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Kendamil Organic Follow On Milk at a glance

Our Organic baby milk contains the best quality ingredients we can source. We're 100% British and partner with organic farms across the UK to source nature's finest full cream nutrients. We choose not to use palm oil or fish oil and use responsibly sourced DHA to support your baby's digestion and provide the very best source of nutrition. The best choice for baby and their environment.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Jennie: I think this product makes my life easier as a mum because it is easy to use. The instructions are clear and easy to understand. I can use this product on the go. I find this product mixes really well and stores well to keep its freshness. As a mum I feel happier also knowing it is organic, so no nasty extras.

Jennifer: With organic ingredients, made in the UK and in the fresh area of the Lake District, I felt reassured by the product, that I was giving the best I could to my little baby. The scoop scraper is sturdy and made levelling scoops one handed very easy to manage! Unfortunately, due to the extra burping and sickness caused by the foamy consistency, I had more washing and wiping to do, so it did not make my life easier in this way.

Andrea: The Longer powder spoon has made a difference compared to other brands. It was less mess and cleaner. No spillage, with other milks a short spoon means finger contact with the powder . Also the spoon clips away under the lid . The tub itself is aesthetically pleasing with the gold bronze tones and looks nice in my kitchen

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Chloe: Although the process for making this formula is the same as any other formula, the fact that it is the only formula that doesn’t make my baby suffer from reflux or vomiting definitely makes my life easier! I’m not having to clear up sick and change clothes and do copious amounts of washing! The fact that I know it’s good quality and sustainable also makes my life easier in the sense that there’s no guilt about where it’s come from or what’s going into my baby.

Jennie: I would recommend this product to friends and other mummies because it is a reliable brand and also the added bonus of it being organic. I think this product is easy to use and mixes well. My little one liked this product and seemed more settled. As a mummy I want my little one to be happy and comfortable. This product fulfilled this.

Jennifer: Kendamil is in a well-designed container with a secure lid and scoop holder. It was a little difficult to open one handed, but once opened, great for one handed scooping and leveling with baby in hand. I loved that the can is recyclable, placing it in the most recyclable formula container I’ve seen on the market yet! The organic formula is sourced in the UK and made in the fresh air of the Lake District – which makes me feel I’m giving the best I can for my little one.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Andrea: I would choose the milk based on it being locally made with good ingredients and the aesthetic quality of the tub. However, the milk is a little on the pricey side for myself. Compared to the cost of baby milk and the comparison of the ingredients, ALDI stage 2 is my go to milk based on price. I would definitely buy the milk if the price was in keeping with the current competitors on the market.

Leanne: I personally prefer the brand we have used from day one. It is half the price and keeps my son content and happy. I do believe that if we had used this from the start then my son would have more than likely been happy too. I like that it’s organic, but I just wasn’t happy with the consistency of the milk. It was very different to the one we use normally.

Jennie: I would choose this product from other similar products on the market as it is a trusted brand. The packaging is clear and stands out. Instructions are easy to follow and it stores well, keeping the product fresh and dry. The fact it is organic really makes it stand out. Price wise I think it is a fair price especially for an organic product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Chloe: The one thing I’d change would be the removal of the foil from the top when opening. Both my husband and I have quite frequently cut ourselves when taking it off, which isn’t what you need especially at bedtime when you’re trying to make milk quickly or in the middle of the night. I think that the problem is the thickness of the foil and the sharp edges, which can then cut as you’re taking it off.

Leanne: I would be happier and more likely to choose this brand if it was slightly more in line with similar products price wise. The packaging is nice and to the point. Again, the powder is very fine (not sure if that is how it is with all organic products), but it did make it slightly harder to get a full scoop straight away.

Jennifer: The consistency is disappointingly frothy. Considering Kendamil is made in the Lake District using soft water, I would have thought it would not foam as much using our soft water. This made loads of bubbles in the milk and caused burps and more reflux than usual. I would have preferred the product to be square for packing for trips.

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