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We know that bath time can get a bit monotonous, and if you're looking to add a bit more excitement or simply trying to encourage your tot to get in the tub, why not pick up a new Disney bath toy? After all - who doesn't love Disney?

To help you out, we've pulled together our favourite options available to buy, featuring characters like The Little Mermaid, Nemo and more Disney favourites.

Disney bath toys to buy

Who is more recognisable than Mickey Mouse and his friends? These five figures come in a handy bucket with a perforated top and spout to allow water to drain from the container as well as keep them safe and sound after play.

Suitable from: 6 months+

Review: "Really good quality solid bath toys, which don’t fill up with water or go mouldy. Kids love them."

 Frozen Bath Set
Price: $35.50

Housed in a bucket with a straining lid, this set is ideal for a little Frozen fan. It includes all of the favourite characters from the film, including Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven, and of course, Kristoff.

Suitable from: 12 months+

Review: "My toddler just loves these, both in and out of the bath. The best part for me is they're easy to clean and are completely sealed - no yucky mould to deal with! As other reviewers noted, they're bigger than I initially thought, but that makes them so much more fun! The lid is fun in the bath to make a 'shower' to float the toys on, and the bucket is a great all-purpose toy. Recommended for all Frozen fans."

Disney Princess Rainbow Reveal Ariel
Price: $31.38

Bound to delight your youngster time and time again, the tail of this The Little Mermaid doll changes colours when submerged in warm water, then changes back again when it dries and cools. Ariel's tail also moves so your child can create a motion, so it looks like she's really swimming.

Suitable from: 3 years+

Review: "My 5-year-old daughter absolutely loves her Ariel! This Disney Princess Rainbow Reveal Ariel is the perfect addition to bathtime as the colour-changing segmented tail is the highlight for my child. The ultra-shiny tail fin is a soft, flexible plastic-type material, and there are no removable clothes you have to worry about getting lost. I highly recommend it!"

With iconic details and big personality expressions, pull Cruz Ramirez back and see her speed across the water. Your youngster can even blast competitors from the back of the car's hotrod with a water wave. Collect other key characters from the films, including The Fabulous Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm and enjoy racing.

Suitable from: 3 years+

Review: "My son loves this - super fast shipping too".

Made from soft, durable and non-toxic material, these Finding Nemo toys are great fun whether they're played with in the bath or swimming pool. Big enough for small hands to hold, prepare to get wet as your tot fills them with water and squirts!

Suitable from: 1 year+

Review: "My 2-year-old daughter absolutely loves these! Great quality and doing good on lasting, big thumbs up from us."

Twist the back and watch Mickey swim around the tub. Made from plastic, don't be surprised if your child asks for Mickey to join every bath...

Suitable from: 12+ months

Review: "My son loves his Mickey Mouse. He is 2 and loves Mickey swimming around him in the bath."

This sweet set means that little ones can be one of Minnie's Happy Helpers and bath the adorable Fifi toy, using all of her pet care essentials. With a real working sprayer and faucet, Fifi's collar changes colour with warm water.

Suitable from: 36 months+

This set of three bath bombs will delight any child as they drop them into the bathwater, giving off a delicious blueberry aroma and turning the water either pink or turquoise. But you don't need to worry about them dying skin, hair or the bath itself as they are completely safe. Plus, inside each bath bomb, there is a prize of a Frozen-themed stamp with six different designs to collect.

Suitable from: 3 years+

Review: "My little girl loved these, they smelt lovely, and she loved the little toy inside."

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