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Cosatto Supa 3

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Cosatto Supa 3 at a glance

The Cosatto Supa 3 compact stroller is lightweight but sturdy, supporting from birth up to 25kg. There are plenty of features parents will love; From one-handed multi-recline to a large shopping basket, raincover, footmuff, UPF100+ extendable ventilated hood and viewing window, plus a handy storage pocket on the back. This lightweight stroller has a handy compact umbrella fold and carry handle so you can hop on and off transport with ease, whilst also being great for fitting into your car. All this, plus ultra-durable auto-lock wheels and full suspension, bringing manoeuvrability and comfort into your life.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Rachel: I am able to take my little one out on my own as the pushchair is so easy to fold and unfold while holding my baby. The lever to lay the pushchair flat is easily accessible and doesn’t jar which could wake the baby. I love the little window which lets me check on the baby and the pocket is great for popping my phone or some snacks in. The basket at the bottom is also brilliant for taking a few things with me, although it could be slightly bigger

Gemma: I LOVE this pushchair! It is way more compact than the travel system that I was using previously. It’s so easy to fold away and takes up little space in the boot of the car. I’ve had to take this off road a few times - through woods and over uneven ground / grass and it has been great! It has so many great features. The little pocket at the back for phone / keys etc is really handy, as is the little window flap so I can keep an eye on my baby without having to lift the whole cover back.

Carly: The pushchair is really nice to push, the height and shape of the handles makes it easy for anyone to push. The product is very easy to use and has a convenient pocket in at the back of the hood with a peekaboo window too. I really like the cup holder especially as there were two different places to position it too. The design is really good and often gets a lot of comments when we’re out and about. My daughter really likes the design and as soon as she goes in the pushchair she looks around at the different patterns. I really like that the hood extends to cover my baby from the sun. It’s light and easy to get in and out of the car, plus travelling on public transport would be really easy too. When folded it doesn’t take up a lot of room, so it’s great when travelling.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Rachel: I would recommend the Supa 3 to any new Mums as it’s an easily portable pushchair that doesn’t compromise on function. It folds to a relatively small size, which fits in the car. It also folds flat which is a must to ensure my baby can have a good nap. I love the addition of the rain cover and cosy toes, which make it usable in all weathers.

Rebecca: I would recommend this product because it is lightweight and easy to transport. The functionality is good with regards to collapsing and setting up. It looks stylish. Additionally it is easy to push, even on difficult terrain. The added bar which fits across the child is an added bonus so the child can sit and hold on to it and observe his/her environment.

Carly: I would recommend the product as it is very light and easy to carry, it is easy to push and manoeuvre around and is easy to fold away. The design is well thought out, from an aesthetic and practical point of view. My daughter has really enjoyed sitting in this pushchair and seems very comfortable when asleep. The materials used mean that my baby doesn’t get too hot and it has been a life saver using this over the hot summer we’ve had.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Rachel: I would choose this product due to the features it provides, which are a lot more than the standard umbrella pushchair. I also think that the designs it comes in are beautiful and I have had lots of comments on the designs.

Rebecca: With regards to style, lightweight and easy set up - yes I would choose this product. It is good value for money and made my life much easier when taking my baby out. However, I have used other pushchairs which appear to function slightly better within countryside walking, however, they are normally quite heavy, bulky and difficult to transfer.

Emma: The designs are fantastic. There’s nothing else on the market that I can see that has a bigger range and really thinks about all the details. From the hood to the bar, to the footmuff, everything has been thought through and makes not only the child but the parent want to use it. For every thing that comes with it I would be inclined to buy one of these again.

What changes would you make to this product?

Rebecca: If I could change one thing, I would change the size of the seat as my baby appeared to slouch and slip down, which looked slightly uncomfortable for her when she slept. However, the colours, weight, versatility and functionality are great. An added bonus would be a bigger storage compartment underneath for food shopping but I understand this is difficult with most pushchairs.

Carly: I would like more of a basket underneath the pushchair as it doesn’t really hold a lot. The handles make it difficult to hold any bags on. However, I do like the zip on the basket to get easy access especially when the pushchair is laid flat. The pushchair doesn’t fold one handed so it’s not convenient if you’re travelling on public transport and have to fold the pram while holding your baby. I think the rain cover does seem a bit flimsy and doesn’t sit on the pushchair as neat and secure as I’d like.

Gemma: I am struggling to think of anything at all that I would change about this product. If I was going to be really fussy then it would be great if there was an option to make it rear facing too. That’s just because I have been using this with my youngest baby who I would usually still have in a rear facing stroller. However, for most trips, this pushchair has been way more convenient / appropriate.

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