Kendamil Goat Follow On Milk review

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Kendamil Goat Follow On Milk

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The Kendamil Goat milk is designed to be the most advanced of its kind.
It's 100% British and doesn't contain palm oil, fish oil or other cheap additives. All the ingredients are locally-sourced, full cream A2 goat milk and goat whey, plant-based DHA and 3’-GL. The Stage 2 goat milk is vegetarian-friendly and suitable from six months.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Paula: Normally by the time I am home with my shopping the seal has broken. The tub is sealed well and I did have to use the end of a spoon to pop it off. Also no more shaking the tub till you spot the scoop. The scoop is attached to the lid and has to be twisted till it pops off. In case you are at risk of forgetting to stock up when you are out shopping you can set up a subscription and have the milk delivered straight to your door. The scoop is easy to use and the powder dissolves quickly with no clumps.

Aleksandra: I love Kendamil company and their forward thinking of how to make formula that tastes amazing and it stands out amongst others by their environmentally friendly approach. My son loved this product, the taste of it. He is picky when it comes to new food and I was worried he would refuse a different formula but he loved it to my surprise. I was amazed to find out that the Goat milk contains prebiotics as not many formulas (especially follows on) have it.

Elena: It makes life easier being able to give your child this formula knowing it is safe and has clean ingredients. Goats milk is better for you and it is now nice to have this option available to me and my child. I wasn’t able to breastfeed and it makes you happy to know your child is still getting a good milk with all the required nutrients.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Zara: I liked the design on the tin, thought it looked cute and safe, I liked the shape which the mums in my mother and baby group did as well. I again though could not recommend this to other mums from my area as in my town only one shop sold this product and that would put mothers off not having readily available milk.

Lynne: I would recommend this as the product is nice and creamy, my baby really liked it and it mixed the best of any formula I have used, products which means less shaking of the bottle resulting in less forth & air which is always a bonus.It is easy to used and the instructions on the package are clear and concise.

Lizzy: Since moving to Kendamil, I have recommended it to several mum friends. My daughter has been much more settled since the swap. I found the move to formula really upsetting, as I really wanted to breastfeed. Other formulas gave her an upset tummy, so I was thrilled when this kept her nice and full without the tummy ache. I also really like that it’s more environmentally friendly.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Aleksandra: I would highly recommend this product or any other formula from Kendamil to others as it is the only one offering formula without palm oil and fish oil (can you believe your baby’s formula contains fish oil?). They are environmentally friendly and they do anything they can to help save the oceans. It tastes and smells great so what’s there not to like! I would definitely vote them the winners!

Paula: No, not straight away. Before I would buy this particular product I would maybe try the Kendamill Classic first. It is half the price and still has most of the same ingredients in. I do like the opportunity to subscribe and have it delivered to your door as I can be a bit forgetful when I go shopping. The design is stylish and is more appealing over other brands. I love the packaging and the fact that I don’t have to stick my fingers in the formula to pull out the scoop. My baby loves this product and I do think it should win but it is a shame it is so expensive.

Zara: I would not choose this product over the other leading brands. Unfortunately, I see adverts for other brands and many mothers are comfortable with what they know and this product is not. To me it seems fairly new and I would like to research it more. It is a lovely design and a visually appealing product.

What changes would you make to this product?

Elena: The thing I would change about this product is price. When your child is having several bottles a day it means one to two tubs are needed a week. This is a large expense and may therefore not be accessible to everyone. Those who are unable to afford it are therefore unable to offer this to their children.

Lynne: There is nothing I would change however I do believe the product would benefit from having a ready made version for on the go or those late night feeds where you need the bottle ready ASAP. Apart from that there is nothing I believe that would need changed in the product itself. Another point is the price, however, it is not any more expensive than alternatives in the market.

Lizzy: I’m not sure whether this could actually be changed, but I actually ended up cutting my finger when I was taking the tin seal off. I’ve never noticed other formulas have such a sharp seal. Other than that, I think it’s a great product and I’ve recommended it to several mum friends since making the change.

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