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bells bumz

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Bells Bumz All in One at a glance:

This All-In-One Nappy has white fleece lined Z soaker and booster, which are sewn in for an easy no stuff option.

Hemp and bamboo, with stay dry fleece top layer. Insert flaps out for quicker & easier drying. Z booster plus (sold separately) poppers under the soaker for even more absorbency.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Caroline: Reusable nappies are by definition harder to use than disposables but are fairer to the environment. It is easier to use in the sense that you don’t have to buy nappies or deal with rubbish. The multiple layers meant this did not leak as much as other types of disposable can do. The adjustable size also meant this will last.

Molly: I'm not used to using cloth nappies - however, it is sustainable and I can see once in the routine this would make a positive all round impact. I found it a bit complicated how you only would wash the insert and not the whole nappy, but thats because I only infrequently use these nappies.

Alyssa: To begin with it didn't make life easier as they have to go through quite a few washes before they reach their max absorption (although thats the same with all reusable nappies) but once we got that out of the way we found these nappies to absorb lots of wee and were good to use on days out without leakages occuring.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Jennifer: I think the ease of use would be my main reason to recommend this nappy. A lot of cloth nappies need to be stuffed with extra inserts and boosters, or an additional wrap etc, but this nappy is an all in one so you just need it and nothing else. There’s no fussing with it. You just put it on baby and off you go. I usually choose nappies that fasten with Velcro as I think grandparents, childcare etc will find them most similar to disposable nappies that they might be more used to, but BellsBumz are just so good that I ignore my own rule! The double row of waist poppers mean that you can get a nice fit.

Michaela: I would recommend this product to other mums due to the lovely design of the nappies, they’re beautiful and made with great thought, not only do they look great but they feel super soft and great quality, they are adjustable and quite easy to use. However I do at this age (11 months) think it can sometimes be easier using nappy pants as my child doesn’t sit still!

Chloe: I think the quality of this product and the lovely material make this a really great nappy that I would highly recommend if a friend was looking to make the switch to reusable nappies. The protection level is second to none and appeared to keep my little boy protected and comfortable - particularly at night.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Laura: The softness is a real plus for me, but also I think it's really important they are comfortable for the child and these definitely are. I have used others before which have dug into his chunky thighs and left a red mark but these never had but also haven't leaked which is great. The pattern is also very lovely!

Caroline: The material was very soft. The price point is also more affordable than many reusable products. I liked the fact that Hemp was used as a sustainable material. The booster added extra protection to prevent nappy rash or leaking. I liked the gender neutral design as well.

Jennifer: I think this nappy is really well priced compared to some of its competitors. It’s mid range price but for a superior product. It has beautiful prints, great absorbency, easy to use, washes well, fits great! Previous nappies I’ve used have rolled seams which leak, just aren’t absorbent enough or are time consuming (stuffing pockets etc). This nappy I feel just does exactly what a nappy should do. Some nappies I struggle to get a good fit with as my son is tall and slim, but these fit really well on him (though as I mentioned before, I found it bulky when he was a newborn) there are four rows of rise poppers so I know this nappy will grow with him, right through to potty training. All in all, I am really impressed with these nappies. They are fantastic value for money, easy to fit, reliable and will easily give me four hours plus without needing to boost and left my baby’s bottom nice and dry!

What changes would you make to this product?

Caroline: Basically, I wish that these types of nappies dried quicker after washing as I struggle for space to dry washing in the house. The nappies are also quite bulky for storage or taking out and about. I’m not sure this could be changed though. I think a nappy subscription and washing service is be a big selling point for me.

Molly: It would definitely be the bulkiness of the nappy - I know reusable nappies are larger than disposables, however, compared to others that I have used before this seemed particually large. I also felt that with the extra pad it was large but this is ok as it would be for the nightime. I would have liked an instruction leaflet too on how to wash it etc.

Alyssa: The nappy itself is very big and very bulky, It would be nice to have a nappy that's not so huge. We struggled with fitting it under some types of clothes / had to size up so that the clothes would fit over the nappy. we've used other reusable nappies in the past and they were slightly better as they weren't quite so huge as the one we tested.

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