Fleecy Bums Reusable Nappies review

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Fleecy Bums Reusable Nappies

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Fleecy Bums Reusable Nappies at a glance:

Fleecy Bums aim to be the best, highest quality, budget disposable nappy range available on the market. Their BTP pocket nappies are suitable from 10lbs all the way up to potty training. Made from a stretchy, high quality outer PUL shell and lined with super soft, stay dry suede.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Hannah: Having not used reusable nappies before, I was concerned that they might make my already hectic life a lot more stressful. Having to plan and wash rather than just grabbing a pack in the supermarket was something that concerned me. However I was surprised at how easy and efficient they are to use. Yes I have to plan a little bit more but as I already do a couple of loads of washing a day, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. They are actually super absorbing and for wet nappies only, I found them great at keeping my baby dry for longer.

Nadine: It is a lot more work using reusables than a disposable due to the washing and drying etc but the pretty designs of the nappy wraps make it easier to wear dresses on girls and not have to worry about an ugly nappy hanging out.

Christina: Nappy changing time is never easy with a little one who wants to be on the move. However when using fleecy bums my little one is interested and inquisitive as the nappies are interesting due to their feel and colours. They are easy to wash and don’t take ages to dry. You can adjust the nappies to your little ones size, you don’t have to panic if you realise the nappies getting a little snug, you can simply adjust the fit and carry on with your day without worrying about wasting nappies that don’t fit anymore.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Helen: I was excited to have the opportunity to trial Fleecy Bums reusable nappies. I'm a first time mum and have been using a few different brands and styles of reusable nappies since my little one arrived, and have had some ups and downs on our cloth bum journey. The nappies arrived with a great set of instructions and background about the company and their ethics which I feel is really important to consider. There are many features about these reusable nappies which I love and therefore would recommend to others. The instruction sheet that was provided had excellent tips on how to fit a reusable nappy. I wish I had known these gems of wisdom when I first started using reusables, it would have prevented a few nappy leaks! Each of these items felt lovely and soft to touch on the surface that would be in contact with baby’s skin, and they appear to be of a high quality material and finish. The pocket day nappy was easy to fit. I am in love with a double gusset on a reusable nappy, which helps get a quick and easy fit and prevent leaks, especially if your wriggly baby is constantly trying to escape your grasp or only wants to lie flat on their tummy during a nappy change. However the double gusset was only on the night nappy wrap, not the pocket nappy. The colourful prints available are cute and I think there is a design for whatever takes your fancy. Considering the price of individual reusable nappies on the market I think these are good value for money, I have not had them for very long but hope they will last.

Lauren: I would recommend these products because of the simplicity of them. You buy them and they grow with your child which is really useful. They also have such lovely designs. I also feel like these are really hygienic. They aren’t using harsh crystals and chemicals to absorb the contents which is something I really like.

Sarah C: I loved the designs, particularly the design of the nighttime fleece nappy as well as how affordable they are. They appear to be of very good quality for the price. Obviously I have not used them for more than a few months but they have lasted well following several uses and the subsequent washes. My daughter appears comfortable in them and has not developed any nappy rashes or skin problems as a result of wearing them. The bamboo inserts and waterproof covers also dried quickly.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Sarah H: Yes, of all the reusable nappies I have tried these were one of my favourites. The flexibility of the sizing really makes it easy to get a good fit and helps ensure maximum comfort for baby too - I could tell my little girl was happy and comfortable wearing them. The instructions provided on the fleecy bums website are really helpful and clear for anybody considering reusable nappies for the first time.

Holly: I found that a little practice was needed with the product in fitting them correctly to stop any leaks. A drawback I found was that when wet these nappies don’t perhaps keep the babies skin as dry as it would be in a disposable nappy, and knowing when to change them wasn’t as easy as a disposable nappy that clearly fills with gel. Organisation of washing becomes a major factor in the house with the washing machine constantly going, I’m not sure how the fabric's soft texture integrity would hold up over multiple washes and many inserts would be needed to make sure there are always clean ones available.

Hannah: It’s hard to say as I haven’t used any other reusable nappies, however, there are several stand out points that I have experienced from the Fleecy Bums brand. One - the customer service I received when asking questions regarding how to use the product was amazing. The business owner could not do enough to help me and went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable using the product. Two - The designs are beautiful and actually make picking a nappy fun! Three - the price point is very affordable.

What changes would you make to this product?

Nadine: The nappies need washing quite a lot before their absorbency is 100% and this can be tricky at first, because of leakage. I'm not sure if it could be a possibility but it would be nice if they had a little better absorbency. The other helpful addition would be to have a popper on the liner as it can slip down and bunch up inside the nappy.

Christina: I don’t think there is anything that I could or would change about this product as it’s fantastic. The only thing I would advise maybe is that they would send a picture instruction manual for those who haven’t used cloth nappies before? As sometimes it can be a hit and miss when using for the first few times. I know there is guidance via the website, but for people like myself I like to have a hard copy of instructions to refer back to and especially teaching family members as well who are new to using them too, it would be a big help.

Helen: To improve the fit I would suggest the pocket nappy should also have a double gusset. The edging around the thighs and tummy needs a more gently elasticated fit to prevent marking the skin. Finally, the rise on the night time wrap seems too low when using it over the night time nappy, despite following the fit guidance, and I don’t think this night time wrap will be big enough to last until potty training.

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