John Lewis & Partners Dual Tone Cot Bed review

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John Lewis & Partners Dual Tone Cot Bed

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Featured in our pick of the best cot beds and cribs, the John Lewis & Partners cot bed offers a modern Scandi look using mixed colour wood. A drawer under the cot acts as a storage solution for those who may be tight on space. It requires a 132 x 70 mattress (sold separately). Made from FSC wood.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Samantha: Good to be able to have a cot bed or baby crib from baby right up to toddler. Less hassle to have to rush to find a toddler bed. Very good storage underneath. You can storage toys, clothes or baby essentials in a hidden space. Love the too coloured toned cotbed. Was easy to out together and looked lovely. Easy to move up and down with different levels.

Jessica: This is a really great cot. The design itself is great and my child has slept so well in it. The size is a little smaller than regular cots but I found this to be a bonus. As we coslept since birth I had this cot side car’d to our bed. The transition went so smoothly and I think that it was due to how much my child like the cot itself. We have also doubled it up as a safe space for my child to play if I am cleaning the rooms upstairs. My child finds it so relaxing and just plays and reads books in there.

Edward: This product came well packaged with easy to follow assembly instructions and well organised fixings. It took 2 of us just under an hour to assemble. It seems to be a very well made product which will stand the test of time and provide a safe sleep space for our baby for a long time to come. This bed turns into a cotbed by removing either one or both of the rail sides. It also features a large pull out drawer underneath which is wonderful for storage, especially if you are lacking storage space in your child's nursery.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rosalind: This is a solid and well made piece of furniture which is easy to assemble. It looks modern and chic and matches our other nursery furniture perfectly. On top of this it offers ample storage. One thing I liked about the design was that it wasn't bulky and offered a slimline style but with a sturdy build. This helped to ensure it didn't overwhelm the room as some cot beds can do. I love the wooden block detail at the head and end of the bed which contrasts tastefully with the white colour on the rest of the cot. It definitely feels Nordic which is a style I love. Overall, I'd highly recommend this product. It lives up to the quality reputation of John Lewis and my little boy loves going to bed in it.

Jessica: I would recommend this cot to a friend or fellow mums as it is so easy to build and use. It doesn’t have fiddly bolts that you need to spend hours trying to get together. The sides come off so easy. The storage underneath is also great. It is sturdy and the most important part is that it is a safe space for my child.

Samantha: I would recommend this product to a friend or gallows mummy because it is very practical. You don't have to rush to find a toddler bed. Very comfortable and easy to put together. Look is beautiful and the storage is amazing. The design is lovely once together. Compact when down but easy to fit in a smaller room.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Edward: The design of this product is quite unlike most others on the market as it features a dual tone colour of grey and white. It also looks stylish when transformed to a cot bed as the grey panels are on the end and remain there to make a toddler bed once the cot rails are removed. It is such good quality and seems as though it would stand the test of time which is great as you are paying a little more money for it compared to some other, similar items on the market.

Samantha: I absolutely loved the two toned look of the cotbed. It is very stylish and modern. Goes with everything. The storage is always an added bonus. The only thing that would make it better would be possibly reducing the price of the product and adding a mattress in to save the stress of having to find a mattress that fits the cot.

Jessica: Probably not. The only reason why I wouldn’t choose this product over others on the market is because of the mattress size required. The cot itself was £350. Then I would have needed to spend a further £150 for the cot mattress that fit. Because the cot size is not standard and completely different to other cots. I was only able to purchase one from John Lewis themselves. I didn’t have much of an option on what the mattress was made out of or the firmness either. £150 was a lot of money for me to spend in order to test this cot. I’m glad my child liked it otherwise it would have been wasted money.

What changes would you make to this product?

Samantha: The only two things that I would change about this product is one the cost. I think it should be slightly cheaper. I also think that a mattress should be included, especially with the price it is. I feel the price for the cotbed should be reduced if a mattress isn't included. I would consider paying the price if it was.

Edward: The price of the product is a little high but I do believe that this is because you are paying for a good quality product which will grow with your child. It feels strong enough to use again and again if you were to have more than one child. There is nothing else I can suggest to change about this product as I feel that everything from the packaging and assembly to the design and quality are of a very high quality.

Rosalind: The mattress size required is slightly different to standard cot beds so it is important to read which mattress to buy. However, we easily found the mattress in the brand that we wanted so, as long as you are aware that it doesn't fit the standard cotbed mattress size you'll be fine. So, rather than something I'd change, it is more something to check prior to purchase.

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