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Bamboo Wash Mitts at a glance:

These super cute Bamboo Wash Mitts from Tidy Tot are here to help when cleaning up the mess of mealtimes with their unique 'one for you, one for baby' concept. Designed to reduce tears when wiping sticky little faces or at bath time, you can create a world of play as you wash with the adorable rabbit, tiger and owl designs that your little one will love. Beautifully soft, reusable and washable, these super-soft mitts are gentle to use on sensitive skin and teething gums. Each pack contains 3 x child sized mitts and 3 x adult sized mitts.

We spoke to these real parent testers to get their review...

How did this product make your life easier?

Leanne: I am a mummy who has always used a ‘standard sponge’ when bathing my baby/children and more than often you cannot get to those ‘tricky’ places easily to clean (especially with a newborn), without the feeling that you are making the bathing experience uncomfortable for baby and hardwork for me; however with the wash mitts I managed to easily clean my newborn baby (3 weeks old) in all those ‘tricky’ places with ease and she found the bathing more calming. I would like to add also, my 4 year old son, who now hates bath time and me ‘sponging’ him down (without a full on meltdown) even let me give him a full clean with one of the wash mitts due to their animal themed designs, that he could help me with ! Overall, the Mitts have made bath time a more easier task for me for my newborn and my 4 year old!

Vicki: This product has been useful in the bath to help wash my toddler down quickly. He particularly likes the smaller puppet style mitts, which are good for putting on my fingers and washing his face. They're also easy to dry. In the future I may try using the mitts to help my son learn to wash himself, although he currently will not allow me to put the smaller mitt on him.

Charlene: These mittens are really soft and great fun for bathtime. I found when bathing the boys (we have twins and a 5 year old) so washing them all is certainly a fun task. The bamboo wash mitten have the great design that fit like a glove with the elastic wrist. This enables washing them with ease without trying to keep hold of a sponge instead the mitten stays put.

Would you recommend this to other parents?

Charlene: As mentioned above the elastic around the wrist helps the bamboo wash mitten stay on your hand whilst washing the little ones. They also create lots of soap suds with only a small amount of top to toe wash which again saves on the baby soap product long term. Our eldest age 5 his hands obviously couldn't fit in the baby mitten but was quite happy to use the adult version.

Gemma: The quality of the was mits was excellent and the fact that the smaller mits had faces meant that they could also be used for entertainment at bath time. My pre schooler could also get involved with washing baby which was a lovely bonding experience. The fact that- they can be used as bath toys as well as a functional item makes them good value.

Emma: The bamboo wash mitts have a lovely, soft texture. The pack contains three different animal themed mitts offering a range of cute designs. The child size mitts provide entertainment for your little one whilst you can use the corresponding adult one to wipe their face. Having multiple sets in one pack allows you to have one for mealtime, one for bath time and a spare one for when one is in the wash. I love that this product is environmentally friendly and a great alternative to baby wipes. They make washing babies face and in particular their neck so much easier. The bamboo is soft on allergy prone skin and using it with warm water eases discomfort that is sometimes experienced when using wipes alone.

Would you choose this product above all others on the market?

Enna: The child size mitt has an elasticated wrist band which makes the product easy to put on the child and prevents it from falling off on its own. This product appeals as it has multiple uses. The child mitts can be used independently as a hand puppet during play in addition to being used in place of wet wipes at mealtimes and as a washcloth for bath time. I would choose it above others as it is made of bamboo which gives it an amazing feel as well as making it more sustainable. I find it appealing that the child mitts come with a corresponding adult mitt allowing the baby to imitate and learn the skill using their own wash mitt at the same time.

Gemma: The fact that the smaller mits had faces on makes them different from others on the market. This gives them a double use as a bath toy as well as a functional item- my baby and my preschooler both enjoyed them and we have used them lots together. They also dried quickly which was useful and better than a normal flannel.

Vicki: The concept behind this product, its sustainability, make this an attractive product that would draw my attention to it. I love that it comes with mittens for your child to wear, which incorporates an element of fun and practical life skills too as it encourages the child to use the mitten themselves.

What changes would you make to this product?

Vicki: The baby mittens could be a little bit larger so that it's easier to put on your child. We struggle to get the mitten on my 18-month-old as the opening is a little small. It's such a good tool to teach children self-care so it's a shame if we won't be able to use it because they're already too small.

Charlene: To be honest the mittens themselves are a lovely product. Thinking of the environment I would suggest finding an alternative product instead of the plastic film on the front. I do however appreciate that having the see-through front does show the products inside which does attract you to the products with the bright colours. At first we thought the colours were just like sooty, sweep and Sue!

Gemma: I would either put a face design on the larger mit or make the smaller mits a little larger. It was a shame that I wasn’t able to use the ones with a face on as a puppet to entertain baby. As designed they are perhaps more suitable for a toddler than a small baby as they would be able to make more use of the mits with faces on.

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