be happy to purchase those extras to make the stroller even more desirable.

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