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As parents, we're always on the lookout for ways to entertain our little ones and a baby water play mat offers hours of fun with an array of developmental benefits. A water mat provides the opportunity for sensory play and to improve both hand-eye coordination and motor skills as well as being an all-around fun toy for both babies and toddlers.

What is a baby water mat?

An inflatable water mat makes for a stimulating place for your baby to play, doubling up as a tummy time mat where they can learn to strengthen their necks when they are little.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes and bright colours to choose from, a baby water play mat usually features eye-catching graphics and illustrations as well as sometimes being filled with floating toys such as underwater creatures.

What are the benefits of a baby water mat?

  • Supports good visual sensory growth and promotes healthier neuron connections.

  • Encourages physical development.

  • Learning through play.

  • Training of motor skills.

  • Prevention of a flat head.

Usually suitable for babies aged three months and older, water play mats are easily inflated and then filled with water, ready to be explored. But which one should you buy for your baby?

Take a look at our pick of the best five baby water mats for your little one

100 per cent leak-proof, we love the adorable turtle design of this baby water mat featuring underwater friends your little one will adore. After use, you can just empty the mat, fold it up, and pack it into your bag.

A review of this product read: "We love it! At first it takes a little while to pump up and fill with water, it gets very heavy when filled. I sat there with baby on my lap and let her use her feet to move the fish around. She also likes having her legs over the side and her top half on turtle so she’s doing tummy time."

Suitable from three months.

Perfect if you don't want a water mat that takes up too much space, this lightweight mat is the one for you. It's made from leak-proof materials and ultra-durable water valves with non-fading colors and a vibrant marine life design.

One pleased mum loved her water mat, writing: "My little one hated tummy time ever since birth, and wouldn’t even settle on our chests. However, after buying this he’s become more tolerant of his tummy and can be looking at the mat 30mins+ before getting bored. It’s fantastic and the best £7 I ever spent (bought it on offer). One happy mum and baby!"

Suitable from three months.

With babies only seeing black and white for the first few months of their life, this high contrast water play mat will help enhance your tot's visual development, enticing and engaging them immediately. Eco-friendly, the product has received many positive reviews:

"I bought this as a gift and was sent many videos the next day as it seemed to be the favourite! Beautiful gift, will definitely be getting for other friends."

Suitable from three months.

Keten Inflatable Tummy Time Water Play Mat

Your little one will have endless fun splashing on this play mat, captivated by the magical undersea design and seven floating toys including colourful creatures, mermaids and submarines. 100 per cent safe and BPA free, it'll help stimulate their growth and larger than most play mats, you can bond with your baby and play together.

One reviewer on Amazon said: "I saw this on Pinterest and decided to buy one for my seven month old grandson. My daughter tells me it was a big hit ( I haven't seen him recently due to Coronavirus lockdown) but he sits and plays with this and enjoys tummy time with it. Because the fishes etc. move in water it is quite fascinating for babies. Endless amusement for tiny people and great for developmental and fine motor skills. Brightly coloured, interesting and good value for money. Thank you."

Suitable from three months.

Your baby can enjoy water time without getting wet! Simply inflate the outer ring and fill the interior part with water and empty when playtime is over. They'll stay dry as the water stays within the 100 per cent BPA free and leak-proof mat and will still enjoy splashing.

Such a fun little mat said one reviewer: "Only takes 2 mins to blow up and pop the water in, instructions are really easy and clear. Really encourages tummy time and my boy has so much fun seeing the fish move around. Fun colourful mat which looks fab in his play area and we’ve also used it in the garden."

Suitable from three months.

The largest baby water play mat in our round-up, this offering from Amazon is made of BPA-free PVC materials - non-toxic, comfortable, soft, leakproof and durable. This mat comes with 10 floating toys, and is the perfect educational sensory toy that helps strengthen baby’s leg and arm muscles to prepare crawling and honing hand-eye coordination.

Lisa would highly recommend: "My little one loves this! Very colourful and it’s a great size, perfect for tummy time, sitting on and crawling over. My daughter sits on it, kicks the water and laughs!"

Suitable from three months.

This entertaining design with a smooth and comfortable structure, means your little one can lay and play for hours without irritation. The added eight colorful creatures inside are eye-catching and super fun to play with too.

We love: That this mat comes with eight floating toys that will keep your little one engaged for longer!

Suitable from three months.

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