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When looking for the best baby sunscreen for dark skin, it is essential to consider a few critical factors. Firstly, the sunscreen should be broad-spectrum, which means it protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Secondly, it should have a high SPF of at least 30 to ensure adequate protection against the harmful effects from the sun's rays.

According to the NHS: “Take extra care to protect babies and children. Their skin is much more sensitive than adult skin, and damage caused by repeated exposure to sunlight could lead to skin cancer developing in later life. Children aged under 6 months should be kept out of direct strong sunlight.”

Keeping your baby safe in the sun can be tricky when they become toddlers, who never seem to want to stay still for long enough to put sunscreen on! But wearing breathable fabrics, a sun hat and of course applying sunscreen will help to protect your little one's delicate skin, so it's important to teach them about caring for their skin. It's also advised that children stay out of the midday heat and keep to the shade wherever possible.

Best at a glance:

  • The best overall baby sunscreen for dark skin: Black Girl Sunscreen Kids SPF, £24.99

  • The best vegan free baby sunscreen for dark skin: Baby Bum - Mineral Sunscreen Face Stick Fragrance Free 50 SPF, £13.00

  • The best for water resistant: La Roche-Posay Anthelios Dermo-Pediatrics Baby Lotion SPF 50+, £15

From sensitive skin, vegan and fragrance free to water resistant, we have chosen the best products for your little one, so they can enjoy the sunshine with their skin fully protected.

Best in nutrients baby sunscreen for dark skin

This is an everyday SPF 50 moisturising sunscreen baby lotion for face and body. Ideally for babies over 6-months old, this sunscreen shields their skin against harmful UVA/UVB rays. A non-sticky white residue, this lotion glides on and will hydrate your child’s skin while protecting it from the sun. Water resistant, and hypoallergenic, and not a bad price either. 

One review said: "Love this product, leaves no white marks on skin."


  • Sunscreen made for kids of colour
  • Shea Butter moisturizes and softens dry skin.
  • Contains vitamins A and E which enables it to promote healing.


  • Not recommended for children under 6 months

Best sensitive skin baby sunscreen for dark skin

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Rrp: $57.99

Price: $31.00
Alternative retailers
Target$9.27View offer
Walmart$20.75View offer

This 3-ounce Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion, with Broad Spectrum SPF 50, will protect your little one from getting sunburn during those hot days. Made with natural-sourced ingredients, it's also available in a travel-friendly roll on so your little one can have fun in the sun wherever you are. 

One review said: "My toddler had super sensitive skin and breaks out in rashes very easily. I’ve tried several different sunscreens on her that are formulated for sensitive skin and had problems with them all until I came across this. Now it’s the only sunscreen I’ll use for her. Easy to apply and gives great coverage too.”


  • 3-fluid ounce tube of Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Mineral Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 
  • 50 Sun protection factor 
  • Fragrance Free


  • Some reviews mentioned it leaves white marks

Best non-oily baby sunscreen for dark skin

baby bum face stick sunscreen

Rrp: $12.49

Price: $10.61
Alternative retailers
Target$12.49View offer
Macy's$12.49View offer
DICK'S Sporting Goods$12.49View offer
Golf Galaxy$12.49View offer

Planning a trip with baby? This is for you. A travel sized sunscreen, and 100% mineral-based protection, this sunscreen is a non-greasy sunscreen face stick which is easy to apply and quick to absorb. With its plant-based skin care, it will be gentle on little bubba’s skin and will leave them feeling fully hydrated. 

One review said: "Love this for my toddler makes putting sunscreen in way easier."


  • Naturally moisturising ingredients
  • Fragrance free


  • One review said it takes a lot to rub in

Best hypoallergenic skin baby sunscreen for dark skin

Aveeno baby sunscreen
Price: $26.34
Alternative retailers
Walmart$15.00View offer

Perfect for sensitive skin, this baby mineral sunscreen lotion is as gentle as water to skin. It works on baby's skin easily, while locking in moisture without irritating or aggravating your baby’s skin. Water resistant for up to 80 minutes, this product will have baby feeling sweat free and comfortable. 

One review said: "This is a good sunscreen for Kids' Sensitive Skin. I use it for my 3-year-old toddler. And also I use it for my face and body as well. I've been using it for the last 2 years and no side effects at all."


  • Sensitive skin sunscreen lotion 
  • Tear-free formula that is non-greasy
  • Paraben-free


  • Some reviews mention it is quite runny

Best mineral skin baby sunscreen for dark skin

This lightweight and non-oily mineral sun shield is great for baby and the entire family. Enriched with its mineral sunscreen formulas, made without synthetic fragrance, phthalates, parabens, oxybenzone and octinoxate, this makes it great for the planet. 

One review said: "My family and I love this sunscreen. I have to be careful about getting too much sun, I've had sun poisoning in the past, plus skin cancer runs in my family. This sunscreen does a good job."


  • Reasonable cost
  • Made without synthetic fragrance
  • Contains sunflower and safflower oils


  • Need to reapply every 80 minutes 

Best water resistant skin baby sunscreen for dark skin

If you're wanting a quality product for under £20, then this might be ideal. Created for babies and children with delicate skin, particularly from 6 months old, this water resisting and non-greasy lotion is suitable for face and the  body, making it last longer. 

One review said: "Great sunscreen for my little one. Easy to apply, not too thick or greasy. Very handy bottle, fits into all bags and the pump is convenient for getting the right amount out."


  • Contains no preservatives, parabens or colourants
  • Won't block pores
  • Formulated for children's delicate skin from 6 months old


  • One review said it may be difficult to get the lotion out when using the pump

Best all skin-tone skin baby sunscreen for dark skin

blue lizard australian sunscreen for babies
Price: $14.35
Alternative retailers
Walmart$19.99View offer

If you want something that doesn’t involve having fragrance, then Blue Lizard Australian Sunscreen is designed to protect your baby’s soft skin. With no chemicals added in, this cream will do a good job at protecting your little on from the sun's burning rays. 

One review said: "Works great on my 6-month-old son. Unlike other mineral sunscreens, it rubs in nicely. No grainy feel or white cast. I just rub it in well and it seems to spread easily. I even put it on his head since he only had a small smooth of hair and it doesn’t just sit on his hair strands like the other sunscreen I tried.”


  • Protects your babies skin by acting like thousands of tiny mirrors that reflect UV rays away before they enter their body
  • Contains no fragrances or parabens
  • Ideal for your baby's sensitive skin


  • Small bottle

Best anti-oxidant protection baby sunscreen for dark skin

Now, if you’re looking for a product a little under £17 then opting for this will stop you from having to worry. Long lasting, SPF50 water‐resistant sun screen for babies, it also offers UVA-UVB and antioxidant protection, using a combination of exclusive active ingredients: Avene Thermal Spring Water and Pre-Tocopheryl. 

One review said: "Both my boys have sensitive skin so this Avene sun cream for sensitive skin has been great throughout the summer (although we've not managed to use it very much this summer). It's easy to use and apply, kids like it and I would recommend this for children with sensitive skin/eczema."


  • Long lasting
  • SPF50 water‐resistant
  • Perfect for children


  • Selling quite fast


What to look for in kids sunscreen?

Just like finding the right products for curly hair, when purchasing sunscreen, you should also keep ingredients in mind, and just how suitable it is for your baby.

Sunscreen and melanin skin?

There is a preconception that dark skin tones do not need to worry about sun safety, and that more melanin means there isn't a need for sunscreen. Well, although darker skin tones and more melanin do offer some level of UV light protection, not needing sunscreen is a total myth.

Why should I put sunscreen on my baby?

You should ensure your little one is adequately protected when in the sun, with sunscreen, layers and a hat to protect against forms of skin cancer and other harmful side effects, and that goes for all skin tones.

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