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Just like the best pushchairs for you, prams are an essensial product. And, these days, mum-fluencersare everywhere these days, influencing us into making some interesting purchases, one of our favourites being designer prams. They also have a way of showing us the good, bad and ugly side of parenting. Apart from giving us tips, hilarious story times and cute baby videos.

There's no denying that designer prams are gorgeous. Well-known brands like Fendi and Versace have hit the nail on the head with their stunning designs. Brands such as Silver Cross and Cybex also have some fab luxury options that are equal parts stylish and functional.

Best at a glance:

  • Best overall designer prams to help you travel in style, Cybex e-PRIAM Winged Stroller and Seat, buy on Harrods

  • Best designer pram for storage, Dior stroller, buy on Dior

  • Best designer pram for comfort, Silver Cross Balmoral Pram-Navy, buy on Kiddies Kingdom

Investing in a designer pram may not be for everyone, and thats okay. For some people who would rather opt for an high-end pram, this could be down to a personal preference, which may include the materials used and its durability.

If you have taken an interest in designer prams and have really ran out of ideas, this take a look at our best designer prams!

The best designer prams

Best designer pram for storage

This classic Fendi pram is simply a dream. We love the all-over monogram print, as well as its highly functional design, including a lightweight construction and a four-position frame to adapt to your child's growth. A leather-wrapped handle with the FF monogram is the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful and practical pram.


  • 100% polyester
  • Easy to manover.


  • Not many colours.

Best designer pram for travel

Cybex e-PRIAM Winged Stroller and Seat
Price: £2,269.95

Known for innovative baby travel systems since day one, award-winning brand Cybex knows how to make safe, functional and chic prams. Our top choice is this gorgeous new electric pram. There is nothing worse than struggling up a steep hill pushing a loaded stroller. Now Cybex has created a stroller, which helps to pull itself up slopes. Not only does this baby stroller make your life easier because of its functionality. It is also slender, with a unique streamlined design that is perfect for getting around in busy cities, and the breathable mesh fabric helps regulate the baby's temperature during hotter months. The one-hand folding system also means less faffing when it's time to get in the car or on public transport.

What's included: Flexible frame, removable car seat, seat rain cover, charger, cat seat adapters and shopping bag.


  • Flexible frame
  • Removable car seat


  • Not many colours.

Best designer pram for uniqueness

Nothing is quite as unique as this Versace pram. Being the epitome of luxury, Versace's signature gold-tone and Barocco print make for a pram that also resembles a piece of art. The stroller seat is reversible, reclines in three positions, and the footrest is totally adjustable. There's a storage basket to pop in nappies, bottles and other baby necessities, as well as a gate-check bag to pack the stroller during your travels.

What's included: Chassis, stroller hood, storage basket


  • Has a reversible seat with a breathable back.
  • Comes with a canopy with an expandable window for ventilation.


  • Does not come with a rain cover.

Best designer pram for versatility

The Baby Dior collection is simply to die for, which is why we were so excited to see the launch of the Dior x Inglesina House baby stroller. It's versatile, easy to fold, and can be reclined into a sleeping position. The anti-UV hood is removable for washing, and the 360-degree rotatable front wheels make manoeuvring the pram that much easier. In terms of design, the photos speak for themselves: elegant and timeless.

What's included: Pram frame, revisable seat, removable hood, full rain cover, cup holder and basket.


  • Adjustable leather handle
  • Reversible seat (may be positioned facing forward or facing the parent)


  • Not many designs to choose from.

Best designer pram for compact size

Remain stylish in every aspect of your life with this wonderful pram by Mima. Not only does this model cater to all weather conditions, it also adapts to your little one as they grow thanks to the diverse range of accessories. It folds into a compact size, can be wiped clean and looks simply phenomenal.

What's included: Black chassis, shopping basket, sandy beige starter pack, cup holder and rain cover


  • 3 reclining positions
  • Suitable for newborn - 17kg


  • Does not come with winter kit.

Best designer pram bundle

Nothing says royalty quite like a Silver Cross pram. The British nursery company was founded in 1877 and has been offering chic and sophisticated prams ever since. This one is lightweight, meaning it's effortless to push and the one-piece fold makes travel so much simpler. The carrycot is lined with anti-bacterial, soft-sheen fabric, and the coordinating leatherette handles are the perfect cherry on top. We love this set as it contains everything you will need to get out with your precious new bundle of joy - it even includes a changing backpack.

What's included: Dream car seat, Dream car seat adaptors, cup holder, rain cover, shopping basket, reversible pushchair seat and chassis.


  • Reversible pushchair seat
  • Comes with cup holder and dream car seat adaptors.


  • Does not include a rain cover, will need to buy that separately.

Best designer pram for newborns

Ideal for newborns, the Stokke stroller is set with a high seat to keep your little one close to you at all times. The seat is comfortably padded with active, rest and sleep positions, supporting you and your baby throughout the day. It's easy to manoeuvre and fold away and grows with your baby from newborn to 22kg.

What's included: Black chassis with leatherette handle, leatherette hinged rail for seat, seat with baby insert and harness protectors, canopy and shopping bag.


  • Stroller is set with a high seat that lets your baby maintain physical closeness to their parent.
  • Leatherette hinged rail for seat.


  • Does not come in many colours.

Best classic designer pram

As previously mentioned Silver Cross is one of the most iconic pushchair designers. This pram looks like it has come straight out of Mary Poppins. The Silver Cross Balmoral has been handcrafted in Yorkshire and offers one of the most soothing and comfortable rides possible for your precious baby. It has a gentle pure cotton mattress. This pram will have you feeling like you are living in a real-life movie.

What's included: Balmoral pram, Balmoral hood and apron, luxury leather harness, large shopping basket, certificate or authenticity and an aftercare kit


  • Balmoral pram body is finished in high gloss with hand painted fine line detailing.
  • Hood and apron are hand stitched from hard wearing fabrics.


  • Pushing handle is finished in high gloss.


Is a pram necessary?

All new parents will need a pram -although it doesn't need to be a designer one. When your baby is very small, they can be carried in a sling or a carrier - but the larger they get, the harder this will become. Remember most children won't even begin to take their first steps until after their first birthday, so you will need a pram to get them out and about.

How do I choose the right pram for me?

Choosing the right pram is not always as straightforward as it seems. So, we've created a small guide on all things you need to think about when purchasing a pram.

Seats: Look for reversible seats, so you can push your baby facing you but turn them round to look at the world when they are old enough.

Folding: We also recommend a pushchair that is easy to fold (as you’ll be doing this a lot) and easy to convert as your baby grows.

Size: Limited on storage space or have a small boot? Opt for a compact pram.

Handles: A height-adjustable handlebar ensures the pushchair is a comfortable ‘fit’ for both you and your partner – and anyone else who might use it regularly.

Basket size: Don't forget to check the size of the basket - babies have a lot of stuff and so do us, parents, when we're out and about, so a decent-sized basket is a must.

Wheels and tyres: If you live out in the countryside, you'll probably want to make sure the wheels and tyres of your baby's pram can handle the rough terrain so that your baby's ride isn't too bumpy!

Accessories: Some travel systems come with coordinating accessories such as a footmuff or change bag. Think about which ones you need – the rain cover is a must – and whether they’re included in the price.

Now - we know what you're thinking. Why would you splurge on a pram that your little one will eventually stop using? We know that luxury prams are not for everyone. However, high-end prams can be passed down and used for multiple generations. These are the most advanced prams which use the best high-quality materials that are built to last.

If a loved one is expecting, a designer pram would also make a fab baby shower present for the mama and papa-to-be and will be remembered as one of the standout gifts.

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