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Childs Farm Nappy Cream

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The Childs Farm nappy cream is formulated with natural and naturally derived, ethically sourced and skin soothing ingredients to keep baby bottoms happy and protected from nappy rash. Containing super moisturising aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter, this light and absorbent cream is suitable for all skin types, including dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin.

This product has also won a 2024 Mother&Baby Award

There are absolutely no parabens, SLSs, colourants or petrochemicals, so you have confidence that it's suitable for newborns and upwards. Dermatologist and paediatrician approved. Registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty Free International. Listed as 'cloth safe' by the UK Cloth Nappy Library Network.

Childs Farm Nappy Cream
Price: $4


  • Lightweight cream
  • Suitable for dry and eczema prone skin
  • Paediatrician and dermatologist approved


  • Difficult to get the last parts out of the tube


childs farm

Childs Farm Nappy Cream won Silver in the Mother&Baby awards 2024 for Best Nappy Cream.

Testing Childs Farm Nappy Cream

This is a really nice cream which works very well as an everyday nappy cream. It goes on easily and is absorbed quickly with no greasy residue. It left my baby’s bottom soft and was gentle on his skin. It didn’t cause any rash or irritation. It has a very slight fresh fragrance of aloe vera. I was impressed with how quickly it was absorbed and liked the silky texture. It is great for everyday use and for mild irritation but I didn’t find it as effective as my usual product to treat an established case of nappy rash.

It is a nice size for travel purposes as well as the great fragrance-free, smooth feeling and of course being all-natural ingredients. Parents can rest assured that they are only using something that is gentle and good for their precious child's skin. This is not the case for a lot of products when at first glance you think will be doing the baby good (unclear packaging, good advertising) but when you read the ingredients list you realise that this is not actually the case.

Maybe more of a premium product, but it's definitely been great to have and use. Another good thing is that it is light, yet when you squeeze the tube it doesn't all come out in one big blob! so nice and easy to use.

I would use this product as a day to day nappy cream - and also as a general day to day moisturiser. I haven’t come across a product I would use for both before so it is great in that respect. I would still use a stronger product to treat established nappy rash as I didn’t find this product as effective at treating a very sore bottom. However as a day to day nappy cream this is great.

Final verdict

I would like to see this product also being sold in a pot or tub. The tube was lovely and easy to use but when I thought I had finished the product I actually cut the tube and there was so much left inside. This is the case with a lot of creams in tubes but in a pot you are able to see clearly how much product you have left and use every last drop. I hate the idea of waste, so this could be a good option for a larger pot to keep at home, then perhaps the tube option could be for on-the-go!

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