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Rocking the slogan, ‘Smartly designed products for happy parenting™’, Infantino has been creating fantastic, cool stuff for years that’s designed to keep you and your baby safe and happy.

Its products, designed with the insight from real parents, are there to help make parenting easier. They are adaptable and can last through different stages of your baby's development - creating smiles, giggles, and cherished moments along the way.

From fun toys for exciting play, to cute and functional products for feeding, bedtime, and bath time, plus its popular baby carriers are worn by over one million families, Infantino has got something for every daily moment to help your little one grow healthy and happy.

We've included:

  • Best Infantino baby carriers

  • Best Infantino feeding products

  • Best Infantino bed and bath time products

  • Best Infantino playtime and development toys

Best Infantino products

We’ve rounded up the best Infantino products available to buy in the UK, including some reviewed by our real mum testers at Mother&Baby.

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Convertible Baby Carrier
Price: $67.00

The Infantino Flip carrier is a lightweight, cotton carrier suitable for birth onwards, that can be used in four different wearing positions - facing-in, facing-out, in-facing wide, and backpack. Perfect for hands-free convenience, the ergonomic seat also has a waist strap for security, padding for comfort, and a 2-in-1 bib to protect the carrier and your clothes. No dribble here! With adjustable shoulder straps, it can be altered to suit a growing baby up to around 15kg, or two years old.

Suitable for: Newborns and up.

Our mum tester Lauren said: "This affordable carrier was the perfect support system. It’s lightweight and has a much easier system than a sling, which I found to be difficult to position and get my baby into on my own. My baby is only six weeks old and fits comfortably and easily into the carrier in the inward-facing front position."

Read her full review here.

The Go Forward carrier also includes a 4-way carry system, with adjustable seat, straps, and waist belt designed to fit a range of body types and lifestyles. The ergonomic design supports baby’s back and hips in the perfect 'M' position with knee-to-knee seat support. The comfortable material, removable silicone teether, and soft muslin hood make this carrier perfect for both parent and baby’s comfort.

Suitable for: 3.6kg - 18kg weight.

Review: "This is my 4th carrier and it’s the best! My son is 3 months old and he was very uncomfortable and cried in all the other carriers we tried. He’s very happy and comfortable in this one and I feel he’s very safe in it. Once you’ve put it on a couple of times and adjusted it to your size it’s easy to put on. Comfortable for the wearer as well. Bit fiddly to change from mum to forward facing but I feel it’s worth it as it’s so comfortable for both baby and wearer. And again, once you’ve done it a few times it becomes easier. I’d definitely recommend. 😊"

The Carry On Carrier is a great pick for on-the-go support and storage, and was even Shortlisted for Best Baby Carrier/Sling at the 2019 Motheru0026Baby Awards.

Featuring six pockets plus an adjustable seat that cinches small for newborns and expands for older babies, it provides ergonomic support at all stages. Padded shoulder straps and a supportive waist belt evenly distribute weight for comfortable wearing and a breathable mesh panel keeps air circulation flowing between parent and child. This carrier will keep you and baby cool and comfortable in all types of weather.

Suitable for: Newborns and up.

Our parent tester Rowan said: "I loved the feel of this product, the fabric used was comfortable for me and my baby and felt luxurious. It folded down quite small to be packed into a bag. It is stylish and the pockets in the carrier are useful for all the bits you need to take with you, I could even fit a spare nappy in them! It is also machine washable which is really handy."

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Infantino Grow-With-Me 4-in-1 Convertible Highchair

Rrp: $124.99

Price: $94.77

This 4-in-1 highchair will have you covered as your little one grows. It's a reclinable highchair, infant booster seat, toddler booster seat, and toddler chair all in one!

Perfect for babies six months and older, it comes with a dishwasher safe meal mat, easy-wipe down tray for inevitable spillages, and a non-fabric, easy-to-wipe-clean foam seat with two wheels for easy movement. It requires no assembly, will support your child across multi-life stages, and comes in this super sweet fox design.

Suitable for: 6-36 months.

Review: "Fantastic product, bought for the grandson. Sits on all kinds of surfaces and because of its square base it seems far sturdier than other brands that have the triangular and round bottoms. Has helped with strengthening his back, when sitting up on his own too."

The Infantino Squeeze Station is a nifty and compact pouch filling station for semi-solid food for babies and toddlers, perfect for homemade baby food such as purees, smoothies, and fruit and veg pouch snacks. Ideal for weaning, the BPA-free squeeze station comes with three filling tubes, one press, and ten freezer-safe squeeze pouches - though you could always buy extras here if you're creating batches. It easily fills the pouches to eat at home or carry on-the-go, and is a breeze to clean thanks to its dishwasher safe design.

Suitable for: Weaning babies.

Review: "This product is amazing and so easy to use, my baby loves the fresh purées."

This discovery seat, positioner, and booster is your three-in-one solution for play and snack time. Your little one can play with the four interactive toys which can be removed to be used as floor toys, or you can slide the toy pods apart to reveal a snack time tray and cup holder. It's sure to make snack time fun!

Plus, when baby grows, you can use the security straps to affix the seat to a kitchen chair to use as a booster seat, a great choice for stability and support for early sitters.

Suitable for: 4 months to 4 years.

Review: "Is a really useful seat to have for babies when you don’t have a dining table and perfect for on the go as well but the only thing I did find is the giraffe and palm tree gradually just flopped down as my baby played with it so might have to take them off soon. The sliding snack tray is a good idea as well but babies are easily distracted so I have to just take the play part off when feeding him otherwise the snacks would go all over it. Would still buy and glad I did."

Help your little one feel safe at night and sleep soundly with this adorable mobile that features three hanging characters, a peek-a-boo mirror, six melodies and four nature sounds, lights, and multi-colour projections. Easily convertible, you can adjust the mobile to make it suit your child as they grow. Keep them engaged with the mobile as a baby, remove the hanging characters to have it as a cot light, or rest on a table top when they move out of their cot when they're older.

Suitable for: Newborns and up.

Review: "My 4 month old daughter loves this mobile and has done since birth. She gets so excited watching the toys rotate and enjoys the light show and music. It's easy to fit and use and is a beautiful addition to our grey and pink nursery. Each song lasts around 20 minutes before the mobile automatically turns off - just enough time for me to shower and dress before I have to switch it back on for her. This is a good feature though as it saves battery, and will be good in the future when we will be using the mobile to help her to sleep. I highly recommend and it has been so useful in keeping her occupied and content."

Your little one is guaranteed to have a 'whale' of a time in this soft, supportive whale tub that turns into a splashy ball pit with 10 floating balls and a jingling tail. Easy to inflate, deflate, and fold away, it's a great addition to bath time for home and away and is a great way of helping your baby transition into the larger bath tub.

Suitable for: 6 months and up.

Review: "Perfect for travelling with a baby. We took this on a long haul flight to use in holiday with an 8 week old baby. Easy to use and fits in a suitcase. Quick delivery also."

This 16 piece BPA-free bath robot toy will help your baby learn about cause and effect, creating their own robot from the parts and pouring water into the robot's head to see it trickle through. They can turn the taps to let the water flow or stop, and watch the robot's eyes roll whilst practicing their fine motor skills. It features two suction cups to stick to the tub or bathroom tiles, a funnel, and a shower head that doubles as a squirter for bath playtime. It'll definitely cause a splash.

Suitable for: 10 months and up.

Review: "Absolutely love it! Really fun for me to play with, let alone my little one. The colours are vibrant and the materials feel robust enough to stand up to being thrown around and chewed. The suction power is great and it sticks to the bathtub perfectly, but if you have bevelled wall tiles you might find that the toy can't stick to them due to the size of it placing the suction cups on the bevelled surfaces. That aside, it's a fantastic little toy with enough variation to keep the kids interested for ages. Highly recommended!"

The Sensory Balls are one of Infantino's bestsellers, and have been highly praised by parents for their uses for entertaining play and teething. Brightly coloured with unique textures, the BPA-free ball set will help you baby develop their tactile senses, discovering through feel and touch for sensory exploration. They're easy to hold, squeezable, and can be use to play 'catch' as they get older.

They’re also great for concentration, hand-eye coordination, visual tracking, and more.

Suitable for: 6 months and up.

Review: "Simple toys but firm favourites. At a few months old they were great for practicing holding different shapes and sizes of balls. He has teethed on them, learned to roll them then throw them. Now (1yo) he loves to catch them. A good mix of sizes, colours and textures, well made. We got some cheaper ones included with another toy and the quality of these is far superior."

The Infantino Grow-With-Me Playtime Teepee is designed to transition from a multi-functional infant gym to a pretend play teepee as your little one gets older. It features four hanging toys, a large mirrored mobile, and the elephant has a squeezable ear with musical sound effects. Perfect for overhead discovery with lay and play fun when they're younger, it can also be used for tummy time, and as a crawl through tunnel when they're moving on their hands and knees. We also think it'll look super cute in the nursery, playroom, or child's bedroom.

Suitable for: Newborns and up.

Review: "Love this product. My 2 month old is mesmerised by the mobile and lovely patterns. Wanted to buy something that would be used for the next few years of babies life. Love that it can be used from baby to young child age."

Infantino Sit, Spin u0026amp; Stand Entertainer 360 Seat u0026amp; Activity Table
Price: $228.00

With a simple store away design, this activity table has everything you need to keep your little one entertained with six engaging and interactive jungle themed toys with play lights and music and 360 degree play. Designed to grow with baby, it has three adjustable height positions and can adapt as they age; From a sit and spin seated entertainer, to an activity play table when they're walking with detachable rolling toys for imaginative pretend play.

Suitable for: 4 months and up.

Review: "My baby loves this product. It was easy to assemble. Folds easily and is easy to store away as it folds flat. A great product overall. I also love the fact that it turns into a table as my baby grows."

Infantino Soothing Light and Projector
Price: $19.32

If you're just looking for a soothing nightlight and projector without mobile features, this pick is a great and versatile choice that'll suit your little one as a newborn and up. Easily attach to the crib as a night light, or project a starry night sky outwards into the room, all whilst being able to play soothing musical melodies. When they're older, you can use this nightlight as a table top lamp. We particularly like the smart sound sensor which will detect when your little one is awake and help to soothe them back to sleep.

Suitable for: Newborn and up.

Review: "By far the best investment for the nursery. Baby loves it. Has got auto shut down after 10 mins, lots and lots of tunes, and you can adjust the volume. Highly recommend."

In a supportive 'C' shape, this stackable pillow set can be used as a tummy time pillow or as a soft yet firm seat positioning prop whilst your baby develops their head and neck muscles. In a cute caterpillar design that's both easy to fold and fully extendable, the set also includes a detachable BPA-free teether, a plush crinkle-toy cotton sun to play with, and a security belt. The pillows can be securely stacked for comfortable and secure seated play when your baby is old enough thanks to the fastening Velcro.

Suitable for: Newborn and up.

Review: "Little boy is loving it as his favourite thing now is to be sitting up looking around but it was also ideal when we introduced tummy time and it's thick enough to keep him in good position to work on lifting his head. It's soft and comfy and the added toys are a great addition."

Infantino Sensory Pat u0026amp; Play Water Mat
Price: $10.54

Last but not least, this Sensory Pat u0026 Play Water Mat is a lovely addition to tummy time, highchair play, when riding in a buggy, and more. Neatly sized, it provides the same benefits as a water mat - your baby will enjoy the sensory experience of feeling and seeing the water move whilst watching the six colourful floating characters bob and move with each pat and poke.

Suitable for: 3 months and up.

Review: "Great product, my child loves it. Perfect size for a highchair tray, we use this everyday to encourage hand-eye coordination and to keep my child focused whilst eating. It is also great for younger babies when doing tummy time. Great value for money and would definitely buy again!!"

Why we recommend Infantino

Not only do Infantino create fun, cute, and helpful products for you and your baby that'll grow with them, we love that Infantino create its products to be the best for children and babies of all abilities.

Its products are thoroughly tested so you can be confident in the safety and quality, guaranteed to last no matter how much they get used or get thrown about!

Infantino also has an Everybody Plays initiative, so all its products and marketing have been created to reflect the diversity we see in our families every day. We hope other brands will follow in its steps.

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