John Lewis & Partners Geo Folding Highchair review

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John Lewis & Partners Geo Folding Highchair

by Emily Gilbert |
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John Lewis & Partners Geo Folding Highchair at a glance

This affordable highchair takes on more premium designs without the price tag. The solid metal structure and the optimised angle of the legs ensure stability for your child, for those convivial family meals.

The chair has safety straps, making it easy to fasten and unfasten, while the lightly padded fabric provides more comfort. The chair has an easy-to-clean tray and a footrest with a colourful plastic support.

How did this product make your life easier?

Emma: This product definitely makes life easier as a mum because I can fold the high chair to keep it stored away after each use. It’s also really easy to clean too. The material on the chair is wipeable and for any bits that may get caught down the side and can’t get out you can easily remove it to wash it.

Karen: Foldable, lightweight highchair easy to transport and makes dinner times that little bit easier. We took it camping with us on a few family holidays due to its size and weight it found it really helpful to feed the baby in and keep her safe off the ground when eating. We found it better than using a bumbo for travel which we previously used.

Anna: I was a tiny bit dubious about this high chair when I first received it. Having had a previous highchair that was more expensive I thought a cheaper one probably wouldn’t cut the mustard. However, I was pleasantly surprised. For a product that is in the cheaper side of high chairs, I was expecting something more lightweight, which this product is. This does not however translate into a product that is any less sturdy. One amazing advantage of this highchair is how easy it is to clean, with one tray and easy clean chair I find this really easy to use The clip are easy and quick to strap in wiggly babies.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Monika: I like that the chair is well padded also that the colours suit both boys and girls. The padding is easy to clean. The chair takes less space than others. So you can seat next to it. The child feels safe in it. The straps are easy to do. It fits my dining table size which is added bonus and can be stored underneath. iIalso liked the footrest.

Alexandra: I would recommend this product to a friend for its ease of use, its slimline design makes it easier to store away and doesn’t take up much space in places like the cupboard etc. Its tray is a good size to fit plenty on and the handy cup holder does come help. The highchair is also a nice design which I found subtle and not too in your face which some can be.

Katie: I would only recommend this highchair if someone needed a second one for the grandparents' house or as a second option due to how cheap the high chair is. Unfortunately, I would rather spend more money on a better high chair even though it looks cute. I think it would be brilliant for staycation holidays though.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Anna: The main bonus of this hair chair versus others on the market is the happy medium between affordability and chair quality It's not the fanciest chair but it's safe and sturdy and looks nice. Its colours look good in the kitchen. It would also be good for a grandparents house as it folds away and would fit in the cupboard when not in use.

Emma: I would definitely choose this product over any other make or brand as I’ve been really impressed with the quality of it. I think it should win as it’s a very reasonable price but is also very good quality. It’s sturdy and very comfortable for my baby girl. Much more comfortable than my previous high chair.

Katie: I would rather pay more money for a better high chair, however as a second high chair for vacations or just to have one at the grandparents' house I would absolutely choose this one. The price is amazing and you get what you pay for but it serves its purpose and is easy to clean and is very lightweight. Instructions could have been much clearer though.

What changes would you make to this product?

Monika: The chair is very cheap and good value. It is usable and you could live with it but in order to make things easier, I would make the tray removable. while the fixed tray makes the seat safer it is tricky to clean. Especially when little one pours out the liquid or has a dish like spaghetti and red sauce is everywhere. They aren’t big things but would make usage easier.

Alexandra: If I could change one thing I would make it that the tray was detachable and there was maybe 2/3 different settings it could be put at when attached to the chair again. This would mean for smaller children the tray could be pulled closer to them making it easier for them to pull themselves towards it.

Katrina: I would improve on the sturdiness of the chair, my little boys loved to bang about in the highchair and felt like it should be more of a solid build. I would also add more cushioning especially at the back and top. Great for a spare but maybe not to be used all the time. Nice compact design but needs more support.

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