Charlotte Dawson: Why I’m loving ASDA Little Angels nappies

Charlotte Dawson

by Stephanie Spencer |
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TV personality and mum-of-one Charlotte Dawson is always open and honest about the ups and downs of parenthood. She even admits she used to be rubbish at putting nappies on her little boy Noah! But with the help of her favourite nappy brand, ASDA Little Angels, she’s now a nappy changing pro.

In the video below Charlotte shares some of the things she loves about these nappies, plus gives an adorable insight into her family life with Noah.

More about ASDA Little Angels nappies

  • Wonderfully soft and breathable for your little angel.

  • SmartFlo™ absorbency - absorbs moisture quickly and helps evenly distribute wetness for comfort.

  • Flexi-fit security - elasticated back helps prevent leaks from sneaking up your little one's back.

  • Super absorbent gel beads - absorb up to 30 times their own weight and lock away wetness.

  • Super-soft leg cuffs - gently elasticated to help prevent leaks.

  • Slim nappy - created for increased freedom of movement.

  • Size-up guide - helps you recognise when it's time to move up a nappy size.

  • Asda Little Angels are the first supermarket own-label pants brand to be accredited by the Skin Health Alliance.

ASDA Little Angels Newborn

Voted Gold in the 2021 Mother&Baby awards for Best Value Disposable Nappy or Nappy Range.

ASDA Little Angels Comfort & Protect

When your little one grows out of newborn sizes, the comfort and protect range will help keep them dry and safe.

ASDA Little Angels Nappy Pants

For when your toddler is on the go, Little Angels Nappy Pants are ideal. The quick-release seams and pull-up action make changing your little wriggler that little bit easier. Plus the fun Peppa Pig designs will get them excited about moving up to nappy pants!

Find out more about the Little Angels nappy range.

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