The best newborn gifts and keepsakes from Amazon Handmade

best newborn gifts and keepsakes from Amazon Handmade

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Nothing says congratulations on having a baby quite like a personalised gift. Whether you're looking for a keepsake trinket for your little one or a present for your grandchild, this is an incredible way to welcome them into the world.

Better yet, you can choose an ornament that is unique to them - aww, how sweet! Oh, and it doesn't have to cost the earth thanks to the best newborn gifts and keepsakes from Amazon Handmade.

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What is Amazon Handmade?

Shop local and support small businesses with Amazon Handmade. Yes, you heard us correctly -  this virtual shopfront brings together handcrafted products from across the UK in one space.

Here you’ll discover incredible finds like personalised jewellery, cool prints and even gifts for pets.

Amazon Handmade also offers baby products to browse through, including clothing, toys and newborn keepsakes.

Instead of spending the next half an hour browsing the Amazon Handmade virtual shopfront, we've done all the hard work for you and collated all the best newborn gifts and keepsakes.

Becoming a parent is a special time for everyone, that's why choosing the right present that will be cherished for years to come is so important.

You're in safe hands as our shopping experts have worked closely with the Amazon Handmade team to pick out these lovely items for you.

The Amazon Handmade The Day You Were Born Star Map Poster is a clear winner because of its thoughtful personalisation - with the specific time, date and location of the birth of your baby, grandchild, niece or nephew inscribed on it.

Searching for a trinket that can be treasured forever? Discover the best newborn gifts and keepsakes from Amazon Handmade now.

Nothing says congratulations on your new baby quite like a keepsake box. It's the perfect place to store milestones like their first outfit. The joy of this box is you can keep adding to it.

You already know that this is one of the best newborn gifts and keepsakes from Amazon Handmade. Any new parents will display this poster proudly in the nursery.

OK, so a teething necklace probably isn't the first thing you'd think of when it comes to keepsake gifts, but it is a useful gift for newborns. Not only is this beneficial for the baby, but it's also a bold accessory for mum to wear too.

Discover more teething necklaces options here.

Storytime is so important when it comes to children's development, even with newborns. Getting infants used to language will strengthen their ability to learn. What better way to encourage this than with their own personalised nursery rhyme and modern poem book.

Now this baby announcement plaque is what we've been searching for when it comes to keepsakes gifts. Not only will this make an adorable addition in the nursery, but it will also be looked back at fondly when they grow up.

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